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Guest post paper mills Smut Clyde

Tooth-Fairy-Meets-Easter-Bunny Science of TCM

Smut Clyde follows the dark path of Traditional Chinese Medicine again. What will he find there? As usual, all the big publishers peddling TCM fraud, that’s what.

Research integrity Smut Clyde

Latchman and Wohl Foundation: gifts that keep on giving

David Latchman, Master of Birkbeck and professor of genetics at UCL was once again cleared of all suspicions of research misconduct, while his two subordinates took all the blame, for just 7 papers. Over 40 flagged for suspected data manipulations were ignored. Latchman is namely also Chair of the over £100 Million-heavy Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation, which gave Birkbeck over £ 5mn.