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My work is a form of social activism, for better science. I will continue operating this science journalism site regardless if it generates no income or even costs money. Even the most aggressive lawyer’s threats and blackmail (e.g. herehere and here) are not likely to stop it.

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My website here is not a business. Your support, of any kind, is most welcome, especially after what happened. However, I do have an officially registered business as science journalist, and as such I offer

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Status 01.03.2019:

I was sentenced in the appeal court in Berlin, after the judges repeatedly lied during the hearing in order to deny me the right to a fair trial. They did however establish my status as immigrant in Germany and issued two hefty fines under threat of imprisonment, all on phony pretences. The total legal costs are horrendous (for me, but they are peanuts for a surgeon or a judge, a price of one fancy vacation), and the German press is now scared to even mention the name Philipp Jungebluth, or to suggest that the affair has any German connection. On May 24th 2018, press freedom and the right to a fair trial were abolished in Germany, on an example of one Jewish journalist, accused of and sentenced for: malicious ignorance of English language. This is what the entire court verdict is based on. The case is presented here.

I am now the only person in the entire world who was sentenced in a court of law for the deadly trachea transplants performed by Paolo Macchiarini, while his right hand man Jungebluth, a hero for his German medical colleagues, can find a pretence to sue me again any time. His and Macchiarini’s main success was not just the revenge they had on me, but the silence they imposed on all press in Germany and beyond.  My family is under constant threat of financial ruin and a subsequent prison term for me. This is not an exaggeration.

Other court case I managed to get out relatively lightly out of, only because newspapers and TV were present during the hearing:

Heike and Throsten Walles, former partners of Macchiarini, issued a bizarre court injunction against me, for simple quoting from a book about their earlier trachea transplants. It ended with an “amicable agreement” in an appeal court in Bamberg, but the Würzburg court followed it up with a baseless threat to remind me that bankruptcy and prison awaits me if I continue Walles reporting (read here).

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