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Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 21.04.2023 – So much work of high quality

Schneider Shorts 21.04.2023 – due diligence in Germany, cancer biotech bonanza in USA, python expert in Iran, highly cited researchers in Spain, English professor in russia, Italian fraudster in an unexpected company, with eugenics, racism and war-mongering, and finally, why a papermill fabrication can’t be retracted.

Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 31.03.2023 – Upon re-evaluation of the case

Schneider Shorts of 31.03.2023 – Unexpected retraction for Italian trachea transplant surgeon, first retraction to US cancer bigwig and lady friend, retraction of retraction for Georgia State papermiller, helping Iranian peers from Germany, a Canadian whistleblower’s relentless fight, with rascist academic elites, Germany’s Nazi expert, and finally, advice from a child prodigy on how to work hard and learn a lot!