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Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 3.12.2021 – Congrats to Elisabeth Bik!

Schneider Shorts 3.12.2021 – Elisabeth Bik finally gets the Maddox Prize, Russia takes a dump on its science again, one ivermectin trial begins as another one stops, proxalutamide vouchsafed by stellar experts in Italy, Spiderman was never a Canada 150 Research Chair, and why some unethical papers get retracted by heroic editors.

Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 19.11.2021 – Garbage and Unprofessional

Schneider Shorts 19.11.2021 – Alina Chan’s book is out, Irish Moss as COVID-19 crusher, long covid all in your head, Cassava affair exposes idiocy of stock market capitalism, featuring a short-fused bully editor and his antivax successor, Wiley defending upmarket research fraud, Cheshire taking on the Indian Ministry of Defence, with Frontiers in insectofascism, mental deficiencies of vegans, radioactive showers, and my best wishes to Spiderman in his alternative career as fantasy writer.