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My work is a form of social activism, for better science. I will continue operating this science journalism site regardless if it generates no income or even costs money. Even the most aggressive lawyer’s threats and even numerous lawsuits failed to to stop it.

Consulting and Lectures

My website here is not a business. Your support, of any kind, is most welcome, especially after what happened. However, I do have an officially registered business as science journalist, and as such I offer

  • seminar and workshop lectures for graduate schools and research institutions in general (topics research integrity, biomedical ethics and predatory publishing)
  • consulting on biotech matters (especially regenerative medicine) for investors
  • freelance journalism
  • sci-art (cartoons)

I will of course provide a proper receipt for my business services, if you should engage them. Please contact me for a quote.


As a private person, I cannot register as a charity, thus your donations are not tax-deductible for you. Please understand that your financial support will not influence the topics and angles of my journalism.


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I was sued several times, by doctors you sure don’t want to be treated by, and by scientists you sure don’t want to have as your boss. My reporting may have prevented that. Therefore, please donate, there is no minimum amount. Eurozone residents could wire directly to my German bank account (contact me for details). I also have a Patreon site.

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