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Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 9.09.2022 – Prize Before The Fall

Schneider Shorts 9.09.2022 – a Nobel man retracts four papers, professor XYZ retracts one, UCL being their usual greedy crooked racist self, with a cancer cure from Karolinska, an anti-aging solution from Brazil, the dangers of blue screens, a Romanian genius in England, and a dirty old man in Marseille cornered.

Lawyering-up Research integrity

Dr. Ignarro has suffered stigma, and was denied at least two interviews on television

“The presence of such articles online have severely affected Dr. Louis J. Ignarro’s public reputation, and his personal life.
Dr. Ignarro disputes any accusations of wrongdoing. There was no fabrication of data, although there was a mistaken duplication of data which occurred due to error. None of the data was false.” -J.L. Perez, Esq.