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Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 1.10.2021 – “I am an academic fraud”

Schneider Shorts 1.10.2021 – with antivaxxers big and small, Brazilian killers, Dutch research integrity, Russian science kakistocracy, the wonders of peer review, how COVID-19 miracle cures work, and a Twitter scandal of academic fraud which was too good to be true.

Academic Publishing Smut Clyde

Frontiers: a danger for public health?

Frontiers is a somewhat unconventional open access publisher, which likes to have it both ways: playing scientific elite while accepting almost anything from paying customers. My regular contributor Smut Clyde will tell you below how some anti-vaccine scare-mongers managed to sneak in some rather dangerous works thanks to Frontiers’ unofficial “we don’t judge, we just charge” quasi-policy.