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Prof Jean Bousquet’s Sauerkraut Therapy

For some reason, Christian Drosten is the most famous COVID-19 scientist of the Charité Berlin medical school. Meanwhile, Professors Jean Bousquet and Torsten Zuberbier found and tested the pandemic cure, and it’s Brassica oleracea!

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Another Jewish conspiracy against Ruggiero Santilli!

EU Commission gives €6 million to an obscure German start-up, promising to convert sewage to synthetic fuels. Internet sources suggest behind all this is “Professor” Ruggiero Santilli, the litigious “Florida Genius”, eternally self-appointed Nobel Prize candidate and sock-
puppeteering businessman. Exactly the kind of “fringe scientist” Smut Clyde likes to write about!

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Dirty diseased Neanderthals

Who brought us COVID-19? The Neanderthals. The susceptibility to the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus, but also to diabetes, obesity, allergies, skin diseases, smoking and autism all happened because your great-[…]-great-grandfather could not keep his todger in his trousers many thousands of years ago.