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Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 7.10.2022 – Dead Scientists

Schneider Shorts 7.10.2022 – three long shorts about British dead scientists tainted with fraud charges, a zombie scientist hosted in Texas, copyright issues and unaffected conclusions in The Netherlands, plus a geoengineering genius, a cheater’s first retraction, dirty old man’s lawsuits, and new NIH money for the makers of COVID-19!

Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 26.11.2021 – Shut up, you are not paid to think

Schneider Shorts of 26 November 2021 – Molecular Cell generously retracts 2 papers after almost 6 years of begging, Australian cancer researcher loses job over fudged results again, dirty old man in Marseille was faking chloroquine data all along, plus the secret bats from Laos, Frontiers in Eugenics and Racism, the joys of coffee and chocolate, academic nepotism, and: we found the most stupid paper ever.