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Whitewashed by ACS and Elsevier, Zboril sues Olomouc Dean for “bullying”

“I should remind you that the editorial offices that investigated your allegations did not found any evidence of scientific misconduct or data fabrication. In my opinion, your allegation may bear the elements of defamation and false accusation” – Prof Radek Zboril

Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 21.05.2021: Anal Science

Schneider Shorts of 21 May 2021 with a whistleblower’s letter, some proud trachea transplanters, racism in sports and sperm, an Israeli surgeon’s first-time retraction, a Brazilian angel of death, Germans embracing Vitamin D, ivermectin and illegal Stöcker vaccines, Indians embracing cow manure, and mice sodomised with a toothbrush to invent a cure for COVID-19.