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Schneider Shorts 28.10.2022 – Indisputable scientific quality

Schneider Shorts 28.10.2022 – the indisputable scientific quality of a Dutch harasser, a jailed rapist professor in Belgium, misconduct allegations in Sweden, a petit French cock croaking, plus some retractions, stem cell quacks, and an Arte documentary uncovering a horrendous COVID-19 conspiracy!

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Olivier Voinnet, the new Dreyfus?

Much of French media and academia, and certainly also the international plant science community now debates a hot conspiracy theory: what if Olivier Voinnet is actually innocent, a visionary genius who fell prey to a conspiracy of fraudulent colleagues and scheming bureaucrats? I discuss here the widespread dishonesty and data manipulation among Voinnet’s co-authors and peers. Is French research culture to blame?

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Fraud proven in papers of former CNRS president Anne Peyroche

The newspaper l’Express reported that Academie de Sciences commissioned an investigative report about the papers of former CNRS interim president Anne Peyroche, and that CNRS and the French Ministry of Research tried to suppress it. Peyroche herself could not be heard, because she is hospitalised since the affair started. So her co-authors took that as opportunity to blame Peyroche for every fake figure. Meanwhile, duplicated data was found even in Research Minister’s Frederique Vidal’s paper.