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Schneider Shorts 18.06.2021- Papermill Heroes Revealed

Schneider Shorts 18.06.2021: job openings (but not in Marseille!), old Soviet bioweapon lab leaks, eternal life with coffee, pregnant male rats, Chinese paper mill dramas, and how Wiley may have accidentally revealed the identities of Smut Clyde and Tiger BB8!

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The Lab Leak Theory

A lab leak theory of the COVID-19 origins has enough circumstantial evidence and historical basis to support the urgent need for an independent and unbiased investigation. But until recently, scientists dismissed lab leak as a conspiracy theory. In public at least.

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The communal misconduct by Zhenhe Suo in Olso

“the Committee believes that when carelessness or scientific dishonesty can be found in so many articles with so many different authors in question, there must be a lack of training and / or lack of control over data handling. The committee therefore believes that it is qualified probability that there has been an institutional system error when it comes to training. The committee believes that good routines for training are a line responsibility and can not only be attributed to group or project manager.”