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Macchiarini victim to Swedish prosecutor: “Claudia is alive and must be called to testify”

Macchiarini's victim Paloma Cabeza speaks out again, fearing she doesn't have much time left. She appeals to the Swedish prosecutor for justice in the deadly trachea transplant scandal.

Paloma Cabeza was supposed to be Paolo Macchiarini‘s second trachea transplant victim, back in 2008. The surgeon falsified her medical records and damaged her airways in order to achieve an approval from the Hospital Clinic Barcelona for another experimental trachea transplant. But then, in the hospital waiting room, Paloma met Macchiarini’s first patient and star of media hysteria: Claudia Castillo, who eventually warned Paloma that her success story was fake. Paloma refused the transplant and escaped, even though Macchiarini threatened her, literally with death.

It was not a figurative threat, tracheostoma patients are scared of displeasing their doctors. If they lose their access to specialist care, death is certain. Paloma is presently in a critical health situation herself, but she is not afraid, and now she calls not only upon Claudia to speak out, but also upon a Barcelona colleague of Macchiarini’s, Josep Gimferrer, who treated both her and Claudia.

There were more victims. Another woman, from Middle East, was described by Paloma to have received a trachea transplant soon after, she did not survive. My own reporting proved there was yet another woman, from Latin America, who died after a trachea transplant, which would make it at least 3 trachea transplants by Macchiarini in Barcelona, out of around 20 in total. Claudia Castillo is the only known adult survivor whose medical status is known. She survived because she was the only patient to receive a bronchus replacement instead of main airway trachea transplant. The fake success of her decellurised cadaveric graft even today protects the reputations of Macchiarini’s former colleagues and serves as rationale for continuous patient abuse, including with airway transplants. The hair-raising truth everyone is tempted to ignore is: Macchiarini switched to plastic trachea when he arrived at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden because he knew his patients, who received decellirised cadaveric grafts in Spain and Italy, were dying.

The horrible events of 2008-2009 at the Hospital Clinic Barcelona were all told by Paloma on my site over two years ago. She even shared her medical files with me, in case Spanish authorities or journalists would need them. Nobody did though. For 12 years, with evidence in public domain, nobody in Spain gave a damn about two foreign women, killed by a murderous lying psychopath surgeon who even falsified diagnoses to get his hands on the next victim. To Spanish police and even to Spanish media, these women never existed or never mattered. Nobody cared about the abuse which was done to Paloma either. The Catalan police and state prosecutor can’t be bothered, while Macchiarini himself enjoys life in a luxury villa in Cabrils, Barcelona neighbourhood. Claudia remains silent, and Paloma alleges this to be because of threats, and the money Macchiarini paid her.

Until recently, I was the only one sentenced in court in Macchiarini affair, with the big man himself playing the key witness. Recently, Italian justice slammed the surgeon with 1 year and 4 months (on parole) for extortion, and, more importantly, the Swedish state prosecutor recently raised charges of aggravated assault against Macchiarini. Paloma presently is not well and in particular risk of not surviving a coronavirus pandemic should which is now raging in Spain, again. The damage done years ago to her airways is also Macchiarini’s deed. Paloma’s life is in grave danger, I hope she will be well and send her my best wishes. Her deteriorating health and the COVID-19 threat are also what prompted Paloma to urgently write an email to the Stockholm prosecutor, Mikael Björk, offering her testimony and asking him to involve his Spanish colleagues. Paloma’s main goal is to get Claudia to testify.

Paloma’s medical records. Macchiarini fabricated a diagnosis of a tracheal malignancy (terminal cancer). With how many other patients did he do same?

Paloma’s letter to Swedish prosecutor is below, in (slightly edited) English translation, followed by the Spanish original.

Versión en español al final

Barcelona (España) 04-10-2020

Dear Mr. Mikael Björk,                            

My name is Paloma Cabeza and I live in Spain. I am 46 years old. In 2008 (at the age of 33) I had the misfortune to meet PAOLO MACCHIARINI, I was supposed to be his second trachea transplant patient. My involvement can be decisive to  bring justice to more than a dozen victims  “cruelly murdered” by a lie orchestrated by the Italian surgeon based in Cabrils (Barcelona) called Paolo Macchiarini. A lie consented to and supported by false statements maintained over time by Claudia del Castillo, the recipient of the supposedly first experimental tracheal transplant in the world without immunosuppressants. False from beginning to end!! In reality the basic lie is so great that no one can imagine it. I know Claudia well because we met at the clinic hospital for the same reason and on the same dates, and we even maintained a sincere friendship until I learned the extent of this medical scam in 2018. 

This first intervention was never performed on the windpipe, but on the bronchus, and this alone could change everything. The fraudulent scope of these beginnings increases the dimension of this health disaster. The transplanted trachea! graft subsequently caused irreversible damage. In fact, it is fatal damage with no option for second chances or medical alternatives. Why? Because if your trachea does not function, death is certain since it is the only way for air to enter the two lungs, but if you lose one lung because the experiment on the main bronchus went wrong (like with Claudia del Castillo), you still have another bronchus and its lung to oxygenate you, so you can survive and with a certain quality of life (in the case of otherwise healthy people without other pathologies). In the media it was sold as the first trachea transplant and the Lancet journal did not verify the reports that had reached it. Multiple reports rigged from beginning to the end. It was not a trachea, but a bronchus transplant, and this is a reality that should be known! People confuse trachea with bronchi and although everything belongs to the airway, it is not the same, nor do they have the same vital risks.

Claudia del Castillo, of Colombian origin, divorced and with two children, suffered from tuberculosis that was treated late and inadequately, which caused stenosis in her left main bronchus due to infectious lesions. Claudia, once deceived by P. Macchiarini and overcome the first traumatic emotional impact, chose to allow herself to be experimented upon after PM promised her that he would improve the technique with other patients (I would be the second) and thus she would regain the health of her bronchus without losing the left lung. She also accepted financial aid from PM to keep her silence.

She was silent in the deliberate deception under the demands of PM and in front of all the international press. Later, PM’s threats for being her accomplice would silence her even after losing her left lung in 2016. He gave many interviews to foreign press, selling his success when everything had already gone wrong. The scope of the lie was so brutal that it was not said that Claudia was already wearing a Dumon type (silicone) bronchial prosthesis when she allowed himself to be interviewed by the BBC …

The vascularization of the graft was never achieved. It literally rotted from lack of blood supply in just 3 months. She was kept on large doses of corticosteroids to mask the fatigue from that inflammation and infection, while Dumon kept her bronchus open. She received multiple antibiotic treatments and replacements for that Dumon prosthesis. Several biodegradable prostheses were even tried in Italy because PM needed to buy time and took her out of the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona to treat her in an Italian hospital (Careggi University Hospital in Florence) where they hired him once his contract at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona ended.

Finally, PM left her abandoned in Italy and in 2013 Claudia called me, begging me to intercede for her at the Hospital Clinic so that they would treat her because she was having trouble breathing. From 2013 to 2016 … she was treated at the Hospital Clinic. In the summer of 2016 they decided to remove her left lung and she currently has a great quality of life. 

This demonstrates that the technique not only failed, but was not necessary due to the risk involved when there were other possible medical alternatives, for example ANASTOMOSIS, which allows a joint between two areas of healthy trachea when a portion that is diseased has been cut out. This technique
works very well when done right and PM was an expert in it, which makes this deception more cruel. If the stenosis portion of the trachea is not long, this option is the best and this is how another patient friend of mine was cured. Many years have passed and it is still perfect, but for these victims and for myself there is no longer that option due to the serious injuries that PM himself caused in the entire tracheal length using Laser … 

Claudia continued to allow interviews after weeks, with a Dumon stent inserted into her left bronchus to support the graft. That graft literally rotted when the blood supply failed and collapsed when it lost its firmness. This lack of a solid structure caused a suffocation crisis and this is why that Dumon stent had to be placed urgently. In my still preserved naivety, I assumed that the Hospital Clinic had disqualified PM as a doctor, that they had opened a disciplinary file on him at the end of 2009 … but I was shocked to learn that they had simply waited for his contract to end to ask him to please leave the hospital through the back door and without making much noise. This caused the other hospitals to be unaware of his true intentions and his very sick mind. They continued to hire him in other cities and knowing the number of foreign victims there were already, 

As soon as I learned of the extent of his crimes, I contacted Claudia via Whatspp in 2018, but she refused to collaborate with journalists who wanted to shed light on this horrible reality that started in Barcelona. The Swedish justice does not have a single “living” victim to prove the unnecessary technique and the possible therapeutic alternatives for other patients, who already died. Mr. PM was acquitted and although a short house arrest was obtained for him, they did not disqualify him, nor did he ever enter prison. Claudia is alive and must be called to testify under oath so that ALL VICTIMS AND THEIR FAMILIES are cleared of responsibilities. 

I did the preoperative with P. Macchiarini for that transplant between June 2008 and July 2009. I would have been his second victim. Luckily, I had suffered prior medical negligence in 2006 for an unnecessary Dumon prosthesis placement and I already knew the way a doctor acts who hides information. That arrogance in his personality gave me the insight, prudence, or need to question everything and to demand consistent answers. I got out of their clutches in time, but not before suffering many injuries. Claudia warned me and I saved my life.

I did not allow him to do that transplant but it did me a lot of damage during the three operating rooms visits where he underwent to intentionally and deliberately worsen my respiratory situation to be able to justify to the hospital management that I was a candidate for such an experimental carnage. He deliberately diagnosed me with malignant stenosis or CANCER (I have all the reports) so that the hospital  management would allow the experiment and I went into the operating room up to three times with him, plus a few others to stabilize myself in the following two years.

He performed an abrasive laser treatment to make my situation even worse and to create an emergency, despite knowing that I explicitly advised that my mucosa was hyper reactive to the laser and could not tolerate it. I never consented to it and yet it was done, plus a bronchial biopsy as part of that horrible pre- op protocol. 

He manipulated my respiratory status to immediately do a CT and a nuclear scan which came out altered and added more data for the hospital. He stabilized me in the operating room for hours to  reposition the Dumon stent with the help of his assistant, who would later be my usual surgeon, Dr. Gimferrer (whom I considered yet another victim of P. Macchiarini). PM would injure you and then leave you in the hands of other surgeons to revive you. Never in my life have I met someone as cold and calculating as him. I can show these fully normal nuclear scans. I would not  mind sending you all the documentation you need. Why am I really still alive? Because I happened to be in the same room with Claudia  during the end of her admission (June 2008) and I had an act of empathy with her that was translated into financial help so that she could recover at home and not work that month. A few months later she returned that favor. She called me to give me some vital and inside information. She told me in detail everything that I have previously explained. Shortly after, the Clinic boasted of having operated on the King, and the King himself chose that hospital because the fame achieved with the supposed success of the first trachea transplant without immunosuppressants and without a Corpse in the world meant a lot. It was almost like saying that they had achieved the first brain transplant in the world, given its difficulty, the apparent prestige was assured for the hospital management. His reputation has to be questioned at some point. 

How did I find out about all this in 2018? Through a German journalist named Leonid Schneider who contacted me via email. He sent me a documentary produced by another American colleague who was PM’s girlfriend and who discovered the truth behind this psychopath who, in addition to this, had a double life, two families (in Italy and Barcelona) in addition to the one he was about to form with Benita Alexander, whom he was going to marry. The impact caught me while breastfeeding a month-old child and under a great medical uncertainty because in a few months my surgeon was retiring and I did not want to harm him (as I say, he is an active part of this medical deception, but by omission, not by action … sadly he is a good person and a very good surgeon but  he is a coward). I was also afraid to see medical doors close on me, since trachea patients are desperate for lack of specialists. It is a doubly cruel pathology, and I had been literally threatened. P. Macchiarini told me loud and clear that “he would personally see to it that I did not  find a good doctor in life” for having refused to submit to his experiment. Today, this reality comes back to me in several ways. Another journalist of Swedish origin living in the US, Gunilla Faringer, needs me to complete her book. I also just learned thanks to Leonid that they have reopened the case in Sweden with two complainant victims and I want justice for ALL the victims (alive or dead) and their families because they need answers and to know the whole truth from the beginning.

I have overcome a severe depression in which suicide haunted my mind almost daily. Today, and with the help of psychological therapy, I am trying to heal my emotional wounds as well as physical ones because the trachea was damaged with the laser and now my stenosis is much more serious than before. I have  malacia of the tracheo-bronchial cartilage throughout the structure and throughout its length. I wear a very long Montgomery prosthesis that allows me to lead a normal life if I can clean it … well every day. Many respiratory physiotherapy exercises and inhaled antibiotics daily. Knowing such important things and keeping quiet keeps me awake. Insomnia is destroying my remaining health. The shame of knowing things and keeping them silent is also killing me. It is true that I did not get to do the transplant so the first and only person responsible for this silence is Claudia and her lies, but after inquiring into my medical reports to send them to Gunilla Faringer, I have found that these reports were very seriously manipulated in regard to diagnosis. Malignant stenosis versus benign stenosis, which is what I have suffered since my accident as a child and it appears in all my medical history. I was diagnosed with CANCER! and injured in the exact spot that he needed as if I were a piece of clay to mold for his purposes. It took more than two years for me to stabilize.

Manipulation of texts and a false diagnostic report of Dr. Pinto (a fellow psychiatrist who did the other dirty work of psychological manipulation), which was disproven in 2010 by another clinical psychologist in public health. Perhaps if I pull the blanket from Spain, the future and the quality of life of many families could improve, the responsibilities could be clarified and the case could also be reopened for them from the Swedish justice, because we can give you the evidence that you lack. During the confinement for Covid-19 I already thought about my vulnerability as a high-risk patient and how terrible it would be for the victims that I died without uncovering this public and private health plot initiated and silenced in Spain. I remain at your disposal to send you the medical reports you need. If you can advise me on how I should go about getting the Spanish justice to call Claudia del Castillo to testify under oath … let me know and I will act accordingly. Receive a cordial and affectionate greeting as well as my eternal gratitude for your necessary work in this matter.

Paloma Cabeza

Insert: Paloma Cabeza in 2006. Large: Claudia Castillo with Macchiarini at conference in 2009.

Barcelona (España) 04-10-2020

Estimado Sr. Mikael Björk,                                                                    

Me llamo Paloma Cabeza y vivo en España. Tengo 46 años. En 2008 (con 33 años) tuve la desgracia de conocer a PAOLO MACHIARINI. 

Mi implicación puede ser trascendental para hacer justicia a más de una decena de víctimas “asesinadas cruelmente” por una mentira orquestada por el cirujano italiano afincado en Cambrils (Barcelona) llamado Paolo Macchiarini. Una mentira consentida y apoyada por declaraciones falsas mantenidas en el tiempo por Claudia del Castillo, la supuesta primera trasplantada experimental de tráquea en el mundo sin inmunosupresores ¡¡Falso de principio a fin!! En realidad, la mentira de base es tan grande que nadie puede imaginarlo. Esa primera intervención nunca se realizó en la tráquea y sólo eso podría cambiarlo todo. El alcance fraudulento de ese inicio aumenta la dimensión de este desastre sanitario.

Los posteriores afectados serían trasplantados de tráquea! Irreversible daño. De hecho, es un daño mortal sin opción a segundas oportunidades o alternativas médicas. ¿Por qué? Porque si tú te quedas sin tráquea la muerte es segura ya que es la única vía de entrada de aire a los dos pulmones, pero si tú pierdes un pulmón porque salió mal el experimento en un bronquio principal, aún te queda otro bronquio y su pulmón para oxigenarte por lo que sí puedas sobrevivir y con cierta calidad de vida en el caso de personas delgadas sin otras patologías. En los medios de comunicación se vendió como el primer trasplante de tráquea y la revista Lancet no verificó los informes que le habían llegado. Múltiples informes manipulados de principio a fin. ¡No fue en la tráquea y esto es una realidad que debería saberse! La gente confunde tráquea con bronquios y aunque todo pertenezca a la vía aérea, ni es lo mismo, ni tienen los mismos riesgos vitales.

Claudia del Castillo, de origen colombiano separará y con dos niños, padeció una tuberculosis que fue tratada tarde e inadecuadamente, lo cual originó estenosis en su bronquio principal izquierdo por lesiones infecciosas. 
Claudia, una vez engañada por P. Macchiarini y superado el primer impacto emocional traumático, optó por dejarse manipular tras la promesa de que PM mejoraría la técnica con otros pacientes (yo sería la segunda) y así ella recuperaría la salud de su bronquio sin perder el pulmón izquierdo. Además, aceptó ayudas económicas por parte de PM para mantener su silencio. Calló en el engaño deliberado bajo las exigencias de PM y frente a toda la prensa internacional. Más tarde las amenazas de PM por ser su cómplice, la dejarían callada incluso después de perder el pulmón izquierdo en 2016. 
Concedió multitud de entrevistas a prensa extranjera vendiendo su éxito cuando ya había salido todo mal. El alcance de la mentira fue tan brutal que no se contó que ya llevaba una prótesis bronquial de tipo Dumon (silicona) cuando se dejaba entrevistar por la BBC…

La vascularización del injerto nunca se logró. Se pudrió literalmente por falta de riego sanguíneo en apenas 3 meses. Estuvo mantenida con grandes dosis de corticoides para enmascarar la fatiga de esa inflamación e infección, mientras el Dumon mantenía abierto su bronquio. Hizo múltiples tratamientos antibióticos y recambios de esa prótesis Dumon. Incluso se probaron varias prótesis biodegradables en Italia porque PM necesitaba ganar tiempo y la sacó del hospital Clinic en Barcelona para tratarla en un hospital italiano (no recuerdo el nombre) donde le contrataron una vez que terminó su contrato en el hospital Clinic de Barcelona. 

Finalmente, PM la dejó abandonada en Italia y en 2013 me llamó Claudia suplicando que intercediera por ella en el hospital Clinic para que la trataran porque la costaba respirar. De 2013 a 2016… fue tratada en el Clinic. En verano de 2016 deciden extirpar el pulmón izquierdo y actualmente tiene una gran calidad de vida. Demostrándose así que la técnica no solo fracasó, sino que no era necesaria por el riesgo que implicaba cuando existían otras posibles alternativas médicas, por ejemplo, la ANASTOMOSIS que permite hacer un empalme entre dos zonas de tráquea sana cuanto te han cortado una porción que está enferma. Está técnica funciona muy bien cuando se hace bien y PM era experto en ella, lo que hace más cruel este engaño. Si la longitud de tráquea con estenosis no es grande, está opción es la mejor y así se curó otra paciente amiga mía. Han pasado muchos años y sigue perfecta, pero para estas víctimas y para mí misma ya no existe esa opción por las graves lesiones que él mismo te provocaba en toda la longitud traqueal a base de Láser…

Claudia seguía permitiendo entrevistas cuando llevaba semanas con un Dumon metido en su bronquio izquierdo para dar soporte al injerto. Ese injerto se pudrió literalmente al fallar el riego sanguíneo y se colapsó al perder su firmeza. Esa falta de estructura sólida ocasionó crisis de asfixia y hubo que colocar ese Dumon con urgencia. 
Conozco bien a Claudia porque coincidimos en el hospital Clinic por el mismo motivo y en las mismas fechas, e incluso mantuvimos una sincera amistad hasta que conocí la amplitud de esta estafa médica en 2018. 

En mi aún conservada inocencia, di por hecho que el hospital Clinic le había inhabilitado como médico, que le habían abierto un expediente disciplinario a finales de 2009…pero me espanté al saber que simplemente habían esperado a que finalizase su contrato para pedirle Por favor que saliera del hospital por la puerta de atrás y sin hacer mucho ruido. Esto ocasionó que el resto de hospitales no tuviera conocimiento de sus verdaderas intenciones fruto de una mente muy enferma. Le siguieron contratando en otras ciudades y al saber la cantidad de víctimas extranjeras que había ya, yo me eché las manos a la cabeza y tarde días en reaccionar. 

Contacté con Claudia vía Whaspp en 2018 y se negó a colaborar con los periodistas (Leonid Schneider, entre otros de prensa europea y española que ahora no recuerdo) que pretendían dar luz a esta horrible realidad que comenzó en Barcelona. La justicia sueca no pudo demostrar en una víctima “viva” la innecesaria técnica y las posibles alternativas terapéuticas para otros pacientes, que ya habían fallecido. El señor PM, salió absuelto y aunque se consiguió un corto arresto domiciliario para él, no llegaron a inhabilitarle, ni entró nunca en prisión. Claudia sí está viva y debe ser llamada a declarar bajo juramento para que se depuren responsabilidades a TODAS LAS VÍCTIMAS Y SUS FAMILIAS. 

Yo hice el preoperatorio con P. Macchiarini para ese trasplante entre junio de 2008 y julio de 2009. Hubiera sido la segunda víctima. Por “suerte” venía de sufrir una negligencia médica previa en 2006 por una colocación de prótesis Dumon innecesaria y ya conocía la manera de actuar de un médico cuando oculta información. Aquella arrogancia en su personalidad me dio la perspicacia, prudencia o necesidad de cuestionarlo todo y exigir respuestas coherentes. Salí de sus garras a tiempo, pero no sin antes sufrir muchas lesiones. Claudia me dio la voz de alarma y salvé la vida. 

No llegué a dejarme hacer ese trasplante, pero me hizo mucho daño durante los tres quirófanos a los que me sometió para empeorar intencionadamente y deliberadamente mi situación respiratoria y así poder justificar ante la dirección del hospital que yo era candidata a tal carnicería experimental. 

Me diagnosticó de estenosis Maligna deliberadamente (tengo todos los informes) para que la dirección del hospital permitiera el experimento y entré a quirófano hasta en tres ocasiones con él, más otras cuantas para conseguir estabilizarme en los dos años siguientes. Me realizó láser abrasivo para empeorar aún más mi situación y convertir la necesidad en urgencia a sabiendas de que yo avisé explícitamente que mi mucosa era híper reactiva al láser y no lo toleraba. Nunca lo consentí y aun así se realizó, más biopsia…bronquial como parte de ese horrible protocolo para el preoperatorio. 

Manipuló mi estado respiratorio para hacer inmediatamente después un TAC y Gammagrafía nuclear y que salieran alteradas y así añadir más datos antes la dirección del hospital para horas después estabilizarme en quirófano y recolocar bien la Dumon con la ayuda de su segundo de abordo, quien después sería mi cirujano habitual, el Dr. Gimferrer (a quien consideró otra víctima más de P.Macchiarini).  

PM, te lesionaba y después te dejaba en manos de otros cirujanos para que te reanimaran. Jamás en mi vida he conocido a alguien tan frío y calculador como él. 

Podemos ver tiempo después las mismas pruebas nucleares totalmente normalizadas. No me importaría enviar toda la documentación que preciséis para su comprobación. 

¿Por qué sigo con viva realmente?
Porque coincido con Claudia en la misma habitación durante el final de su ingreso (junio de 2008) y yo tuve un gesto de empatía con ella que se tradujo en una ayuda económica para que ella pudiera recuperase en casa y no tuviera que trabajar ese mes. 

Unos meses después me devolvió ese favor. Me llamó para darme una información privilegiada y vital. 
Me contó con pelos y señales todo lo anteriormente explicado. 

Poco después el Clinic presumía de haber operado al Rey, y el propio Rey, eligió ese hospital porque pesaba mucho la fama conseguida con el supuesto éxito del primer trasplante de tráquea sin inmunosupresores y sin Cadáver en el mundo” Era casi como decir que habían conseguido el primer trasplante de cerebro en el mundo, dada su dificultad. El prestigio aparente estaba asegurado para la gerencia del hospital, pero su reputación ha de ser cuestionada en algún momento. 

¿Cómo me entero de todo esto en 2018?
A través de un periodista Alemán llamado Leonid Schneider que contacta conmigo vía mail.

Me envía un documental producido por otra compañera americana que fue novia de PM y que descubrió la verdad que esconde este psicópata que además de esto tenía doble vida, dos familias (en Italia y en Barcelona) además de la que estaba a punto de formar con Benita,  con la que se iba a casar. 

El impacto me pilló amamantando a un niño de meses y una gran incertidumbre médica porque en pocos meses mi cirujano se jubilaba y yo no quería perjudicarle (como le digo es parte activa de este engaño médico, pero por omisión, no por acción…tristemente es buena persona y muy buen cirujano, pero es un cobarde). 

Yo también temía cerrarme puertas médicas ya que los enfermos de tráquea estamos vendidos por falta de especialistas. Es una patología doblemente cruel, y a mí me habían amenazado literalmente. 

P. Macchiarini me dijo alto y claro que “se encargaría personalmente de que no encontrara un buen médico en la vida” por haberme negado a someterme a su experimento. 
Hoy, esta realidad vuelve a mí por varias vías. Otra periodista de origen sueco afincada en EEUU me precisa para completar su libro. Además, acabo de saber gracias a Leonid que han reabierto el caso en Suecia con dos víctimas denunciantes y quiero justicia para TODAS las víctimas (vivas o muertas) y sus familias porque necesitan respuestas y conocer toda la verdad desde el inicio. 

Yo he superado una grave depresión en la que el suicidio rondaba mi cabeza casi a diario. Hoy por hoy, y con ayuda de terapia psicológica voy tratando de curar heridas emocionales y también las físicas porque me dañó la tráquea con el láser y ahora mi estenosis es mucho más grave que antes. Tengo malacia del cartílago traqueo bronquial en toda la estructura y en toda su longitud. Llevo una prótesis Montgomery muy larga que me permite hacer una vida normal si soy capaz de limpiarla…bien cada día. Muchos ejercicios de fisioterapia respiratoria y antibióticos inhalados a diario.

Saber cosas tan importantes y mantenerme en silencio me quita el sueño. El insomnio está destrozando la salud que me queda. La vergüenza de saber cosas y callarlas también me está matando. Es cierto que yo no llegué hacer el trasplante por lo que la primera y única responsable de este silencio es Claudia y sus mentiras reiteradas y mantenidas en tiempo, pero tras indagar en mis informes médicos para enviarlos a Leonid y Gunilla Faringer, he descubierto informes manipulados muy seriamente en su diagnóstico y tratamiento no consentido.  Estenosis maligna frente a estenosis benigna que es lo que yo padezco desde mi accidente de niña y así figura en toda mi historia clínica. ¡Fui diagnosticada de CANCER! y lesionada en el punto justo que él precisaba como si yo fuera un trozo de arcilla a moldear para sus objetivos. Fueron más de dos años los que necesité para estabilizarme. 

Manipulación de textos y un informe diagnóstico del Dr. Pinto (psiquiatra compañero que le hacía el otro trabajo sucio de manipulación psicológica) erróneo y desmontado en 2010 por otra psicóloga clínica de la sanidad pública. 

Quizá si yo tiro de la manta desde España, el futuro y la calidad de vida de muchas familias podría mejorar. Se podrían depurar responsabilidades y el caso podría reabrirse también para ellos desde la justicia sueca, porque les damos la prueba que les faltaba. 
Durante el confinamiento por la Covid-19 ya pensé en mi vulnerabilidad como paciente de alto riesgo y lo terrible que sería para las víctimas que yo muriera sin destapar esta trama de salud pública y privada iniciada y silenciada en España. 

Quedo a su disposición para enviarle los informes médicos que necesite. 

Si puede asesorarme sobre cómo he de hacer para conseguir que la justicia española llame a Claudia del Castillo a declarar bajo juramento…hágamelo saber y yo actuaré en consecuencia. 

Reciba un cordial y afectuoso saludo además de mi eterno agradecimiento por su necesaria labor en este asunto. 

Paloma Cabeza


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  1. I was a little surprised to see this information here again. 2 years ago I have first read the victim’s interview also on your own channel and I was touched by this story. After that, I found a lot more information about such pseudo-doctors, and it’s very scary. We actually go in hands our killers. Horror((
    As for Claudia, as far as I understand, she lied about her success story, I just want to say that I hope she will still come to court and become a witness in this case. Maybe she had a reason (I never understood), maybe a purely economic factor played a role here, but still, human lives are at stake.
    And I wish Paloma patience to fight to the end. Thank you for not being afraid to speak out and defend yourself and others.

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