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Szyf and Rabbani: old gels evil, new genomics cool

Gel images are full of fraud and luckily a thing of the past. Science of today is digital, the figures are diagrams, charts and bar plots where image integrity sleuths can take a hike.
Moshe Szyf and Shafat Rabbani of McGill University in Canada accomplished this transition.

Research integrity University Affairs

Omer Nour and Magnus Willander guilty of research misconduct

“The Board assesses that there are no scientifically acceptable explanations for why the notified researchers have fabricated research results in the manner that has occurred in the notified articles. Raw data also does not support the reported results. [..]
In summary, the Board finds therefore that the notified researchers have been guilty of misconduct in research.”

Industry Smut Clyde

Another Jewish conspiracy against Ruggiero Santilli!

EU Commission gives €6 million to an obscure German start-up, promising to convert sewage to synthetic fuels. Internet sources suggest behind all this is “Professor” Ruggiero Santilli, the litigious “Florida Genius”, eternally self-appointed Nobel Prize candidate and sock-
puppeteering businessman. Exactly the kind of “fringe scientist” Smut Clyde likes to write about!