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Predatory conferences and other scams of false Swedish professor Ashutosh Tiwari

Ashutosh Tiwari, former employee of Linköping University, built an entire industry of predatory publishing and conferences, which hosted many among the material science research elite, all from a small rented office in the industrial area of Linköping. Tiwari's genius trick was to play at the vanity and greed of certain academics.

Previously I reported on my site about the Indian nanotechnology researcher Prashant Sharma, whose collection of blatantly manipulated papers seems to grow daily on PubPeer. The article prompted two scientists from Sweden to contact me about a certain Sharma associate who was only briefly mentioned there: Ashutosh Tiwari, a former employee of the Linköping University (LiU) in Sweden. Tiwari built an entire industry of predatory publishing and conferences, which hosted many among the material science research elite, all from a small rented office in the industrial area of Linköping. Tiwari’s genius trick was to play at the vanity and greed of certain academics: all he had to do to get them to participate at his conferences and to help divert public money via conference fees into his pocket, was to offer a luxurious holiday-style venue (like a cruise ship) and hand them some ridiculous made-up awards, diploma and medals.

As it looks, Tiwari never was professor in Linköping or possibly anywhere else, in fact he arrived at LiU in 2011 as Marie-Curie postdoctoral fellow, assigned to the lab of Professor Anthony Turner, Editor-in-Chief of Biosensors and Bioelectronics, who somehow published a number of fraudulent papers by Tiwari’s associate Sharma and eventually became an invited speaker, co-organiser and even advertiser for Tiwari’s conferences. Even Tiwari’s doctorate is not certain: around 2015, Linköping University was investigating the validity of his PhD degree. Now, LiU finds itself unable to give me a straightforward answer about their scientist’s academic credentials. It is not even clear when Tiwari’s employment at LiU ended: my source says 2015, Turner says in summer 2017.

Yet to the scientific community and even his colleagues working at LiU, Tiwari presented himself since 2011 as “Associate Professor” of Linköping University, at Turner’s Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM). The Sweden-based Indian scam artist, whose scientific career began with data manipulation (as the evidence below proves), was and still is running many businesses:

  • a phony Vinoba  Bhave Research Institute (VBRI) in Allahabad, India (just where Sharma is located, working however at the really existent Indian School of Mines). This Tiwari-led research “institute” invites applications of PhD students and postdocs, but uses fraudulent photos to pretend it actually exists. The institute now has a Swedish branch, the Insitute of Advanced Materials, led by director Tiwari and located in a small rented office in Linköping
  • a predatory publishing outlet VBRI Press, located in the same office in Linköping, which used to be even DOAJ-listed, though its editorial team of young women is fake, with their photos stolen off internet, while VBRI press’ only peer reviewer is Tiwari himself
  • a so-called International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM), also located in the same mailbox in Linköping, which only purpose is to organize predatory conferences, preferably on luxury cruise ships. The conference fees for Advanced Materials World Congress, European Advanced Materials Congress, American Advanced Materials Congress etc flow to the same VBRI mailbox owned only by Tiwari and his wife.

The fake institute in Allahabad

This is Vinoba  Bhave Research Institute (VBRI) in Allahabad, India, led by its director Prof Ashutosh Tiwari, as shown in Google Maps or on Facebook. The institute announced in 2016 on its Facebook page, next to this impressive photo:

“Openings for 10 PhD and 05 postdoc positions in the VBRI,!! VBRI is seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic candidates to join bilateral international PhDs and postdoc program in the Vinoba Bhave Research Institute to work on advanced materials for energy, environmental problems, drug delivery, sensors, biosensors and bioelectronic devices, etc. Please send your application with CV and 2 page work plan to until 30 November 2016!! Visit us on”

The photo is pathetically fake, it is crudely photoshopped. The central part of this image, showing the “welcome” entrance,  appears on  the  internet page of  a child daycare in Spain. Also, the two windows are identical (only mirrored), as are both  cloned  palms  on  each  side. But maybe Prof Tiwari made a mistake, after all we see him here, on Vinoba  Bhave Research Institute Facebook site, with his PhD students learning in the background:


Impressed?  Yet this is not really a research centre in Allahabad. This is the actual real library of Linköping University, with a fake LiU professor in the foreground. But this image below surely shows Professor Tiwari educating his humble and admiring international students at VBRI in Allahabad?

Wrong, this is in fact again Linköping University, namely inside Turner’s IFM, Lab L202 to be precise. Other photos posted on the VBRI website were also made there.

The predatory publisher

Tiwari’s other business is his “VBRI press”, or VBRI Sverige AB,  which is located at Teknikringen 4A, 583 30 Linköping, Sweden, and employs exactly 2 people: Ashutosh Tiwari and his wife, Sudha Tiwari. The company must be so big that the web page of Mjardevi Science Park where it resides does not dare to provide any information about either VBRI Press, or the Insitute of Advanced Materials with its “enthusiastic and qualified knowledgeable researchers” and “different world class facilities and laboratories”, or the conference organiser IAAM. This is where they all are, see Tiwari’s own photo off Facebook:


All these mighty institutions fit somehow into a little rented office at Teknikringen 4A. The official tenant, VBRI Sverige, registered SEK 1.7 mn profit (~€170 000) and SEK 6.5 mn turnaround in 2016, declaring activities in conference organising and publishing. Several Swedish universities are listed Among VBRI customers, including those of Linköping, Umea and Stockholm.

Tiwari’s VBRI press publishes the journals Advanced Materials Proceedings and Advanced Materials Letters, which only incidentally sound like the highly respected Advanced Materials, published by Wiley.  The latter VBRI outlet is “The official journal of the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM)”, which is in turn Tiwari’s own invention, located at same rented office in Teknikringen 4A, Linköping. Advanced Materials Letters is Open Access (OA), and declares to be “associated with DOAJ“, the whitelisting organisation of OA journals. This is even not a lie, because DOAJ did use to list this journal:

As for publishing fees, the journal declares: ” Page Charges: As per journal policy”. Meaning, the boss will charge authors on a whim, whatever he sees fit.

Tiwari cleverly used his VBRI press for self-promotion, to publish own papers and to boost own citation index. But before he moved as Marie-Curie Fellow to Turner’s lab in Linköping, Tiwari ingratiated himself with that LiU professor in 2010 with a pathos-bloated anniversary article published in the first issue of Advanced Materials Letters. The article even admired the alleged activities of Prof Turner on fund-raising for start-ups in the notorious tax paradise Cayman Islands.

I spoke to a former VBRI Press insider, who told me this about Tiwari’s publishing enterprise:

Though his journals claim to be peer-reviewed, there was no peer-revision process, the submitted papers were directly going to e-mail addresses controlled by Tiwari. He instructed his assistants to revise the papers based on his comments only. Also, he was regularly asking authors to cite papers from his journals as well as his own research papers in several other journals as part of the revision process. This is how he gets high h-index for himself and his journal’s impact factor”.

How did Tiwari solicit papers for his journal? These were his two charming managing editors, both blonde, both young, both fake.

Managing editors

The photo of “Adeline Nilsson” belongs to an Australian lawyer, while the photo of “Sophie Thompson” is rightfully owned by Australian singer Delta Goodrem. An internet search further confirms that Mrs Tiwari doesn’t have to worry about her husband staying at work late, as the two young managing editors Ms Nilsson and Ms Thomson only exist in the fantasy of Mr Tiwari. Apparently, the big man got even more ambitious and engaged an actual astronaut to type his spam emails:

Did Anthony Turner notice that Tiwari invents young female “managing editors” to solicit papers he alone then peer reviews? The LiU professor is after all listed as “honorary editor”, whatever it means. With Turner, one does wonder how he managed to overlook Tiwari’s scams and deceit for 6 years.

All aboard for a predatory conference!

In spring 2017, a large number of scientists working in material science received an invitation to attend “European Advanced Materials Congress“, on a cruise ship between Sweden and Finland, 22 – 24 August 2017. Why should they go there and waste their research funds, paying of up to €1000 for registration, which does not include the costs of the cruise trip itself? Well, because for example Nils Mårtensson, Uppsala University professor and Chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee for Physics was there!


Unlike with your amateur predatory conferences, this guest of honour was for real. Here is Prof. Märtensson giving a video interview, naively advertising for Tiwari, his phony IAAM and his predatory conferences. Update 15/19.12.2017 the YouTube and the Facebook copies of the video were removed by Tiwari right after this post was published, but there are other records, and I made backup.


Tiwari’s conference speakers list is usually quite impressive, it features editors of internationally respected journals and professors well-known in their field, e.g. Luis Liz-Marzán, Editor-in-Chief of journal ACS Omega, or  Zhong-LIn Wang, Editor-in-Chief of journal Nano Energy, or Robert Hurt, Editor-in-Chief of journal Carbon. Whatever lured them to Tiwari’s private symposium, is a mystery, but it is worth noting that dozens of awards and medals are handed out each conference. Here they are, on this YouTube channel, interviewed after Tiwari presented them with some utterly useless IAAM award or medal he just made up (and in some cases, even awarded himself with, like ‘The Nano Award’, ‘Innovation in Materials Science Award’ and ‘Advanced Materials Medal’). Successful, highly educated grown-up (mostly) men, all of them, excited about having been given a shiny thingy. That little it takes to bamboozle a scientist, apparently.


That Congress announced 800+ participants, but not all of them might have been there. As an insider told me:

“Tiwari was adding his friends and colleagues to the program in order to artificially raise the number of registered participants. Those people of course never showed up in the conference.”

A Swedish scientist who once fell for one of Tiwari’s conferences, told me:

“I did not know I was going to a conference privately organized by Tiwari. I (like all others) went to the conference organized by  Swedish University. Linköping University was stated as one of organizers on all web pages and that is what provided the conference with credibility. I  never checked  what is “VBRI Press” or  IAAM and Tiwari at that moment was just one of several organizers. I remember well how I watched the video invitation by Anthony Turner, and I even checked who he and the other organizer, Mikael Syväjärvi, were.  They all were employed by LiU and their names were listed on the LiU pages. Then I saw many names known in Scandinavia in the conference committee and list of invited speakers, one of the speakers was even my co-author. It looked credible. I even considered submission of proceedings paper,  the journal  by VBRI Press had some impact factor at the moment even if rather low. I had an impression that VBRI Press is serious organization publishing books and journals, organization somehow connected to LIU.”


Tiwari’s past patron Turner indeed did his share of advertising for those conferences, here he even described his “co-chair” as “Professor Ashutosh Tiwari”. One needed to expand beyond the Baltic cruise ships, so he and Tiwari decided to set up an annual conference to take place in the Caribbean. Here is Turner, inviting his peers to join him at the “American Advanced Materials Congress – 2016, Miami, USA during 04-09 December 2016 which is going to be held on the Royal Caribbean Cruise “Navigator of the Sea””.

Turner explained to me in an email why Caribbean cruise conferences are actually very inclusive, even if the cheapest cabin bed there may still appear to be a bit too pricey for, say, a PhD student:

“On the questions of holding conferences on ships, there is a long Russian tradition of doing this which has inspired this idea. In practice, due to the packages on offer, this can be less expensive than other venues and result in similar delegate fees to other conferences”.

The next Caribbean symposium at high seas was scheduled to take place this December 3rd – 8th 2017, on the same cruise ship. Turner, who is listed as co-chair, and who arranged an auto-reply email that he is ” out of the office now until 11.30 on Monday 11 December, attending a Symposium” however insists that he was not on board and that the message referred to a meeting at Linköping Hospital:

“You are misinformed, I was not on a “Caribbean cruise” as you state, but working in Sweden for Linköping University during this period”.

Another conference co-organiser at LiU used to be Mikael Syväjärvi, who is also editor of the other VBRI Press journal, Advanced Materials Proceedings. But he, like Turner, might have meanwhile parted ways with Tiwari, because, as Turner declared:

“Dr Tiwari, left my Division at Linköping University in June of 2017 and so what he chooses to do with his time is no longer a concern of mine”.
Turner gives Tiwari his own medal, photo posted by latter on LinkedIn

The duped Swedish symposium participant who spoke above now gave me his retrospective insights about the Tiwari Symposium experience:

“The conference was actually organized in a standard way. Yes, the excessive number of awards was unusual, and not all of them looked to be well deserved. But some good speakers were there as well. So, for myself I rated the conference somewhat below average by the level of talks but did not consider myself fooled at the moment.

My questions are now to LiU- why did they allow Tiwari to collect money for this conference using his private company (that was not obvious to anyone)? Why they did not protest when  he continued to pretend he was Professor, while they knew very well that his IAM  “institute” is fake and that he is not Professor of their University? Why didn’t they report him for fraud to police? Why did they allow him to represent Swedish science internationally by providing affiliation and even serving as co-organizers in 2015-2016?   Why did they not prevent their own LiU professors from supporting a more recent cruise ship conference in 2017 when it become completely private business of one guy pretending to be director of fake “Institute of Advanced Materials”? Why did they watch respected people like Nils Mårtensson being fooled  and why did they not warn him and others? This would have stopped the conferences and Tiwari’s fraudulent business”.

Tiwari’s conference activities now happen without the association with Linköping university. He even invented a new young lady to spam scientists with invitations: Cristine Prudzic, Congress Administrator.  Here are some upcoming cruise ship conferences organised by Professor Tiwari, if you are interested:

Advanced Materials World Congress, Singapore, February 2018

(the Strait of Malacca from Singapore – Penang (Malaysia) – Singapore by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship)

Advanced Energy Materials Congress, Stockholm , 26-28 March 2018

(Stockholm (Sweden) – Helsinki (Finland) – Stockholm (Sweden) via Mariehamn, Aland by the Viking Line Cruise.)


Humble beginnings, with data manipulations

Before Tiwari’s career in predatory publishing, conferences and general swindling took off, he did what his Allahabad associate Prashant Sharma currently does: he manipulated data in order to build himself a publication list. This is an assembly sent to me by a whistleblower. It is probably just a sample.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Update 14.12.2017. I now received information from Ulf Nilsson, Dean of Science and Engineering at Linköping University, including the CV and all diploma of Tiwari:

1.       [on validity of Tiwari’s PhD degree, – LS] Ashutosh Tiwari has submitted a PhD diploma when applying for employment at Linköping university. Whether this is a valid diploma should be addressed to the issuing institution (see enclosed cv).

2.       According to our records he was employed as forskarassistent (research fellow) from 2011-04-01 to 2013-03-31 and then employed on a fixed-term contract as universitetslektor (senior lecturer) from 2013-04-01 to 2015-03-31. There are no contracts after that.

3.   [on why Tiwari presented himself as Professor in public, incl. to his LiU colleagues,-LS]    If he has done that it is clearly not correct. Ashutosh Tiwari holds the title of “docent” (see cv) which is similar to habilitation which is sometimes translated as “associate professor” but it is not a position, much less a professor position.

4.     [on Sharma’s and Tiwari’s fraudulent papers published in Turner’s Biosensors & Bioelectronics, -LS]  That question is not for me or Linköping University to answer but should be addressed to the publishing house.

5.   [on LiU subsidies for Tiwari’s Caribbean cruises 2016 and 2017,- LS]   As far as we can see there have been no travel reimbursements to Ashutosh Tiwari after his employment terminated in 2015.

Update 17.12.2017. Dean Ulf Nilsson now decided to act on the accusations raised in the comment section below this article:

“I have started investigating those claims that could constitute scientific misconduct”
This is what LiU decided is a valid PhD diploma of Ashutosh Tiwari, based on which he was given the habilitation degree of Docent in September 2013, just 2 years after his arrival in Linköping

Update 22.12.2017. as Tiwari frantically deletes his social media and other internet records, I offer this file as compilation of Tiwari’s conference scams, its victims and perpetrators.




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  1. Amazing!


    • Well…rthey are not done yet. Today, I received a mail from a DR. Patra telling me I have been elected to received a Scientit’s medal….Unfortunately, I could not find a list of recipients but reading that some 6000 got it before mne, I started looking if my grandparents were in the list too! Those crooks must be stopped by publicizing extensively what their operation is about…..


  2. Smut Clyde

    I’m trying to work out the relationship between VBRI Press and Scrivener Publishers (who have become the book-publishing arm of John Wily & Sons). From Scrivener’s perspective, they publish the Advanced Materials series, and they let Tiwari edit it because Linköping vouch for him.

    In Tiwari’s account, the Advanced Materials series is essentially from VBRI Press, with Scrivener / Wiley as mere co-publishers.
    “VBRI Press serve as managing editor for the Advanced Materials Series with Scrivener Publishing and series co-published by Wiley.”

    Whether Scrivener are aware that Tiwari is using them to prove his respectability is an open question. He also claims the imprimatur of a collaboration with Elsevier… again, Elsevier may or may not be aware of it.

    Tiwari’s list of honours (at the Scrivener link) is impressive.

    About the Series Editor:
    Ashutosh Tiwari is associate professor at the world premier Biosensors and Bioelectronics Centre, Linköping University, Sweden; Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Materials Letters; Secretary General, International Association of Advanced Materials; a materials chemist and also docent in the Applied Physics from Linköping University, Sweden. Prof. Tiwari is honoured as visiting professor at National Institute for Materials Science, Japan; guest Professor at University of Jinan, China; Adjunct Professor in the DCR University of Science and Technology, India; and Director of the Vinoba Bhave Research Institute, India. Just after completed his doctorate degree, he joined as young scientist at National Physical Laboratory, India and later moved to University of Wisconsin, USA for postdoctoral research. He is actively engaged as reviewer, editor and member of scientific bodies around the world. Prof. Tiwari obtained various prestigious fellowships including JSPS (regular and bridge fellow), Japan; SSF & SI, Sweden; and Marie Curie, The European Commission. In his academic carrier, he has published more than 350 articles, patents and conference proceedings in the field of materials science and technology. He edited/authored more than fifteen books on the advanced state-of-the-art of materials science with several publishers. He becamethe book series editor of Advanced Materials Series, working group member of the technology integration of TD1003, European Cooperation in Science and Technology and a founder member of Advanced Materials World Congress, Indian Materials Congress, famous international events of materials science and engineering. Prof. Tiwari is receipt of high-status ‘The Nano Award’, ‘Innovation in Materials Science Award’ and ‘Advanced Materials Medal’.


  3. Smut Clyde

    According to the site “”, the Elsevier-partnered series of Advanced Nanomaterials books will have the fictitious “Sophie Thompson, PhD” as Managing Editor, and Simon Holt at Elsevier as “Acquisitions Editor │Micro & Nano Technologies”. Perhaps Simon should be warned.

    The book-series domain was registered by Tiwari with his “” email address:


  4. Smut Clyde

    The domain was set up with a Milwaukee address, and a US contact number, presumably when Tiwari was still resident in Wisconsin.

    The phone number there is associated with his other email addresses and, which in turn lead to the websites of his previous incarnation in computer-tech / website design / SEO. A noble trade, but far-removed from nanotechnology.


  5. I was offered a part time job for recording videos, taking photos and editing them on one of these cruise ship conferences. Once I provided Mr Aushitosh Tiwary with the data I was cheated and under paid than what was promised and far less than the Swedish standard.


  6. Andrey Alexeyenko

    I think I know what kind of professot A. Tiwary is: . In other words, as soon as you have been given the title “docent”, you start signing your emails as “assoc. prof.”. The web page cited in a comment above says just that: “a materials chemist and also docent in the Applied Physics from Linköping University”. And down the text he is called Professor. Indeed, what honorific should people use to address you? “Associate Professor Tiwary” sounds long and boring, so to avoid bickering your friends might just use “professor” instead. Many (most?) docents in Sweden sign emails in English as “assoc. prof.”, while (since a choice of honorific is up to others rather than to you, applying the “Professor” is rare). Then, if we read the Swedish and English wikipedia (which do not completely agree with each other on the definition of Swedish “docentur”) and other sources, then we realize that requirements broadly vary between universities and fields (leaving alone other countries). Also, there have been perpetual attempts to make the requirements stricter (or equalize them between the universities). The bottomline is though that obtaining the docent title is a possibility to boost your CV without burdening your university with the need to pay your salary, provide teaching occupation, academic position, office space etc. Usually, you can remain docent even after leaving academia completely (which is not yet the case for professor tiway since he is listed as a LiU employee). So if you ask LiU people behind the URL above, they might look around and find a PDF document or something where Tiwary is listed as one of the annual recipients of the title.


    • Title abuse in Sweden was a hallmark of the Macchiarini affair. Macchiarini’s CV declared that he used to be professor in Paris (where he only habilitated, meaning he obtain a “docent” degree), and that he is full professor at MHH in Hannover, Germany (where he has only an unpaid adjunct professorship which MHH declared to upkeep against the state law, even if he hasn’t taught there for over a decade). Macchiarini’s acolyte Jungebluth was named assistant professor at Karolinska and received a VR grant based on his false claim that he had a PhD degree, while all he had was a German medical doctorate, which is not equivalent either by German or Swedish law. What happened there, was LO Cardell declaring that Jungebluth’s MD was good enough in his eyes, and that sufficed. One wonders now who decided that Tiwari had enough qualification and teaching record at LiU to be awarded a habilitation degree of a docent. Many questions to Prof Tony Turner, I guess.


      • Andrey Alexeyenko

        “who decided that Tiwari had enough qualification and teaching record at LiU to be awarded a habilitation degree” It is a question the the LiU regulations (which might have been stricter since – which year was that?..). Also, I am sure that passing that filter was no big deal for anyone who can make a H-index>30 🙂


    • Pieter Kuiper

      Also Mikael Syväjärvi is “docent”. He is labeled “ass prof” in some places, but his cv does not mention any employment as permanent academic staff (lecturer). He is listed as “förste forskningsingenjör” (principal research engineer), which I would regard as support staff. Highly qualified, of course, but I find it surprising to see that Linköping University uses such positions for tasks like thesis supervision, examination, grant applications, etcetera.


      • There are very few real research engineers at IFM, most employees with that title are researchers and not support staff…


  7. Du missade: Han bjuder in människor från Indien och tar med dem till Erbjudande jobb / Phd från ett sydafrikansk universitet eller slovakiska universitetet.

    With the Peoples Tax Money of Slovakia, that much needed to Educate their people, comes to Mr.Tiwaris Pocket.

    Sachin Mishra
    Prasant Mishra

    (All names may not be correct)

    are the Two people, who work at his Small office and pretended to be doing Phd – but they did not really do any phd

    This is also a Visa fraud that migrationsverket needs to be informed.

    I attended two of his conferences with my hard earned money (traveling all over from Delhi to Sweden). his 12 year old son speaks some stupid topics that i had to hear, as if It was a self run business. I was puzzled and wanted to walk out, but only we are in the middle of the batik sea, en route to Finland.

    This level of Investigative Journalism – I haven’t seen for a long time in my 50 years of life.

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    • Andrey Alexeyenko

      So, are you saying that he invited foreigners as is potential PhD students by submitting faked job offers to Migrationsverket? What text in Swedish are you citing?..


      • Proof in the Pudding. Just check the two people work at his ‘company’ prashant mistra and sachin mishra – how they got to sweden ? they were offered Phd from a south african university – then what they do in sweden you ask ? they are doing “visiting researchers” in sweden. poor south african tax payers paying them. It may be part of a larger international conspiracy that involves multiple greedy people like tony turner and mickel and yogendra mishra (who is from a german university)

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      • Well I saw that in some of his PhD student


    • Sachin Mishra
      Prasant Mishra both are his REAL nephews( Sisters’ sons). If you dig in more, you will find many more students from his nepotism gang.


  8. Tony Turner and Mickel need to go to Jail for Supporting this person.


  9. Yogendra Kumar Mishra – Group Leader at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (Co-author at this Job along with Tony Turner )

    German police need to Investigate this.

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  10. The lab photo displays prasant misra and two other women are his family members (under age)


  11. If Linkoping University is not taking action on this person, It must be very likely that they are conspiring with him


  12. Its very likely that Prof.Tony Turner received enough money to close his eyes (and even supporting) this international conspiracy. If the police check his accounts and his wifes accounts, It will come out in a day.

    I am sure already police is investigating this.


    • I submitted a FOIA inquiry to LiU on whether Prof Turner received any speaker’s fee or other financial rewards from Tiwari’s conferences

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      • Eve Lena – The Office for International students Run her Show in One of the Cruise Ships. With LIU Banners. I will have to search for that Photo. Meaning that LiU is fully Involved in this Scam.
        Her Full name : Eva Lena T Rodríguez
        Works at : LiU
        Ask her why she went with Banners and Pamplets to his Cruise ship for a 3 day trip

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  13. I am going to donate to your blog enough to support two years of internet domain fee. count me in.

    if anyone also feels the same, donate this amazing international quality investigative journalism.

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  14. Its a International Educational con-job – where people get to travel – have fun on the tax payers money


  15. With One Arrow, you hit 100s of Greedy people by exposing them. Bravo, Kudos. come with me to any indian place I will buy you full Tandoori Chicken


  16. Mikael Syväjärvi is a disgrace to the Graphene Science and technology by conspiring for con-job. we request your public statement if you are not involved in the con job.
    Greedy tony turner must come up with a public statement


  17. One of my students just asked me. If Mr.Tiwari / Mr.Tony / Mr.Mickel ready to pay 1 million to this blogger, will he take out this blog ?

    I said – he will not.

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  18. I checked Web of Science statistics for Tiwari in connection with known affiliations and found much smaller number of papers compared to Google Scholar and a lot smaller citation. The reason is that 2/3 of his papers were published in various junk journals not indexed by Web of Science, including his own private journals by VBRI Press. Journal Citation Report finds no information for “Advanced Materials Letters”. The web page of this “journal” pretends to have 1.46 impact factor (, but the link leads to nowhere. Web of Science do not include citation of this journal in their statistics.
    The banner at the bottom of AML page which shows SJR statistics leads to the web page which informs that the “Coverage” is 2010-2016 (cancelled).
    The journal has no impact factor as it looks, information on the web page is fraud. The journal is operated by private company and all their “publications” will disappear once the owner stops to pay for web domain.
    People who attended conferences were cheated to publish their papers in private on-line journal of its own Chairmen with zero impact factor.


  19. Just got this information from my private email. Those “few” papers which made by Tiwari – is ghost writen by few aspiring young minds. he intact stolen their research and published under his name. there is few peers of him ready to come forward and tarnish that very soon


  20. mathieu linares

    Thanks a lot for the investigation! Looking forward to LIU comment on the case. I hope you will do a follow up article.


  21. Yes a 12 year old tells you how to spend your University money 🙂


    • Jinder Mahal

      very curious to see the video of 12yr old, but it disappeared


      • Look for teh picture where Ingemar Lundström received award, it is likely to be the 12-years old who gives it. The child of Chairmen gives awards to professors, is it common on academic conferences?


  22. Here is the Japanese Guy I was talking about : Hisatoshi Kobayashi

    Basically Mr.Tiwari convinced Turner and Kobayashi that this is a good way to make some money. [edited, -LS] world class educational scam.


    • Smut Clyde

      Kobayahki’s name is familiar… he is listed as President of Tiwari’s “International Association of Advanced Materials”,

      Mikael Syväjärvi is there as well, as Treasurer, although with his name misspelled.

      There presence in the website does not necessarily mean that they accepted those positions, of course, or that they are aware of the honour.


      • As far as I know Kobayashi was Tiwar’s supervisor during his PostDoc stay in Japan. And believe me: Tiwari seems a very appreciable person when you talk to him.


      • Indus world

        Such kind of persons always take the liberty to show him a good person to others but his destiny is very crude. Mr.Tiwari is a person on this category. He managed to get entry in NPL-CSIR Lab India by giving false statement to one person (who helped him) by saying that he is unmarried & willing to ….,..


  23. I admired Tony Turner, I even worshipped him. Now look what he had done.
    If he have any professional ethics, he must resign from LiU together with Mickel and go to himalayas.


  24. Jens Birch

    Good job on this investigative piece of work. It is important to scrutinize these individuals and their involvement in scams like what is reported here. I have supported you financially!

    That said, I think one should not jump to conclusions about those who were on these cruises. As is mentioned, many were fooled by the advertisments etc. or pursued to participate. Also, the role of LiU may be smaller than some comments suggests. If seasoned researchers in the field were fooled to participate, one can not blame administrative staff at the communications and market department to not spot the scam.

    Liked by 1 person


      News for 2016-08-23 :

      “Mikael Syväjärvi was co-chair of Global Graphene Forum which together with 4 symposiums took place Aug 23-25, 2016 in Stockholm under the umbrella of European Advanced Materials Congress which hosted 500 participants from more than 50 countries, of these the Global Graphene Forum had 80 participants. The aim of the graphene forum is to create synergies between different materials concepts and create new avenues in materials combinations.”

      Photo of Tiwari enclosed. At that time he was already not employed.


  25. Dr Tiwari, left my Division at Linköping University in June of 2017 ——Dr. Turner
    Ashutosh Tiwari employment terminated in 2015 -Dean, LIU,Sweden
    who is telling the truth?


  26. I am appointed as a Ph.D student in VBRI actually it is not VBRI they are using it for dual purpose they are also using it as a Ganesh Prasad Law College. Depending upon situation they change the sign board of the campus. When I joined there is nothing no instruments no light in night time I am the only one there.After I know the institution is fraud I left it is in 2016 November


    • Smut Clyde

      I had been wondering why Tiwari owns the domain for the Ganesh Prasad Law College.

      “Registrant Contact Information:
      Name Ashutosh Tiwari
      Organization VBRI Press
      City Allahabad
      State / Province Uttar Pradesh
      Postal Code 58331
      Country IN
      Phone +91.9793143616

      But perhaps we are talking about “Dr. Ganesh Prasad Tiwari”, the Manager of GPLC, who was seeking staff to actually teach there in 2013:
      Invited applications for following posts:
      Principal: 01
      Lecturers: 07
      Officer administrator/clerks: 05
      Peon: 02
      Gardener: 01
      Security officer: 01
      Security Guard: 01”


      • Ashitosh Tiwari is the son of Ganesh Prasad Tiwari ( see the info on his B.S certificate in hs C.V). Father runs the law college and son runs VBRI scam in the same building.


  27. There are rumours from good source that Ashutosh hired master students to translate papers in either chinese or korean in english then he improve the english make some change and publish the papers as it would be his. WELL DONE LiU


  28. Mr. Tiwari also grabbed Dr.Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary-DST(Govt.of India)& Professor in Chemical Engg.IITKanpur, India. If someone have more story on this regards, please share.


  29. I think Swedish embassy in New Delhi & Swedish foreign office was informed in 2011 for non payments of vendors in a conference, how come LiU has no information on this. LiU just turn blind eyes as he was doing marketing for them & luxury trips. He also enjoy poltical patronage from ruling party to open institute in India from DST money. Every thing he did at LiU, LiU allowed him to earn money and guest Ph.D students not doing research but sending mails and organising conference. Visa fraud.


  30. Krishanu Ghosal

    I am also suffered. That VBRI is totally fraud institute he appointed me as a Ph.D student there but when I reached there, there is no VBRI it was the Ganesh Prasad Law College they are using the same campus according to there requirement. When I understand that it is fraud I left there.


  31. [I combined 3 comments into one for better overview, -LS]
    I don’t understand if you think this is true why don’t you report it to police?
    Why tweets from university and university dean what you mentioned here, are not on their twitter page?
    Where is office attendees of vbri press?


  32. Questions for the Dean of Li.U
    1, As you say Dr. Tiwari job was terminated in 2015, Then why Tiwari continued to use LiU Email for corresponding author on his 2017 publication ?
    Recent advances in 2D bioelectronics.
    Osikoya AO, Tiwari A.
    Biosens Bioelectron. 2017 Mar 15
    2, Most of his papers published from his Li.U tenure are in his own VBRI press predatory journals and books (academic fraud). It does not bother you or the reputation of LiU?
    3, Your faculty members are advertising for his fake society as treasury, endorsing fake conferences on cruise lines and stealing thousands of dollars falsely believing LiU sponsorship (Financial misconduct)
    What kind of academic values LiU stands for ? Are you covering up research misconduct?


  33. It seems that he had made a group of fraud peoples from his family and friends. As I noticed, most of the members (Indian) in his group have similar surname. That means he choose very close and reliable persons only for this kinds of scam. Also, without any support from politicians and government bodies sitting at higher positions in Indian at different funding agencies, it was not possible to get funding. All persons should get punished for letting down the credibility of research and science. I strongly criticize this kind of act from Ashutosh Tiwari and his fraud team. His all fake and fraud publications and friends who have involved, should get suspended immediately.


  34. Does anyone have any information about the “Advanced Nanomaterials” series? VBRI Press list it on their website (and Tiwari has edited a couple of editions), yet Elsevier seem to be the actual publishers. If you click on the link on the VBRI website it takes you to the Elsevier page:


    • Smut Clyde

      If you believe Tiwari’s “” website, he is Senior Editor of the series, and the Managing Editor is the stolen identity “Sophie Thompson”, while Elsevier are relegated to the role of minor partners. Elsevier are probably aware of the reduction of status, but as long as libraries continue to be tricked into buying the series, they will not care about the imposture.

      Much as John Wiley / Scrivener Publishing, in their advertising for the Advanced Materials series of fantasies, continue to retail Tiwari’s fraudulent qualifications.


  35. Real Science

    Vinoba Bhave Research Institute is registered as an NGO in Allahabad dated on 29-08-1991. Dr. Tiwari registered an NGO at the age of 13 (year of birth mentioned in CV is 1978) See the link


  36. Otto Normalverbraucher

    I decided to have a look at the top paper in the Web of Science list when searching for authors Tiwari and Turner: I’m not an expert at all in the microscopy technique used in Fig. 2 of this work, but I would guess there should be a relation between an image and it’s 4-5x zoom in. However, no matter how I strain my eyes (or use power point to make digital zooms), I cannot relate Fig. 2b to the red-marked area in 2a, nor do I see any resemblance between 2e and f. Anyone? Another suspect feature of panel 2a is that behind the red square a yellow dashed square is visible, as if someone re-used the image from elsewhere.


  37. Electrochemical detection of a breast cancer susceptible gene using cDNA immobilized chitosan-co-polyaniline electrode.
    Tiwari A, Gong S.
    Talanta. 2009 Jan 15;77(3):1217-22. doi: 10.1016/j.talanta.2008.08.029. Epub 2008 Sep 7.

    PMID: 19064115. Please read the methods section and blast check BRACA seq. No data shown to confirm PCR amplification occured. Hybridization conditions of cDNA to electrode are odd. No mention of denaturation or annealing conditions, Fig 2 spectra shows some similiarity to figure 10 of Tiwari and Singh – eXPRESS Polymer Letters Vol.1, No.5 (2007) 308–317


  38. Where is Mr. Tiwari now? Is he in Sweden or is he back in Allahabad? With this exposure he is going to be in big problem.


    • He must be in India now, where his saviours will protect him. In India, no one is going to ask him because he has association with big names there. He has got funding for his fake VBRI as well.


      • Veera Manohara Reddy Y

        no iam going to complaint on status of A.Tivari. he must be punish because of he played all Indians scholar bright future


    • He still lives in a Villa in Linkoping with his family. He is still running his scam in sweden and in india both.


      • I received his cheating letter today, and this is why I happened to read in this website.


  39. Statement from the University that they have started an investigation


  40. They should have a look at how it was possible to get employment and then the title of docent with a PhD diploma like that. The Allahabad logo there looks like it was copied before the digital age, as a 7-th generation analog reproduction of this:

    Weird dates. Tiwari self-cites his thesis as 2005 (title “Chemical study of plant seed gums”). He did publish about gum in 2005:


  41. Some earlier grants awarded to Ashutosh Tiwari. How much money he siphoned off into his personal account from these grants is anybody’s guess.
    Research Grants

    Knut och Alice Wallenbergs, travel grant: Travel grant for Australia, 2014, 23 kSEK
    VR, Swedish Research Council (Co-applicant) project grant: “Intelligent nanobioreactors for auto-switchable bio-catalysis”, 2012-2015, 4000 kSEK
    JSPS, Japan (Bridge Fellowship): “A highly sensitive and reproducible nanobioreactor for the artificial kidney device”, 2012, 850 kYen.
    IGEN (Co-PI) project grant: “Auto-switchable aptasensors for the early stage diagnosis of liver cancer”, 2012-2014, 800 kSEK
    EU (Applicant) project grant: “Stimuli-responsive zipper-like nanobioreactors”, 2011-2013, 181 kEuro
    SSF, travel grants for scientific workshop in Korea: Biomedical Engineering Field, 2013, 30 kSEK
    LIST (Applicant) project grant: “Wearable sensors with nanoengineered smart architecture”, 2013, 350 kSEK
    LIST (Applicant) project grant: “Ultra-sensitive cardiac troponins immunosensors based on smart auto-switchable nano-architecture for the diagnosis of cardiac injury”, 2012, 200 kSEK


  42. Shailendra Sharma

    I contacted Tiwari on 26th September 2016 for a research position at mail is, it was shown even at university website that he is associate professor in LiU.
    He replied to me with cc to and asked for an interview. I was interviewed (Skype: VBRI India) and he said as of today he cannot offer a position in Sweden he has a collaboration in Slovenia, you may join there. Of course I didn’t join there.
    This is how de does the frauds.


    • Shailendra Sharma

      I believe he hires students in collaboration with other professors cheating both students and the Professors.

      He asked me as he is editter of many journal he expect me to work with editting and lots of paper work along with research.


  43. Tiwari and Mikael are in India, giving lectures in International conference.


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  46. VBRI Press was listed as “Predatory publisher” in January 2017:


  47. In 2013, Tiwari was course coordinator for a PhD course on ‘Integrated Biomaterials for Medical Devices’

    It seems there were eight students. Together with Tiwari as a coauthor they published a “Tutorial Article” in Tiwari’s journal:
    Title had changed: “Impact of nanotoxicology towards technologists to end users”. Turner was course professor.
    That publication is a weird product with 75 references. Loaded with jargon. Some of it sounds like the Sokal hoax.

    I wonder how much Linköping university payed for this.


  48. The abstract to the paper mentioned above is indeed abstract:
    “The length scale for nanomaterial is small enough to be invisible and presume innocence for the initial avoidance of the toxicity issues. Again it was beyond the understanding of the time frame when nanotechnology just blooms that a length scale itself might be an important toxic parameter apart from its materialistic properties. We present this report to address the fundamental issues and questions related to the nanotoxicity issues from laboratory to the land of applications. We emphasize about the basic nanoscale materials that are regularly being used by the scientific community and the nanotechnology based materials that has already in the market or will come soon.”
    Not even a computer program could come up with such gibberish.

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  49. The ending of the paper is AMAZING PROSE FOR A GRADUATE LEVEL COURSE !!!!!
    “But the matter of fact is same unique physicochemical
    properties that make the glorious may participate
    with their potentially harmful effects on environment and
    health. The present report is an attempt to demonstrate the
    two sides of the same coin might not be in concert for the
    betterment of human life. Most important issue is that while
    we are writing this article, it remains to be under
    investigated whether unique electronic, chemical and redox
    properties of various beautiful nanostructures welcoming
    into unusual and unknowing deleterious effects on human
    health and environment for short and long term”


  50. Looks like google translate. :)) Cited two times . it was extremely important for that paper:


  51. I was at the Stockholm to Helsinki conference with my colleague. We enjoyed each other’s talks and a few others. But it is despicable if our registration fees are going to line the pockets of one individual rather than to Universities and other public institutions.


    • You and other cruise conference participants should lodge a complaint with the Dean of LiU for being misled by Turner and other LiU professors. Otherwise, this kind of scams continue.


    • Interesting to hear more about your experience. Have you had contacts with fake administrators of VBRI? Can you look at your invoices for registration fee payments and check if it was paid to VBRI Press or to Liu?


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  53. Anybody contact the cruise lines to find out how much Money they paid to A. Tiwari for the large block booking for the Conferences? I am guessing he probably made over six figures on his fake journals and conferences.


  54. Private journal of Tiwari now ceased to exist. The web page of Advanced Materials Letters shows nothing. It either died forever or going to re-appear with modified content. The Chief editor is likely to be afraid that more of his papers will become popular for exraordinary style and content. Possibly he is now deleting all files related to conferences, programs and proceedings which were published with DOI codes.
    All authors who pubished papers in this “journal” now must understand that they were cheated. The journal published by Tiwari is not more than simple web page which can be gone at any moment at his will or as soon as he stops to pay for domain name.


  55. Based on the message currently seen on the webpage “We apologize for the inconvenience, but we’re performing some maintenance. We’ll be back up soon!” it appears that Tiwari & co. will be back soon in thebusiness of editing / running similar journals. Despite the “popularity” of both the journal and its Chief Editor with the scientific community, there are many authors who wish their work to be published fast. As long as such customers are there journals like this will do good business. It is possible a new Editor may be appointed for the successor journal of “Advanced Materials Letters”.

    Will the successor be MORE advanced or LESS advanced than its predecessor is a question which can be answered after the new shop is open.


  56. Smut Clyde

    AML papers by Tiwari and Turner’s students are recognised by the Linkoping University website:

    I have no idea how they will handle the journal’s disappearance, making the links within the DIVA entry obsolete.


  57. Does anyone have a precedent for the retraction of an entire journal – or in this case, two of them? I note that following the link on the Linkoping University site brings up Tiwari papers from 2017 where his affiliation is “Linköping University, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Biosensors and Bioelectronics. Linköping University, Faculty of Science & Engineering.” Since two of those papers are in the Turner-Tiwari vanity project (aka Biosensors and Bioelectronics), he must have been cozy in that bed up until very recently. In fact he’s still listed at Linkoping by Scientific Reports – yes, he’s on the Editorial Advisory Board, folks! That might help to explain their relaxed approach to plagiarism.


    • Several of other Tiwari’s papers listed for 2017 at LiU are in Nano Energy, published by Elsevier. Its Editor-in-Chief is Zhang-Lin Wang, a regular guest of Tiwari’s predatory conferences and keen YouTube advertiser of those.


  58. I notice that Tiwari’s journals have gone from the “we’re working on it” message to a good old-fashioned 404:page not found. Looks like the next step is oblivion.


  59. truthmustprevail

    Not sure if his next conference, Feb. 2018, in Singapore, is still on as the link of the conference in does not work. However, the unlinked webpage still exists at:
    This webpage shows logo as one of their sponsors and partners. Upon enquiring nature they confirmed that “Nature is not partnering or supporting this conference and that the conference organiser has used our logo without our knowledge or permission”. Another example of what is going on.
    P.S. kept a screenshot of the webpage before it is deleted


  60. Smut Clyde

    Does anyone have any idea whether the December 2017 Florida cruise-conference actually occurred? (I am not sure whether the Florida cruise is a satellite conference of the 2018 Singapore cruise, or vice versa).
    There is no sign of a Scientific Program at Tiwari’s website, but perhaps it used to exist, only to be erased.


  61. Good article about predatory conferences:

    The events organized by A.Tiwari and his friends are very well matched with all typical signatures of predatory conferences described in this article. What makes it different is the scale, it is surprizing how many well respected scienstists become the victimes of that scam.

    There is also interesting list of predatory conferences which needs to be updated:


  62. Professor Ashutosh Tiwari going to represent Linkoping University of Sweden in 2018 with the same success as in 2016-2017.

    I wonder why LiU still can’t make some public expression of concern to distance themselves from the pseudo-Professor and to defend reputation of their University. Very simple statement on the web page of University could immediately stop most of his fraudulent activities. Something like: “A.Tiwari and his company do not have any affiliation with LiU” would be enough.


  63. The vast wall of silence surrounding Tiwari and the circle of nanotechnology researchers linked to him by a few degrees of separation indicates that there is a vast conspiracy at work here. Not necessarily an organized or deliberate one, more of a slackers network. Looks like they figure if they all stay quiet it will blow over, but if there were some actual felonies committed it could get messy. It will also not turn out well if degrees were granted and jobs and grants received based on bogus work. The obvious first step is for the institutions to act, but sadly they are usually the last to do so.


    • The silence is not unexpected considering the fact that the researchers associated with the fake professor (FP) Tiwari are big names holding very responsible positions for example Editor of journal. It will become clear if the big names were really co-conspirators in this entire episode of FP Tiwari organising shoddy conferences and churning out dubious publications and the extent to which they encouraged / helped the FP to cheat people. The FP is a guy without any shame (any guy with a little shame will not keep quiet and would have countered the allegations against him and even gone to a court of law. ) and will continue his publishing as well as conference activities probably in India and in other countries where people are not yet aware of this scam.
      Although one expects Linkoping University (LU) to act fast in this matter, one may not expect them to take any immediate action. Instead the University may like to hush up the matter because taking punitive action will result in the rolling of quite a few persons. Even if they (LU) have to do something to salvage their name / prestige, they will put all the blame on the Fake Professor (a very good title for Tiwari) and call him a cheat and will try their best to save the other fellows.
      One has to wait and watch to see what happens in the coming days.


    • University should be the first in such cases. If individuals act earlier than university or any institutional authority they will be threaten by doing blackmailing and many other bullshits. Silence shows the trust to the university.


  64. Another option, thin reed as it may be, is the Society for Scientific Values in New Delhi. The only organization with anything like a mandate for investigating scientific integrity.
    They have a more up to date FB page, and seem to be legit.


  65. It appears that Advanced materials Letters is back in business. If one clicks the follwoing link
    one can get to know both the Editor in Chief (Fake professor) and the Honorary editor (Antony Turner)


  66. One way to stop this fraud, is to spread this information far and wide. Please send mails to people who are attending his conferences, getting medals, publishing in his journals etc. Let people know and decide for themselves.


    • The question is from which organization this talented fake professor/scientist getting the shelter & what measure would be taken for those predatory organizations?????


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  68. Volodymyr Khranovskyy

    a bit off top, but there are predatory Conferences orgnised by specialized companies – SETCOR is one of them. Remember the name. Here is the example, how i was trying to combat:

    Dear Sirs/⁠Madam!
    I would like to complain concerning you service provided for SMS 2017 Conference in Paris 26-28 of April.

    As you may see based on the transactions, I successfully registered, submitted abstract and made a payment for participation fee for the Conference.
    After participation in the event, I have a STRONG feeling that I was involved in the PREDATORY conference activity.

    This is what makes me think it is so:
    Economical reasons:
    -⁠ extremely expensive registration fee up to 900 EU (for provided value);
    -⁠ inappropriate venue for the conference (class rooms at the university)
    -⁠ too short time of activity (hardly 2 full days);
    -⁠ lunch in the university canteen without even napkins;
    -⁠ poor of no coffee service during coffee breaks.

    Scienfic Quality:
    -⁠ Absence of appr. 30% of invited speakers;
    – Low scientific level of presentations, performed mostly by students/PhD students from developing countries;
    -⁠ 2 (two) persons in charge of Organising committee.
    -⁠ Absence of any gathering activity for discussions and networking.

    And many many others.

    To make it clear: I appreciate the efforts of the organisers and they are very pleasant people. Moreover, such an event could be a great workshop at the University. But it does not corresponds to the level of International Conference (moreover, two conferences united – SMS and EGF and HAS NO VALUE for researchers to participate, causing vesting of finances and time.

    Therefore, I would like to ask you for refund of my registration fees. I believe, it will be a correct solution concerning me. I also believe, that by investing my time into communicating the issues to you, I help you be improve the quality of your service.

    Finally, I would like to assure you, that I have a photos of 8 peoples in the auditorium during the plenary lectures as well as many other evidences, and I hope I will not need to proceed with it further in social networks, scientific journals etc.

    I hope for the understanding and your ability to cooperate in such situations.
    Sincerely yours,
    Volodymyr “Vlad” Khranovskyy, PhD


    • Dear Vlad, thank you for sharing your experience. Look whose conferences SETCOR co-organised:
      ” Advanced Materials World Congress
      23-25 August 2015, Viking Line, Stockholm, Sweden”

      Chaired by Tony Turner and
      “Prof. Ashutosh Tiwari
      Biosensors and Bioelectronics Centre, Linköping University, Sweden”


      • And the conference site still has “in collaboration with” LiU!! I hope LiU investigators are at least reading this.


      • Dear Leonid Schneider,

        Your above statement is not accurate. You should have contacted us for better understanding instead of posting inaccurate information.

        We were contacted by Prof. Ashutosh Tiwari and Prof. Tony Turner to assist them with their conference as co-organizer. Both professors sound genuine at that time when they approached us as they were reputed professors affiliated to LiU. So, we had no reasons to doubt about them. We provided them support without being fully involved in the conference as it is not our own conference. No one of the participants to them attending through us did report anything negative about the conference.

        We stopped any cooperation with them since we received the rumours about them.

        Best regards

        SETCOR team


      • Who do you think you are, threatening me and my readers here? I stated a fact, that you organised a Tiwari conference. Live with it, and put a sock in it otherwise.


      • “Who do you think you are, threatening me and my readers here? I stated a fact, that you organised a Tiwari conference. Live with it, and put a sock in it otherwise.”

        We think that you have no rights to circulate such faulse information and still maintain the same after clarification from our side. Your aggressive tone is clear sign on what ground you stand.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Smut Clyde

        SETCOR have revised their site to remove the evidence of involvement in Tiwari’s scam.
        Here’s the most recent archived copy:

        It is interesting to go back through the Internet Archive. Turns out that in addition to the Advanced Materials World Congress, SETCOR co-organised the 2015 European Graphene Forum:

        Same dates, same Baltic-ferry location, same scammers, different scamference. Didn’t this cause SETCOR any concern at the time?

        Here’s the most recent archive:

        Accusing others of “spreading false information” at the same time as trying to conceal that information is not a good look, people.


      • Dear Smut Clyde,

        Perhaps you should pay attention that we cannot be stronger or wiser than the Linköping University where Prof. Tiwari and Prof. Turner headed a large research group. Netherless to mention the huge publishing records of these professors for elsevier, springer, MDPI, … journals and books.

        They requested our support to co-organize conference with them and we had no reasons to doubt them at that time and we did and it ends there. Of course, when we heard the rumours about them, to remove such experirence from our records as long as the issue is not cleared off.

        Good luck with such work you doing.

        SETCOR team


      • Thank you for your valuable laments, Mr Kamel Ben Madhi aka as “SETCOR team”. Now please kindly stop accusing me or Dr Smut of stating Tiwari facts you don’t even deny, and most importantly: kindly withdraw your silly legal threat towards my reader, Mr Khranovskyy.


      • Yes, I am writing on behalf of SETCOR team and I am not trying to hide my details. You are not adding any valuable information by stating that, other than confirming that you cannot be trusted with the safety of your web site users’ details.
        We do not deny anything we do as we do things properly and professionally while I am not sure that is your case. We are not defending or supporting Prof. Tiwari as that does not interest us at all. We are defending our reputation against any false information and that is our full right.
        It is your side who should remove the silly and false comments by Dr Khranovskyy as we replied to him in most transparent and professional way while it was crystal clear that his target was to get a refund of the registration fees while he has no right to us as he attended the full conference and did not mention any concerns to us. He has absolutely no right to claim that we do “Predatory” conferences as none from side gave his any false information whatever before or after the conference.


    • Dear Volodymyr Khranovskyy,

      SETCOR organizes high quality conferences. Any genuine academic can review our conference programs to validate the quality of our conferences.

      You are the only participant ever made such comments . You only made such comments by Email and you did not try to talk to us during the conference to express your concerns. Your intentions were clearly to get a refund for the registration fees after attending the conference.

      We still have the same feedback to your comments as you have no right to get a refund as the conference was provided at the highest standards as the same for our other conferences.

      Best regards

      SETCOR team


      • Dear Volodymyr Khranovskyy,

        Further to our previous comment, below is our reply to you by Email dated 28 April, 2017:

        “Dear Dr Volodymyr Khranovskyy,

        Thank you for reaching to us.

        Your below comments are taken in consideration. They remain yours that not necessary we would agree to any of them. However, they cannot be a basis for refund consideration.

        Your comments on social networks, scientific journals etc. are of course your own decision and “legal” responsibility.

        We remain at your disposal for any further enquiries

        Best regards

        SETCOR Team”

        We believe you have no rights to state that we are “predatory Conferences orgnised by specialized companies – SETCOR”. We will consulte with our legal department and take the necessary actions as mentioned under our Email reply to you.

        Best regards

        SETCOR team

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  69. Fake Professor Ashutosh Tiwari is trying hard to turn story the other way around using his influence in Indian authority and media. Today a local (Allahabad, India) newspaper published a news claiming Fake Prof. Ashutosh Tiwari got extortion calls (10 million Swedish crowns) and death threats. He filed a complaint in Sweden as well as the local police station in Allahabad and the local police will seek Interpol’s help to investigate the issue.


  70. Mr.Ashutosh Tiwari is a dramabaj & always has been a khilari of large measure. Now to divert from his wrong deed, he is trying to play another game.
    Let the Lupking University issue a statement of his activities so that the world can understand & he will nevet be able to fool the world scientific community.


  71. Playing victim card! Instead of trying to defend himself in more honourable way he is trying hindi movie type plot.


  72. Guruprakash.N

    he conducted international conference at Delhi central university 2016 ,he collected RS 4500% amount . in my life saw the worst conference. he not satisfaction with value of conference money. i think it not valid or not certificate


  73. Here is an example, how this thug was fooling peoples by misusing the name of Linkoping University although he wasn’t an employee of the University.

    “Linköping University organized high-profile Nanotechnology conference in India”


  74. Awesome.


    • Thanks for your attempt and for spending your valuable time on preparing this report. Even I received an invitation from this guy by October 2016 with the title (Invitation for Volume Editor in the Advanced Nanomaterials Series, Elsevier) fortunately, I didn’t accept the invitation. I know few more peoples who are greedy like this. Recently, I came up with this interesting guy who published more than 120 papers in 3 years. I cannot imagine this how it is possible? You can follow this link to see ( Shocking, no words to express.


  75. Check the record of his mentor, he published 120 papers in 2017 alone. New paper every 3 days, no weekends or vacation.
    .Is it only me who find something strange with his most cited paper with 28 000 citations?


    • Actually he only published 93 papers in 2017. Check his website. Easy enough to do if you’re a distinguished professor in charge of a research army, and your name is included in former postdocs’ papers and also as an honorary coauthor (to improve publication chances) when you suggested something at a group meeting when visiting another institute. CS Tiwary is a former postdoc, which you can see in the group pictures in the Internet Archive, but he’s not listed as an alumnus. Probably to increase ‘collaboration’ count since he’s now a prolific co-author now that Tiwary is independent. Plus he works in an applied ‘nano’ field where publications fly out of the door quickly; very little of it looks like basic science.

      You’ll have to actually provide evidence of image or data naughtiness to get me interested in this. I come to this blog for real scandals, not this weak-soy mildly ethically questionable stuff.


  76. Recently, an e-mail has been received from IAAM to be a committee member and invited speaker. The content of the e-mail is provided.


    Dear Dr. xxx,

    We are delighted to invite you to join as a “Committee Member” and deliver “INVITED TALK” in the European Advanced Materials Congress 2018, Sweden (EAMC 2018, during 20 – 23 August 2018, Sweden and solicit your advice, recommendations and supports for the grand success of this congress. Please send us your consent by 28 February 2018 using the YES or NO options:

    YES – I would like to join as a Committee Member and deliver a INVITED TALK in the European Advanced Materials Congress 2018, Sweden

    NO – I am unable to join as a Committee Member and deliver a INVITED TALK in the European Advanced Materials Congress 2018, Sweden

    The Committee Member will get complementary membership of IAAM for 5 years. Please read benefits and other info, CLICK HERE (

    Please note that it is purely academic contribution and organisers will not pay any honorarium for this service and you will responsible for the payment of your own registration fees, accommodation and travel etc. However, you can avail IAAM supports a maximum 50% reduction in your registration fee for “Committee Member and INVITED SPEAKER”.

    The conference will be host on the Conference Centre, M/S Mariella, Viking Line Cruise ship cruising from Stockholm (Sweden) – Helsinki (Finland) – Stockholm (Sweden) during 20 – 23 August 2018, Sweden. The conference will bring an amazing experience of cruise hospitality and visit two capital cities of Scandinavia, with allusion of the beautiful views of Stockholm archipelago (sailing through nearly 30,000 islands) in the autumn.

    The Role of the Committee of Scientific Advisors:
    •To advise the conference organising committee on scientific matters including suggesting topics for sub/sessions, recommend speakers, etc.
    •To encourage student, researchers, colleagues and collaborators to participate in the conference.
    •To track developments of conference activities.
    •To assist to make grand success of conference, as appropriate, through public speaking, professional work, and outreach to contact networks.

    For more details, please visit our website,

    We look forward to hearing from you and it will certainly be our pleasure and honor to welcome you in Sweden.

    With Best Regards
    Conference Coordinator
    European Advanced Materials Congress 2018, Sweden

    If you no longer want to receive email alerts, click here to UNSUBSCRIBE or send an email to


    After these many issues, VBRI press is searching for the victim to attend their predatory conferences.
    Beware of such e-mails and do not respond to such as well. This is for the information of all.


  77. Lars Lindermann

    Do you have any news on the 25 28 Mars IAAM conference? Is still on? Unfortunatelly my department paid the registratiion fee and after few calls it seems the money can not be taken back. Do you have any ideea if the conference from Singapoore (same ” organizer”) was held?


    • Hi Lars, your university should report it to the police, so they finally seize the property of VBRI AB in Linköping.
      The Singapore conference happened, with both Tiwari and Syväjärvi participating. I askked LiU dean Nilsson how Syväjärvi was allowed to travel there:
      “There might be a verbal approval from his superior to travel but there seems to be no written travel order”.
      Nilsson then added: “His superior is Örjan Danielsson (head of division) and Mattias Severin (head of department)”.

      About the March conference on the cruise ship:

      The preparation for VBRI conference in March is indeed on the way. At the same time Viking Line proposes 50% discount for cabins at conferences and the whole package for 2 days conference is only about 150 euros per person per night with coffee and meals. March is certainly low season for Viking Line compared to August.
      Tiwari takes 850 euro registration plus charges for cabins which are like 5-6 times higher than their real cost .
      Here one can make reservation for the same day
      To compare the cabin B4 inside view cost now SEK310 for one night, SEK620 for two nights. Tiwary charges €275 (SEK2800) per night:

      If this is not enough for a police report, I don’t know what else is needed.


      • Smut Clyde

        Bear in mind, the Viking Line runs ferries. Nice ferries, with cabins for overnight journeys like the Stockholm-Helsinki route, but ferries. So they sell there-and-back ferry tickets, which are popular with Swedes who want to spend a day in Helsinki or just an opportunity to fill a shopping-trolley with duty-free liquor, and I guess they can call that a “cruise” if they want to. But the ships are not “cruise liners”.


      • It looks like low cost/high profit business. He will get income of about 500-600 euros per person at least. Even if only 50 “award winners” and “invited speakers” will pay these fees, he will make decent profit for small family business. 25 000 euros three times per year and his salary is higher than that of professor at LiU.


      • Elia Marin

        Today in my email:

        Dear Dr. E. Marin,

        We cordially invite you to deliver an invited talk and serve as a committee member/session chair in the 06th assembly of Advanced Energy Materials World Congress (AEMWC 2018, Please send us your consent by 31 July 2018 using the YES or NO options:

        Yes: I will deliver an invited talk and serve as a committee member/session chair in the respective session of AEMWC 2018 within the deadline

        No: I am unable to attend the AEMWC 2018

        The AEMWC-2018 ( invites researchers from all around the world to submit your abstracts at the Advanced Energy Materials World Congress. The congress is scheduled from 04 – 07 November 2018, on a Viking Line Cruise sailing over the Baltic Sea. The theme of the conference is “New age energy materials and technology”, reflected the scientist-industry model that is valued for the advancement of society.

        This is an opportunity to meet the distinguished international researchers from industry and academia, who are dynamically aligning morals, regulation, society and policy with the progress of the science of energy materials. Besides, the hospitality of the cruise and the visits of the two capital cities [Stockholm (Sweden) – Helsinki (Finland)] of Scandinavia will be of additional attraction.

        Important URLs:
        Registration Fee,

        Location and Venue:


        Role of the Committee Member:

        To advise the conference organising committee on scientific matters including suggesting topics for sub/sessions, recommend speakers, etc.
        To encourage student, researchers, colleagues, and collaborators to participate in the conference.
        To track developments of conference activities.
        To assist to make grand success of conference, as appropriate, through public speaking, professional work, and outreach to contact networks.
        To chair a session during the conference

        Please do let us know about your further queries.

        We are looking forward to welcoming you to the congress.

        With kindest regards,

        Conference Team
        Advanced Energy Materials World Congress 2018


  78. A scientist

    The scam is continuing, as I just received an invitation to be a committee member and an invited speaker at his scam conference. I currently get bombarded with shady conferences and therefore do not accept any invitation from a conference of which I am unsure of the academic standing, however these invitations look very realistic and I can understand if honest people are innocently duped by these. I was very happy to be able to read more on this scam. Thank you for this information.


  79. Eran Greenberg

    Thanks for this great investigation.

    I first encountered the name Ashutosh Tiwari on June 13th 2017, when I received an invitation to submit an abstract for a book chapter for the book “Advanced Tropological Insulators”, in the Advanced Materials Series, WILEY-Scrivener, USA.
    I saw that the managing editor was Sophie Thomson, PhD, and that the Series Editor was Prof. Ashutush Tiwari from Linkoping University.
    I immediately suspected something was wrong, since I could not find what a tropological insulator was, and even if the intention was for topological insulators, it was not in my field of expertise.
    Also, I noticed that all the links in the email were actually redirected (the written link was not the same as the browser showed would be opened).

    I searched for the name and found contact details at Linkoping University
    I forwarded him the email explaining that I think someone might be using his name as a fraud.
    He replied on June 14th that he is indeed the editor of the series and of another series.

    I replied to him that I believe I was mistakenly sent the email since I am not in this field of studies, and that there appears to be a typo in the name of the book. I also expressed my concern regarding using redirection links.
    He thanked me for my suggestion and did not acknowledge the typo of Tropological.

    On June 29th I received the same email again , but with the title corrected to “Topological”, still with redirection links.

    I noticed that the book can be found on Google Books, still with the typo, with an expected publication in 2018:
    There are many other websites listing the book with the typo (Wiley, Amazon, B&N etc…)

    On the Scrivener website it exists with the typo corrected:

    Since then, it seems I have received quite a few invitations to submit abstracts for conferences from IAAM, but I just ignored them, and thought they were legitimate conferences that are of no interest to me.

    Until on February 22nd 2018, I received, as many others, an invitation to be an invited speaker and committee member for the EAMC 2018. That is when I started searching EAMC, IAAM and once again saw the name Ashutosh Tiwari.
    I then searched again for Ashutush Tiwari, and that is how I found this wonderful website.
    The links are still redirected in this email, although not as obviously, since the beginning of the address is similar to the actual website.


    • Physicsch

      We have received the same invitation to write a book chapter for another title of this Advanced Materials Series (named “Handbook of Graphene Materials”) supposedly to be published by Scrivener-Wiley. I do not quite understand what is going on here and what is the actual role of this guy and VBRI press in this book series; and whether we should go ahead and submit a manuscript and whether it is worth the time and effort.


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  81. I came across this blog very recently. What’s his current status? People are still not aware of this fraud. I tried to contact some Indian news agencies to write something about it but no luck.

    He gave a Skype interview for a Ph.D. position in 2015 for LiU but after the Interview, he told me the same thing that I have no position in LiU but in a collaboration in Durban, in South Africa, and I would be a visiting researcher in LiU.

    Luckily, I made the right decision to not go there.but still could be many students to fall into his trap, especially in his new VBRI venture.
    So is there anyone who could somehow make this story to publish in some Indian newspapers?

    And lastly, I became a huge fan of this journalism!


  82. Challenger

    I am curious if this conference is actually happening right now or not? The web page is dead with no program or speakers. Was it cancelled for good?


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  84. Stam Inkia

    The conference happened! I was there…but the number of weird things seen…made me make a short investigation and…here I am. All the things said about the conference in this page are true: the cost of the cabin and of the hotel in Stockholm, the number of awards, the number of attendees,etc. Please people, take care when you decide to go to AMC!


    • Mickael LItmannen

      Hi . Me I was also there. Indeed weird stuff but also some good stuff. The Sweden is pricey. I booked a hotel next to for almost half price. For the cabin I checked the prices on the company website and are almost the same (dont forget you have 4 beds in one cabin).
      I succeed in building some new connections and in fact we are writing right now a proposal for H2020 stuff. So in the end was much much better than I expected. ANd indeed the trip was nice. The nature is very wild up north.


  85. Haha… I had received many of his email invitations to attend cruise conferences. I also checked, he is still the editor of the prestigious journal, “Advanced Functional Materials” by OnlineWiley.


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  88. This name Tiwari is gonna expose many greedy scientists and predatory journals. I am looking into his recent Nanoenergy papers. Alot to worry. Some one said he is also on the editorial Scientific Reports. This is interesting, I always knew something is wrong with these journals.


    • Asklepios

      A lot of frustration here. Dear Eunice you said “some one said”. HAve you check that ? I dont think so. But it is easier to write something here in order to look important. There are many Tiwary ‘s around the world and not all of them are scam. Just google it, Second ” I always knew something is wrong with these journals”.. This sound like you ve been rejected from there. Look I was rejected many times from Nature or Science. No doubt there is somethin wrong also with those ones. (You must understand this is ironic). What I want to say is I agree these conf are low qualities and the guy might be a scam but from here one can not draws conclusions about all Tiwari s or journals.


      • I suppose when you take a carton of milk out of the fridge and it smells bad, you keep pouring bits out in the hopes of finding something useful? Science is an honor system, and this guy ain’t got none.


      • Asklepios

        Unfortunatelly it seems that Science stops to be an honor system. We have to prostitute our brain for a grant and the competions is harder and harder. My previous reactions cames because I know 2 Tiwary both professors and they are normal people. You can not blame all Tiwary s because one is jerk and takes advantage of the system (I work at LIU and know a little the history). Second the thought about Scientific Reports is a little exagerated. They are more than 300 people working there (just look on the website) and I know 5 6 of them and for sure they are OK.


  89. Abhijeet Singh

    VBRI isn’t done yet.. Got an interview mail on 26th April 2017 for an opportunity to work as a communications manager, Swedish MNC. Fake Professor is upto something big. The email signature also mentions a WhatsApp number of recruiter, what a joke 😂


    • Abhijeet Singh

      Correction, interview date for 26th April 2018.
      The contract details of the VBRI recruiter given below
      M.Bindra (Coordinator)
      VBRI India (Vinoba bhave Research Institute)
      Voice Only: 78380 399 79 and 9720 4622 02
      Whatsapp Only: 8650 726 502


  90. Iam preparing a list of predatory journals and conferences. For updates on predatory journals and predatory conferences please visit:


  91. speaker

    I attended one the conferences in Sweden. The talks were good and cruise was not luxury at all. The cabins were small. This conference series is cheaper than the SPIE (optics, etc) series where you pay almost 700 dollars and you only get a bad coffee. IAAM registration fee included all the meals and tours which were educational about the history of Sweden and Finland. SPIE series which is a profit organization has famous people as the chairs and co-chairs and most of the time they don not review the proceedings. IAAM is bringing young and famous researchers for a few days together and the scientists who got their awards deserved their awards. For SPIE series people invite their friends and give them awards. The difference is that, AAM is initiated by a small group of people. and not from US. The organizer of IAAM did a great job and every aspect of the conference was properly done. I think there is a bias as the director is from India.


  92. [this comment was placed from same IP address as “speaker” above. This “speaker” agrees with him/herself. -LS]

    I agree I attended the same conference in Sweden. There were many good talks and the conference brought scientists together who never had a chance to come to places like the United States. Getting Visa for some of them would be hard. All the people who got awards were prominent scientists in their field.s It is not fare to hammer this group because they are not part of large conference series. I have been in SPIE series too, they are making a lot of money from conference fees and sell the proceedings if your university doesn’t have the subscription. Someone needs to probe SPIE to find out what they do with their money .I doubt the conference chairs even bother to read the papers submitted to their focused groups.


  93. Leonid, having the same IP means the last two comments used the same computer not from the same person. My friend and iI both attended the meeting and he was suprised you kept a positive comment and I used his computer to write the 2nd one. I think you need to look into the patterns of many conferences, ifor example fancy resorts in Korea, Hawaii, and big fish like SPIE.
    Having a few scientists from places who can never make it to large conferences in the US,along with prominet US and European ,was an dvantage of IAAM. For the first time I heard a talk from a scientist from Preu and the work was encouraging. Right now it is hard for Russians and Chinese to go to the US conferences. Sweden is a liberal country and i was impressed by the organization skill of the crew on the cruise and the tour guides.
    Being negative about scientific meetings is not productive. I went there and decided by myself that the theme was acceptable and better than many focused sessions in large meeting. Whether I go back, probably, but not sleeping in those small cabins. I am sending this comment from a different computer.


    • So the main selling point of Tiwari’s conference for you is the Baltic cruise and sightseeing? And next time you say you will use public research money for a fancier cabin for you? And awards are well deserved because you got one. Ok. But why anonymous if this is how academic conferences are supposed to work?


  94. Challenger

    Speaker is not disturbed by the fact that the main conference organizer pretended to be Professor long after loosing his job, then proclaimed himself to be director of not existing institute with not existing laboratories, pretended that his journal has impact factor and awarded himself couple of times for research which included dozen of papers with faked data and duplicated images. It is personal choice if somebody is happy to receive award from that kind of person and likes to receive invitations from fake administrators with faces stolen from internet. What is indeed true is that there are many of these conferences now and many are possibly even worse.


  95. There is a highly questionable pattern here, as depicted by Challenger and therefore impossible to trust information from the so called Speaker. Sending a supporting message from the same computer is in the same gate.


    • Both initial “speaker” comments came from same IP address in Barcelona, and were posted after 8PM, outside work hours. Can’t be a workplace computer 😉 The claim that two different academics shared it makes little sense now .
      I suggest we wish that speaker a nice Baltic cruising with IAAM, as long as his or her academic employer doesn’t figure it out whom they are paying and for what.

      Liked by 1 person

  96. I have been posting several items but do not see them.
    1’ )We should not be the judge ,let Swedish govermnet take care of the fraud. Why is the director walking free if he is guilty of fraud and money laundry as well as scientific ethics. Learn from the US system, RobertMuller is the investigator not bloggers
    2) Why can not Leonid trust people when they say one computer was used. People can hang out after work. Academic friends are not only working together.
    3) There is a postive comment by Mickael on April 23rd, that seems to be fine by Leonid as it is not from Spain
    4) I am not duplicating myself, I have not gained anything from this conference, the people who got awards will not gain anything as they are famous already
    5) What is wrong with having proper hotels when people go to conferences, we work very hard and get our own grants, university does not pay for us


    • I found 3 of your comments in spam (wordpress put them there), but there is no point of releasing them now as you re-iterated your points above.
      As you are constantly repeating yourself, and speak otherwise nonsense (you have no understanding what the role of the press is in the civil society), and keep trolling (we all know there is only one “speaker”), maybe let us stop here. Unless you are prepared to identify yourself, I will have to end this inane debate.


  97. Leonid, this is my last posting, I was not sure what was happening with my comments yesterday, that is why I was sending several of them. I felt you were trying to say I am a dishonest person pretenting to be two people and do not care about scientific ethics. I assume if the earlier two comments were negative then i they would have not triggered your attention.
    1) I should be retarded to write two postings in two days, with the same nickname from the same computer(same IP) ,to pretend that two people are trying to say the same things. Give people more credit. My friend showed me your blog and I added using his info. I am still using it to avoid further confusion.
    2) Your blog was trying to attack every aspect of this conference series which is not fare and not correct. My points were the conference and the speakers were fine as the posting on April 23 indicated. by Mikael too. As both me and my friend indicated they are more private conference like this which are not initiated by universities rather private sectors such as SPIE (OPTICS, DEFENSE, THz, Europe….).
    3) I went back and check the earlier postings and it seems your followers have been monitoring this group for a while. I still bielive law is about everything. Public debates should not be judgmental rather should focus on unbiased reportings.
    4) You can delete this posting if you like but if the directors of this conference series are thives, I hope they go to jail but several us who attented this conference did not find it unusual and scientifically poor.
    Me and my friend don not plan to identify our names as we don not think this site is unbiased. Good luck with your approach.


  98. Stanislav

    Thank you for this information, it was very useful!


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  100. count_olof

    I have been observing this for a long time and I must say (un)Prof. Tiwari is quite careful now. Firstly, he has restricted his open-access journal. You can see the paper titles and abstracts but authors are nowhere listed (, or at least I could not find the full-text. Earlier these was a full-text link available with each article ( Now, even doi could not find the full-text. Probably this was the best way, Tiwari could find to stop scrutiny of his journal. This is no surprise that no one wants to submit in journal edited by Tiwari, however I see the journal is publishing on the same speed. I do’t know why someone wants to publish in a crap journal which does not even list the authors on its website.


  101. The doi’s are fakes.


  102. Challenger

    VBRI Sverige AB tax declaration for 2017 is now available thanks to open Swedish law system here:
    Turnover of about 1 mln Euro (9.6 mln SEK) which is likely to be mostly from registration fees for conferences. The company shows about 1.7 mln SEK spend for salaries of 3 employed persons and 1.7 mln SEK cashed as dividends. After that VBRI got 0.6 mln SEK income for 2017. Not bad for small family business. Impressive growth compared to 2016.


    • Instead of explaining the manipulated figure, Just replace the figure and add some more garbage data. Honestly, I don’t believe Tiwari does any experiments at all. Shame on Turner and Kobayashi for all this Nano BS,


      • It is unclear who repeated the experiments, when and where. Turner and Kobayashi are senior authors. Ashutosh Tiwari does not have a lab at Linkoping University for several years now. S.Deshpande left Linkoping University more than a year. It would be reassuring if the FITR spectra were time stamped or the experiment was documented on electronic lab notebook with date.


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  104. Enrico Migrante

    I have seen this name often, mostly in low-quality papers i reviewed (and reject). He publish a book in 2015, which somehow escaped check and was purchased by our library:

    Advanced Bioelectronics Materials
    Ashutosh Tiwari (Editor), Hirak K. Patra (Editor), Anthony P. F. Turner (Editor)
    2015 544 pages (John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated)
    ISBN 13: 9781118998304 ISBN 10: 1118998308


  105. Challenger

    Investigation concludes that Tiwari is officially guilty of research misconduct. Investigation finds also that his conferences and other activities involve “in some cases pure fabrications”


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  107. I think is cute you saying that the old white guy just “overlooked” this.


  108. Michel Planat

    I just received this invitation.
    The present blog is quite useful for deciding whether the conference is a fake one, a true but bad one or a useful one.
    I agree with the Speaker above that it is a matter of taste and … money.

    Dear Dr. **************

    Season’s Greetings from the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM,!

    On the behalf of congress organizer, I am delighted to invite you to join as a “Committee Member” and deliver an “INVITED TALK” in the 31st Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress under the thematic event on Quantum Science & Technology (, which is schedule on the cruise ship, Explorer Of The Seas, Royal Caribbean Cruise during 08 – 13 December 2019, Miami, USA. If you are interested to participate and share your experience in our rich legacy of advancement of quantum science & technology to global excellence, please send your consent with your short biography by 18 January 2019.

    The Role of the Committee Member of Scientific Advisory Board:

    To advise the congress organising committee on scientific matters including suggesting topics for sub/sessions, recommend speakers, etc.
    To recommend for Keynote (05), IT (10) and Oral (10) talks for IAAM Awards.
    To encourage student, researchers, colleagues and collaborators to participate in the congress.
    To track developments of congress activities.
    To assist to make grand success of conference, as appropriate, through public speaking, professional work, and outreach to contact networks.

    Please note that it is purely academic contribution and organisers will not pay any honorarium for this service. The Committee Member will also get complementary membership of IAAM for 5 years. Please read benefits and other info,

    The IAAM has a rich legacy of more than 5000 well-known speakers from about 80 countries of their Advanced Materials Congress assemblies in 2018 ( The glimpse of truly international networking has strengthened the objective, Knowledge Experience at Sea.

    The congress will bring an amazing experience of cruise hospitality and visit three beautiful costal countries of North America, with allusion of the beautiful views of Caribbean Sea on sunny warm days and beautiful evenings. Be part of “The Word of Quantum Science & Technology” @AMC 2019 which will run with the 12 thematic sessions and parallel symposia.

    Please submit abstract of your talk using the congress online abstract submission system, until 25 January 2019 and solicit your advice and supports in the matter of organizing this international congress. As per the congress guidelines, all the submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed before acceptance.

    For any query, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Qiong Wang, IAAM Executive at Secretary General Office, E-mail:

    Please read more about AMC and follow IAAM Blogs at

    PS. If you have any constrain to attend this congress, please feel free to send an email to for IAAM upcoming congress 2019 and newsletters.

    We look forward to hearing from you and it will certainly be our pleasure and honour to welcome you in Miami, USA.

    With best regards,

    Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari

    Secretary General, International Association of Advanced Materials

    Director, Institute of Advanced Materials

    IAAM Homepage:

    Institute Homepage:

    Institute Webpage:

    Office Address: Teknikringen 4A, 583 30 Linköping, Sweden

    Tel: (+46) 1313 – 2424

    Google Scholar:

    Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Materials Letters:

    Follow our Blogs:

    Follow us on social media, and


  109. Hi there, I also received a flagrant predatory email from IAAM/VBRI, but this time for a fake medical conference called the World Medical Congress
    Dear Dr. Hill,
    Season’s Greetings from the World Medical Congress!
    On the behalf of congress organizer, I am delighted to invite you to Submit Abstract for Oral/ Poster presentation in the World Medical Congress under the symposium on Diabetes, Obesity, and Psychiatric.
    The Diabetes, Obesity, and Psychiatric Symposium (DOP) will be organized during the World Medical Congress, 13 – 16 May 2019, Sweden on the cruise ship, M/S Mariella. The DOP aims to create a cross-disciplinary platform to exhibit the progress and challenges of complex diseases and psychological disorders by the world’s top medical professionals. The congress will provide solutions through the use of new medical practices. The identification of the risk factors, diagnostics, and therapeutic procedures are the important discussion points in this congress.
    Please submit abstract of your presentation using the congress online abstract submission system until 18 February 2019.
    As per the congress guidelines, all the submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed before acceptance. The glimpse of truly international networking has strengthened the objective, Knowledge Experience at Sea. The congress will bring an amazing experience of cruise hospitality and visit two capital cities of Scandinavia, with allusion of the beautiful views of Stockholm archipelago sailing through nearly 30,000 islands in the summer.
    PS. If you have any constrain to attend this congress, please feel free to send an email to for our upcoming congress 2019 and newsletters.
    We look forward to hearing from you and it will certainly be our pleasure and honour to welcome you in Sweden.

    With best regards,
    Dr. Elennor Parck
    Conference Coordinator
    World Medical Congress
    13 – 16 May 2019, Sweden
    Office Address: Teknikringen 4A, 583 30 Linköping, Sweden
    Tel: (+46) 1313 – 2424
    Follow us on social media

    I even went to the extent of contacting their live website chat on the “congress” website. They cited reasons such as GDPR for not being able to provide information on the organising committee, and initially directed me to the IAAM website, which should have no links with VBRI being a materials science “publisher”. They eventually went offline and cut me off so i can’t provide my transcript with “Asterias” I can’t believe how obvious the scam is and that it is still going.


    • I really hope Ashutosh Tiwari wears trousers when inventing all these female characters to spam people… One also notices that Syväjärvi abandoned the scam, because Tiwari’s own English is ridiculously bad. And those people at LiU (across the street from IAAM non-office) almost made him professor, but my reporting spoiled all. They will never forgive me that at LiU!


      • @Leonid Schneider. The fact the scam continues , despite the investigations, is shocking. What also shocked me was the blatant lies to my face in the live chat on the World Medical Congress website
        There was no substantive evidence that the conference was real, nor were they able to confirm any of the organising committees names. And the fact I was directed to IAAM first rather than VBRI was odd when IAAM has no affiliation to obesity and medical research. Aside from the grammatical errors 9which I can sometimes forgive in an email if English is not their first language), the original email, and the website, look fairly legitimate, but anyone with an ounce of common sense and self-worth would see it is fake.


      • Every serious scientist will know by now all those IAAM “conferences” are fake. But Tiwari will still get customers, only those are not duped victims anymore, they are scammers just as he is. Speakers at his conference know what the game is: they get a sea cruise vacation, a fake medal and a fake publication to pad their CV with, while their university pays for it.


      • What happened to poor Luna Roy? I’m worried. That was by far the best “nome de plume” until now. I hope she will be back.


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  111. Smut Clyde

    Tiwari built an entire industry of predatory publishing and conferences

    I have just been admiring this Conference Report, published in a Springer journal, from 2012:
    Conference report: gold highlights at the International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology 2011 (ICNANO-2011) in Delhi, India, 18–21 December 2011.

    “The conference started with a plenary lecture from one of the conference chairs, Anthony Turner (Linköping University, Sweden) {…] Turner was the winner of the Acharya Vinoca International award 2011 for his work on biosensors and bioelectronics (Fig. 2). This award is named after Vinayak Narahari Bhave, an Indian advocate of non-violence and human rights, and is given annually by the Vinova Research Institute of India, for notable and outstanding research in Materials Science and Technology.”

    “Ashutosh Tiwari (from the same university) was the winner of the Nano Award 2011 (Fig. 2), for his work on gold nanobioelectronics. This award is honoured annually by the Vinova Bhave Research Institute for notable and outstanding research in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.”

    “Fig. 2
    Anthony Turner (left) and Ashutosh Tiwari (right) from Linköping University, Sweden, receiving the Acharya Vinoca International Award 2011 and the Nano Award 2011, respectively, for their work on gold biosensors and bioelectronics (see text for details)”

    And who organised ICNANO? Umm, that would be Secretary General Ashutosh Tiwari,

    In other words, Tiwari organised a skeezy little scamference at the University of Delhi. Tony Turner gave it the imprimatur of his presence, in return for receiving a Prestigious Award from Ashutosh Tiwari (in his role as the VBRI). Turner must have known that the conference was a fraud and the Prestigious Award was a worthless maggot-gagging bolus of sycophancy but he gratefully accepted it anyway, because on the Trump Narcissism Scale he must score 9.5 of a possible 10.

    Liked by 1 person

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  114. In his piece, Schneider provides detailed explanations of Tiwari s alleged scientific misconduct, misleading publishing practices, and fraud. This includes, among other things, claims that VBRI press, for which Tiwari is the editor-in-chief, engages in predatory practices, and that the International Association of Advanced Materials, an organization where Tiwari is Secretary General, solely exists to organize predatory conferences, preferably on luxury cruise ships. One such conference, the European Advanced Materials Congress, which was held in 2017, was apparently attended by a number of prominent scientists.


  115. S Thakur

    Another Confrence about to held at stockholm Sweden during 22th to 28th August
    How can local Authofoties allows such a fake confrence when approx all scenes has been cleared.

    In india now He talking advantage from UP chief seceratory witb his suspisious resaon of friendship


  116. Dr. Ashutosh tiwari is a big scammer, a fake personality and big cheater. I feel ashamed to have an Indian like him without any capability or any talent. Some one here truly noticed that he has a very bad English and also he is a complete non-sense personality. What he talks is all rubbish and what he does is all fraud. Why i am saying this all because i worked under him and felt disastrous. But no one can say anything about him at the time of employment because it comes to ones bread and butter.

    To Mr. Ashustosh,” If you are reading then you should know that you are the worst personality and surely there would be a one day when your all did will come to an end. Beware!” No one likes you in your company> it just everyone’s bread and butter that keeps their mouth shut.

    I have every evidence against him. I wish somebody can come forward and screw this man.


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  118. Just want to say that, after such a long time, IAAM is still active and all over the internet, but this post does not show up at all if you simply search for IAAM !!!
    A much wider scale of media coverage on this is necessary to warn scientists otherwise, many will continue to be fooled by this tiwari scam.


  119. Tiwari is also on ResearchGate,
    with lots of meaningless titles, including on the corona situation… Still publishing with Turner though.
    There is an unusually large difference between his H-factor (40) and H-factor corrected for autocitation (36)…
    I try to post a link to this page on his RG page, to see what happens.


  120. only the scoring seems to stop 2017, still new “articles”, even with Turner, even about the “corona situation.


  121. Interesting. Just received “Letter of Commencement for the International Association of Advanced Materials, IAAM Innovation Award, IIAAM (Sweden) of year 2020” signed by Dr. S. Patra
    IAAM Executive at Office of Secretary General
    International Association of Advanced Materials
    Org. no. 802503 – 6784, The European non-profit organisation
    Adress: Gammalkilsvägen 18, Ulrika
    590 53, SWEDEN

    So it keeps kicking.. Unbelievable!


  122. Thanks for the cautionary tale. I just received a email for “The Executive Board of the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM, has proposed your name for ‘Scientist Medal of the International Association of Advanced Materials’ (SIAAM,, Sweden for your interdisciplinary contribution to strengthening of the “Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence”.

    Signed by:
    Dr. Qiong Wang
    IAAM Executive at Office of Secretary General
    International Association of Advanced Materials
    Org. no. 802503 – 6784, The European non-profit organisation
    Adress: Gammalkilsvägen 18, Ulrika
    590 53, SWEDEN


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  124. C S Kannan

    Thanks for the cautionary tale. I just received a email. My practice of online verification saved me from extortion. “The Executive Board of the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM, has proposed your name for ‘Scientist Medal of the International Association of Advanced Materials’ (SIAAM,, Sweden for your interdisciplinary contribution to strengthening of the “Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence”. To forward your nomination to the scientific committee, please send us your consent with biography/CV on/before 31 July 2020.

    After recommendation of scientific committee, IAAM will invite you to submit abstract for your Scientist Medal Lecture, which will be delivered in the Webinar of Advanced Materials Lecture Series (i.e., Seminar conducted over the internet, within a month from the date of recommendation of the scientific committee for Scientist Medal of the IAAM”.

    IAAM is celebrating ‘A Decade Journey in 2020’, please read the full article at,
    • The Journey of a Decade to Advancing Materials,

    Look forward to receiving your response on the due date.

    Yours sincerely,
    Dr. S. Patra
    IAAM Executive at Office of Secretary General
    International Association of Advanced Materials
    Org. no. 802503 – 6784, The European non-profit organisation
    Adress: Gammalkilsvägen 18, Ulrika
    590 53, SWEDEN


  125. David Sheehan

    I got same message so thanks for this informative investigation. It shows how careful we have to be these days. Cowboys like this threaten authentic Science and should be treated as the con-men they are and dealt out prison time and heavy fines!


  126. Clemens Burda

    I can attest that, as of 10/09/2020, this group is up and running. I just obtained this invitation below. I am always suspicious of shallow flattery. So, I tried to find who Dr. S. Patra is. Does anybody have experience where this would lead to when scientists follow this lead? Looks like a rabbit hole. It looks extremely similar to posts further up in this discussion.

    Dear Professor,

    Please accept my congratulations to invite you for nomination of IAAM Fellow.
    I am Dr. S. Patra, Executive (Fellow Nomination) to Secretary General Office at International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM, the non-profit organization, Org. no. 802503-6784), Sweden. The Executive Board of the International Association of Advanced Materials has called nomination for ‘Fellow of IAAM’ for your contribution to strengthening the “Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence”. To forward your nomination to the scientific committee, please send us your consent with biography/CV on/before 15 October 2020.

    After recommendation of scientific committee, IAAM will invite you to submit abstract for your Fellow Lecture in the Advanced Materials Lecture Series. As per the mandatory requirement of association, the Fellow Member must be delivered a Fellow Lecture (i.e., lecture conducted ONLINE for publication in the open access Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials, within eight weeks from the date of fellow lecture. After the fulfilment of all the mandatory requirements, the Fellow of IAAM will be conferred by the association. The Fellow of IAAM is the privilege to use the designatory letters “FIAAM” with their name.

    IAAM is celebrating ‘A Decade Journey in 2020’. International Association of Advanced Materials, IAAM, is one of the leading non-profit international scientific organizations working to promote Advanced Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology. The IAAM has a rich legacy of 6000+ award winner scientists from 100+ countries. The initiatives of truly global networking have strengthened the IAAM’s objective of 2030, “Advancement of Materials to Sustainable and Green World”.

    Look forward to receiving your response on or before due date.

    Yours sincerely,
    Dr. S. Patra
    Executive (Fellow Nomination) at Office of Secretary General
    International Association of Advanced Materials
    Org. no. 802503 – 6784, The non-profit organisation
    Adress: Gammalkilsvägen 18, Ulrika
    590 53, SWEDEN


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