This article lists all known (including those not officially declared) patients of the scandal surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, who received from his a cadaveric or plastic trachea. All received grafts “regenerated” with bone marrow and epithelial cells, in some cases bioreactor was used to incubate cells on the trachea carcass, in some cases a “bionic” method was applied,  where cells were brought straight into open patient, together with growth factors like EPO. Not all patients are named in my list, though names of all are available, certainly at the hospitals where they were treated. One of my sources is a patients list from the Careggi Hospital in Florence, Italy, which the Corriere Fiorentino journalist Alessio Gaggioli sent me.  Some of the patients I already described in an earlier article.

This now is a full list, and it will be updated whenever I receive any new evidence. All Macchiarini trachea transplant patients are listed in the chronological order of their operation. The 2003 operated patient (story here), who received from Macchiarini (together with Heike and Thorsten Walles) a small “regenerated” tracheal patch of pig intestine, is not included here, as it was not a trachea transplant as such. There is a total of 17 patients, at least 11 are dead, the rest, if alive, were left mutilated.

  1. Claudia Castillo, born 1977, suffered from tuberculosis-damaged airways. Operated on 12.06.2008 at Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Spain. She received a cadaveric trachea graft which was implanted as a bronchus transplant, with the use of bioreactor for the purpose of regeneration. The organ was prepared without the knowledge of authorities in the veterinary lab of  Martin Birchall at the University of Bristol, Macchiarini’s student Philipp Jungebluth was part of the process (see my report for details). The operation was published in The LancetMacchiarini et al 2008. A follow-up Lancet paper Gonfiotti et al 2014 claimed the highly fragile patient had been travelling from 2009 on for four years every 3-4 months from Barcelona to Florence, obviously on her own money, to be examined and to receive stents at Careggi, while always found in good health by Macchiarini and his partners. This was confirmed to me by her Spanish doctor Oriol Sibila from Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau in Barcelona. However, Claudia’s real medical state was very serious at all times, she lost her left lung last year.

    Claudia Castillo, with Macchiarini. Photo: Hospital Clinic of Barcelona
  2. D.D., female, born 1953. Diagnosis unknown (but likely no cancer). She was operated in early 2009 at  Institut Dexeus in Barcelona, after the Hospital Clinic denied Macchiarini the permission. This patient received a cadaveric trachea, regenerated using so-called bionic method (no bioreactor) which Macchiarini developed together with his German partner Augustinus Bader (see my article here). She was afterwards emergency treated 13 times in thoracic surgery because of dyspnoea (difficulties of breathing) caused by collapse of the graft, “without final resolution”. A “spontaneous” tracheostomy opened by itself, according to Macchiarini notes. Her current status is unknown.
  3. Ciaran Lynch, born 2000 without functional trachea, received a homograft from Martin Elliott which functioned for 10 years. The boy received on 15.03.2010 from Macchiarini a trachea transplant (prepared in a lab at Royal Free Hospital, London, provenance was later on officially assigned to Italy) at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. It was a cadaveric trachea in full, regenerated by bionic method (no bioreactor). Martin Elliott, but also Martin Birchall, were involved in the operation. Published in as Elliott et al, Lancet, 2013, a later follow-up as Hamilton et al 2015. See my article for details.

    Stem cell trachea rebuild
    Ciaran Lynch, with Birchall. Photo: UCL
  4. M.K., female, born 1979, from Czech Republic, at the time mother of a 7 month old baby. She had mucoepidermoid carcinoma, was delegated to Macchiarini by her Czech doctor, the thorax surgeon Václav Jedlička. Operated at Careggi Hospital, Florence on 06.07.2010. She received a cadaveric trachea, using bionic method (no bioreactor). She also received chemotherapy in parallel. Sent home with mediastenitis (inflammation of chest cavity) on July 30th, later on fistula formation, cancer recurrence with the necessity of repeated bronchological interventions and chemotherapy was diagnosed, according to this Macchiarini-coauthored conference abstract (Jedlicka et al 2011). The patient died 1 year after diagnosis (which means already in 2010 or early 2011). Czech newspaper sources here and here. Clinicians directly involved at Careggi: Alessandro Gonfiotti, Massimo Jaus.
  5. Keziah Shorten, born 1991, from UK. She had adenoid cystic carcinoma and was operated on 13.07.2010 at Careggi, Florence, with a cadaveric trachea in full, regenerated by bionic method (no bioreactor). She also received intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT). The therapy was according to my information managed by Birchall; Macchiarini’s partner in the Careggi operation theatre was UCL surgeon Paul O’Flynn. After the transplant failed, Keziah received from Martin Birchall a second transplant on 29.09.2011, Macchiarini was not involved (he allegedly even opposed this transplant). It was a plastic trachea, made at UCL and regenerated at Royal Free using a bioreactor. Keziah died in January 2012, she is mentioned as patient 2 in Culme-Seymour et al 2015. See my article for details.

    Keziah Shorten, photo: Kent Live. under fair use.
  6. G.M, female, born 1987, diagnosed with left-side bronchomalacia (softness of bronchi). She was operated on 28.09.2010 at Careggi, Florence and received a cadaveric trachea graft to replace her left bronchus. Macchiarini’s clinical partners were Alessandro Gonfiotti and Massimo Jaus. As several complications with the graft ensued (e.g., aorto-bronchial fistula), she had her left lung removed and suffered “serious permanent brain damage”. Between 2010 and 2011 she underwent 7 interventions after transplantation (see also Corriere article). Current status unknown.
  7. M.M, female, born 1945, suffered from tracheo-oesophageal fistula, which happened postoperatively after larynx cancer treatment. She was operated on 04.10.2010 at Careggi, Florence with a cadaveric trachea, namely the cervical and media-trachea section. Macchiarini’s clinical partners were Alessandro Gonfiotti and Massimo Jaus. The patient suffered then from venal thromobosis and infection of tracheostomy, transplant became necrotic and she died in 2011, around one year after hospital discharge (see also Corriere article).
  8.  Zhadyra Iglikova, born 1984. Russian patient who suffered tracheostomy after a car accident. She was operated by Macchiarini on 07.12.2010 at National Research Center of Surgery in Moscow and received a cadaveric trachea graft, namely cervical and mediastenic trachea section. Vladimir Parshin was Macchiarini’s operation partner. An article by Dzemeshkevich 2015 described “graft’s stenosis due to scarring and granulation tissue formation without signs of preservation of native tracheal structure and function”. Patient according to journalist Johannes Wahlström alive, otherwise current status unknown. See my reporting here and this article in Filter.

    Zhadyra Iglikova, with Parshin on her right and Macchiarini on her left. Photo: journal NakedScience, under fair use.
  9. F.F., male, born 1938, diagnosed with squamous neoplasia of trachea. Operated on 25.01.2011 at Careggi, Florence, received a cadaveric trachea graft, in full, with neocarena. Macchiarini’s clinical partners were Alessandro Gonfiotti and Massimo Jaus. The patient died very soon after, on 22.02.2011 (see also Corriere article).
  10. Andemariam Beyene, born 1973. Diagnosed in Iceland with mucoepidermoid carcinoma, operated on 09.06.2011 at Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm. He received a plastic trachea made at UCL  and bioreactor regenerated at Karolinska Institutet (KI). This and other bioreactors came from the company Harvard Apparatus (now re-branded as BioStage). Philipp Jungebluth “regenerated” the trachea and took care of the patient. Beyene died 30.01.2014, his story is told in Bosse Lindquist’s documentary “Experimenten“. Published as Jungebluth et al, Lancet 2011. See my reporting here and here.

    Andemariam Beyene, left, with David green, CEO of Harvard Apparatus, and Macchiarini. Photo: University of Iceland.
  11. Christopher Lyles, born 1981, US American, diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma. Operated on 17.11.2011 at Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm. He received a  plastic trachea made by Nanofiber Solutions (bioreactor regenerated). Involved was Philipp Jungebluth, who “regenerated” trachea and even operated the patient without a Swedish licence to practice medicine. Chris Lyles died on 5.03.2012. His family raised $200,000 for the operation. See my reporting here.

    Macchiarini with Chris Lyles. Photo public domain.
  12. Yulia Tuulik, born 1979, Russian, suffered from tracheostomy after a after car accident. Operated on 19.06.2012 at Kuban Medical University, Krasnodar. She received a plastic trachea from Nanofiber Solutions (bioreactor regenerated), and a second graft on August 2012. Macchiarini’s Russian surgery partners were Vladimir Porkhanov and Igor Polyakov. Philipp Jungebluth “regenerated” trachea and discussed operation). Yulia died in September 2014, her story is told in “Experimenten“. See also my article here and Alla Astakhova’s report.

    Yulia Tuulik, with Macchiarini. Photo, under fair use.
  13. Alexandr Zozulya, born 1984, suffered from tracheostomy after car accident. This patient was an alcoholic and smoker, nevertheless operated on 21.06.2012 at Kuban Medical University, Krasnodar with a plastic trachea from Nanofiber Solutions (bioreactor regenerated). He received his second graft in November 2013. Macchiarini’s Russian surgery partners were Vladimir Porkhanov and Igor Polyakov. Philipp Jungebluth “regenerated” the trachea. Sasha Zozulya had several operations to improve his state, but died on 21.02.2014 due to mass bleeding, allegedly “from the area unrelated to trachea”, after “a bicycle accident”  (referenced by a Russian book).
  14. Yesim Cetir, born 1990, Turkish, suffered from tracheostomy after botched operation to fix hand sweating. Operated at Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, on  24.07.2012, where her right lung was removed, so a plastic trachea could be inserted on 7.08.2012. It was manufactured by Nanofiber Solutions and bioreactor regenerated. Yesim received a second plastic trachea graft on 9.07.2013, which was also removed. Philipp Jungebluth likely “regenerated” the plastic trachea, and transported a cadaveric trachea from Gothenburg as a possible replacement. Yesim died on 19.03.2017, after a lung-trachea transplant in Temple University hospital in Philadelphia failed to save her life. See also my reporting here.

    Yesim Cetir, with her father. Photo: his, on Twitter. .  
  15. Hannah Warren, born 2010 born without functional trachea. The little girl was operated on  09.04.2013 at Children’s Hospital of Illinois with a plastic trachea from Harvard Apparatus. Macchiarini’s surgery partner was Mark Holterman, Philipp Jungebluth regenerated the trachea. Little Hannah died on 6.07.2013. She was supposed to be the very first plastic trachea recipient, but FDA repeatedly refused approval. Macchiarini then saw his previous plastic trachea patients as tests for Hannah’s transplant, and indeed, FDA eventually conceded based on those “successes” (referenced by a Russian book).
    Hannah Warren, photo Jim Carlson for 

    Children’s Hospital of Illinois, under fair use.


  16. Sadiq Kanaan, Jordanian. Age unknown, but a doctor by profession. Suffered from tracheostomy after (car?) accident. Operated  in August 2013 Kuban Medical University, Krasnodar plastic trachea from Harvard Apparatus. Macchiarini’s Russian surgery partners were Vladimir Porkhanov and Igor Polyakov. Kanaan left Krasnodar a month after operation, against “prognosis” of surgeon Igor Polyakov. Contact soon lost, and all trace of the patient (referenced by a Russian book). Died, time of death unknown.
  17. Dmitri Onogda, born 1987, Ukrainian citizen of annexed Crimea. Suffered from tracheostomy after a car accident.  Operated in June 2014 at Kuban Medical University, Krasnodar, with a plastic trachea from Harvard Apparatus. Macchiarini’s Russian surgery partners were Vladimir Porkhanov and Igor Polyakov. Dmitri’s graft could be removed after 6 months when it started collapsing, he now lives with tracheostomy. See this RFEL report by Sergei Dobrynin.

    Dmitry Onogda, Photo his own, from public VK social media profile


Several patients were operated by Macchiarini in cooperation with his former British partner, the UCL surgeon Martin Birchall. There was only one trachea transplant patient of Birchall’s where Macchiarini had no involvement: Shauna Davison (see this article). The 15 year old girl received a cadaveric trachea transplant from Birchall’s partner Martin Elliott., on 15th February 2012. 12 patients received trachea transplants, several were already dead.  Shauna died on March 9th 2012, according to her obituary she suffocated when her new trachea collapsed. Birchall and Elliott however deny in their publications that her cause of death is known (patient 3 in Culme-Seymour et al 2015). They published this failed transplant experience as Elliott et al 2017. 

Shauna Davison, photo Gazette Live, under fair use.

4 thoughts on “Macchiarini’s trachea transplant patients: the full list

    1. all named patients agreed to be named, mostly in the context of advertising Macchiarini’s alleged successes. These patients were urged to go on camera, to promote their miracle doctors. This was of course perfectly ethical, I presume. All photographs are public domain, made so with patients’ or their family’s agreement. But I do agree, it is probably unethical to mention real human beings in a context which is disadvantageous to the treating clinician.


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