I will continue operating this science journalism site regardless if it generates no income or even costs money. Even the most aggressive lawyer’s threats and blackmail (herehere and here) are not likely to stop it.

Yet I would greatly appreciate any financial support from my readers. For example, I would to switch to wordpress premium account to get a proper web address, enough storage space and avoid annoying you with ads.

You are most welcome to donate, there is no minimum amount. Eurozone residents could wire directly to my German bank account so we both avoid any bank fees. For others, I made a Patreon site.

Instead of donating, you can also offer me jobs or speaking gigs. You can buy my original cartoons, or order new ones. You (or your research institution) can also invite me as a paid conference speaker or student tutor, my main subjects are research integrity and academic publishing. I am also available as free-lance journalist for science-interested media.

As a private person, I cannot register as a charity, thus your donations are not tax-deductible. I will of course provide a proper receipt for my services as cartoonist or journalist, if you should engage them.

Please understand that your donations and work offers will not influence the topics and angles of my journalism.

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Thank you all in advance.


Leonid Schneider

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