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“NONE of the work HAS NOT BEEN DONE in my lab”

“you can make a mistake once, but twice hmmmm I’d like to have my name removed from the potential revised version of this manuscript”, – Prof Guillemin.

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Macchiarini victim Zhadyra Iglikova is dead

Another one of Paolo Macchiarini’s past trachea transplant patients has died on 9 July 2018. She received from Macchiarini a cadaveric decellurised trachea in December 2010. By 2018, Zhadyra’s situation critically deteriorated, the dying patient was used for another experiment. On June 5th 2018, Zhadyra received in Moscow another trachea transplant. Responsible was same Parshin who performed the first trachea transplant together with Macchiarini.