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Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 12.11.2021 – J Neuroscience vs Elisabeth Bik

Schneider Shorts 12.11.2021: a retraction for Pierre Kory, avoided retractions for various fraudsters, Vojtech Adam negotiating with success, Cassava forges partnership with learned society against Bik, Raoult vs Bill Gates, why asphyxiation is good for you, TCM recipes, Pandora Papers and chemical pollution, and how to save the planet with synthetic nature.

Industry Smut Clyde

Another Jewish conspiracy against Ruggiero Santilli!

EU Commission gives €6 million to an obscure German start-up, promising to convert sewage to synthetic fuels. Internet sources suggest behind all this is “Professor” Ruggiero Santilli, the litigious “Florida Genius”, eternally self-appointed Nobel Prize candidate and sock-
puppeteering businessman. Exactly the kind of “fringe scientist” Smut Clyde likes to write about!