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Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 20.05.2022 – How to succeed as Woman in STEM

Schneider Shorts of 20.05.2022 – with many amazing science solutions to rejuvenation (berries and sea squirts included), a depressive cancel culture for COVID drug at FDA, cheese as a bioweapon, and a life-hack on how to make it in science as a woman and a fraudster.

Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 15.04.2022 – Jessus Has Risen!

Schneider Shorts 15.04.2022 – a resurrected career of a French biologist, a Spanish martyr saint takes revenge on two more apostate sinners, a limitless indulgence for sins past, present and future for a cancer cheater in Texas, Elsevier’s half-hearted exorcism of a Greek antivaxxer, papers to get rid of, and a self-righteous Italian diva in Zürich waving another sockpuppet.