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Schneider Shorts 9.07.2021: Eunuchs and Eugenics

Schneider Shorts of 9.07.2021: Academic violence in China, teleportation in Elsevier, some confused glyphosate shills, a life-extension recipe (gentlemen only), English middle-class eugenics and other privileges, Berkeley uncovering a giant conspiracy, and finally, if only IHU Marseille went for COVID-19 stool transplants instead of that other brown s***.

Schneider Shorts of 9 July 2021: Academic violence in China, teleportation in Elsevier, some confused glyphosate shills, a life-extension recipe (gentlemen only), English middle-class eugenics and other privileges, Berkeley uncovering a giant conspiracy, and finally, if only IHU Marseille went for COVID-19 stool transplants instead of that other brown s***.

Updates on For Better Science

Papermill crackdown

The National Natural Science Foundation of China sanctioned several scientists for manipulating peer review and for buying fake papers from paper mills, in a announcement from 6 July 2021 (Hat-tip Tiger BB8). The punishments are mostly 5 year bans from funding application.

Interestingly, a certain Huifang Hou was found guilty of buying her authorship on a falsified paper, her business partner being the Turkish nanofabricator Fatih Sen (his fraud factory uncovered by Elisabeth Bik). That paper was last year retracted by Scientific Reports.

IHU Marseille and the Nazis

On 2 July 2021, the IHU Marseille director and chloroquine druid Didier Raoult hosted a guest of honour from politics: the far-right racist and covid-denialist Florian Phillipot, former Front National official and founder of the islamo- and xenophobic anti-EU party Les Patriots.

Phillipot on Facebook: “♦ ️ Thank you to Professor Raoult and his team for this visit to the IHU and for this interview.
An extremely professional team!

And then Alexander Samuel commented about the adventures of Raoult’s right-hand man (what a pun!) Yanis Roussel. I linked to YouTube instead of embedding the videos to spare you the Nazi music videos:

“Yanis Roussel is a former metalhead. So far nothing crazy. But he was volunteer at Motocultor Festival, and gave an interview in french here.
Yanis tells us that on stage it looks sometimes a bit brutal, but it’s not really that bad, artists aren’t bad people, it’s just jokes…

So why is he being so defensive ?

Maybe because at the fest, the bands which are invited are :

Inquisition, alleged nazis who posed on pictures in front of svastikas for their artwork, frontman was also convinced in a child pornography affair:

Shining, who are very closely related to the band “Peste Noire”, even making songs together.
Peste Noire is a convinced neo-nazi who was very active in the ukrainian connection documented here.
leader was also involved in some scandals.

Temple of Baal who participated to “Drakkar Productions” support compilation. Drakkar is a label that released bands like former quoted Peste Noire, but also Gestapo 666 or Grand Belial’s Key. They are even quoted on the french “national socialist black metal” wikipedia page.
Their other label, Grievantee, is run by Shatraug, leader of Horna. Malevolent Creation, with a song called “They Breed” about “fucking n*****s” (in the lyrics)”

Roussel just defended his PhD thesis on 1 July 2021 at IHU, supervised by the Chloroquine Guru himself. Its title was announced to be: “Approche de la controverse médicale par les sciences sociales. Social sciences approach of medical research“, so you see these people already failed at translating the title. What happened to the controversy?

Roussel’s examiner was Raoult’s buddy, the Marseille-based CNRS sociologist Laurent Mucchielli (who shares an office with Raoult’s son, Sacha). What kind of music did they play at the graduation party?

I am sure the IHU professor, chloroquine /ivermectin propagandist, violence-threatening bully, women-hater and antisemite Eric Chabriere will also like that kind of music. Roussel may even introduce him to the “artists”!

But of course, their Nazi friends are not Nazis, it is the Raoult’s critics who are the Nazis. Take it from Raoult himself:


Criminal responsibility

Speaking of Raoult and his chloroquine quackery. A CNRS researcher from Montpelier, Herve Seitz, analysed the published hydroxychloroquine research, in particular the clinical studies by IHU, in a French-language preprint. Seitz also gave an interview in this regard to Midi Libre, where he debunks IHU studies as fraudulent and explains the Raoult phenomenon (Google-translated):

With his druid physique, Raoult is a sympathetic character, who says what we want to hear: first that the virus will not leave its ecosystem, then that it is not serious, that it does not there will be no second wave… On the contrary, there are scientists who are suspected of being corrupt. […]

He holds the IHU Marseille with an iron fist, leaving no room for controversy. Many students are on precarious contracts, under pressure … Starting from the assumption of “good faith” on his part, perhaps his teams did not dare to go against his intuition. […]

for me he has criminal responsibility.

Faecal Solution

More brown stuff. The cure for COVID-19 is found, and it’s of course a stool transplant.

Polish scientists succeeded where chloroquine, ivermectin, Prozac and even Vitamin D failed.

This is the report:

Jarosław Biliński, Katarzyna Winter , Marcin Jasiński , Anna Szczęś , Natalia Bilinska , Benjamin H Mullish , Ewa Małecka-Panas , Grzegorz W Basak Rapid resolution of COVID-19 after faecal microbiota transplantation Gut (2021) doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2021-325010

The doctors at University of Warsaw were treating two patients, one 80 and one 19 years old) with faecal microbiome transplant (FMT) due to a persistent Clostridioides difficile infection. Soon after, both patients caught COVID-19, and survived (the 80yo was treated with remdesivir and convalescent plasma). Was it due to the stool transplant? The Warsaw scientists think so:

“Our main conclusion from these cases is that FMT appears safe and of comparable efficacy in treating recurrent CDI in patients with coexisting COVID-19. A further more speculative question is as to whether FMT may impact the clinical course of COVID-19. Both patients had risk factors for severe features/adverse outcomes of COVID-19, that is, frailty/comorbidities for patient 1 and immunosuppression in patient 2. However, both patients experienced mild clinical courses, with one possible explanation being that FMT mitigated more adverse outcomes, potentially through impacting microbiome-immune interactions.”

MedPage Today quotes the first author:

“Bilinski and co-authors described similar previous findings, where FMT for C. difficile “appeared safe and associated with rapid resolution of coexisting COVID-19″ in two additional patients” […]

Based on our experience here (and other data demonstrating gut microbiome-immune interactions in humans), we are progressing to a clinical trial to assess the impact of FMT added to standard COVID-19 treatment on the risk reduction of disease progression,” Bilinski and co-authors stated.

I really want to perform the clinical trial we have prepared, which involves adding fecal microbiota capsules versus placebo in patients during their early stage of COVID-19 to test if our proposed hypothesis for FMT could reverse the initiation of a cytokine storm,“…

Trump was right!

Speaking of. Rememberer the US company Aytu with their anal UV-light probe (originally intended to treat those same C. difficile gut infections) which they repurposed to cure COVID-19 by shoving it up your throat? Trumpsters adore it, because their Imperial Wizard once suggested such a UV-light therapy in a press conference. Right on cue, Aytu and some scientists at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles announced their UV rod and then did a clinical study on 5 very ill COVID-19 patients, one of whom died nevertheless.

Now a reader triumphally commented under that article: “Perhaps it wasn’t such a hair-brained [sic!] idea after all?” and points to the peer reviewed scholarly paper Rezaie et al Advances in Therapy 2021, published on 26.06.2021.

I point out how that esteemed Springer outlet works: “Upon acceptance of an article, authors will be required to pay the mandatory Rapid Service Fee of €6250/ $7100 / £5100. ” followed by “If you choose open access publication you will be required to pay an additional fee of €3060/ $3860/ £2560 upon acceptance of your article.

These Cedars-Sinai quacks paid almost $11k to publish their hare-brained trash.

Lab Leak Theory

Bret Weinstein, US-American evolutionary biologist with occasionally vandalised Wikipedia page (caveat: Weinstein did push ivermectin quackery) writes in UnHerd that a Lab leak origin of COVID-19 may be actually a “good thing“:

“If SARS2 — the virus that causes Covid-19 — came from nature then, logically, it’s only a matter of time before something like this happens again. And again. And again. And next time, it could all too easily be worse. Our best recourse, then, is clearly to study potential zoonotic pathogens in the lab. It could even be argued, as it has been by many researchers, that we should enhance these infectious agents to discover their vulnerabilities so that next time, we’ll know just what to do. […]

If, on the other hand, SARS2 emerged from a lab, then the lesson is the opposite. Covid-19 would be, at the bare minimum, the direct result of our failure to heed prior warnings about the possibility of such an accident. Lab leaks are not uncommon, so making already dangerous viruses even more dangerous is a recipe for disaster. If, therefore, we want to avoid a pandemic from happening again, obviously we would need to curtail this research.

And that’s why we should hope that Covid-19 was caused by human error. As terrible as the implications of that are — millions dead, incalculable suffering and loss; all caused by scientific misjudgement — at least it tells us how to make ourselves safer going forward: we should stop doing the thing that creates that danger.”

Weinstein thinks Wuhan virologists meant well but their “experimenting in a reckless manner was a risk they were willing to take“. He writes:

“But as it stands, science is plagued by a system of perverse incentives in which scientists are condemned to constantly compete for jobs and grant money just to stay in the game. The repercussions of this have been clear for decades, as scientists exaggerate, distort and mislead in order to get their own work (or their field’s work) funded.

If we are mostly safe from devastating zoonotic spillover pandemics, why were we told otherwise? The answer is simple: because the scientific method has been hijacked by a competition over who can tell the most beguiling stories. Scientists have become salesmen, pitching serious problems that they and their research just so happen to be perfectly positioned to solve. The fittest in this game are not the most accurate, but the most stirring. And what could be more stirring than a story in which bat caves are ticking pandemic time-bombs from which only the boldest and brightest gene experts can save us?”

Huh, I’m not the only one who thinks COVID-19 was a bioengineered Nature paper. Here, read about all the 2012 Mojiang mine accident and the resulting massive coronavirus gain-of-function research done at BSL2 (sic!) labs in Wuhan, from one of the DRASTIC sleuths: The Seeker.

It does seem that the mysterious “Disease X”, studied since 2018 by the international Global Virome Project on behalf of WHO, was a preparation for an upcoming revelation of a massive scientific achievement by Wuhan virologists, surely to be published in Nature or Science. Scientists do like to submit research grant proposals promising future results which they actually already have. Apparently, the virus decided not to wait for the premiere and went on a solo tour.

Healthy Living

Teleportation in space and time

Smut Clyde found that the loony team Massimo Fioranelli and Alireza Sepehri “are back with another compendium of quantumbollocks, this time in an Elsevier journal.

Their new paper, titled “Quantum information teleportation through biological wires, gravitational micro-bio-holes and holographic micro-bio-systems: A hypothesis“, appeared in the open access journal Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports. It was previously published by Sepehri alone as a Zenodo preprint, and then the Italian cardiology clown Fioranelli and 3 other fellow quacks joined in for the ride as co-authors, as commented on PubPeer.

The journal’s chief editor Hans van Leeuwen, emeritus professor at the Erasmus University in Netherlands, did not reply to my email, and neither did his editorial board colleagues. I guess they see nothing wrong with that study, given that the authors paid $1930 for the service!

Smut Clyde found more, as discussed on PubPeer:

But wait! It gets even better! I found Fioranellii, opining on matters of physics without the steadying hand of Sepehri, and the result is balderdash and codswallop. In another Elsevier journal. “Modelling the dynamics of exchanged novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) between regions in terms of time and space

This is that other Fioranelli paper with a different Elsevier journal, I didn’t write to its editors, what’s the point. Smut Clyde comments:

Now the journal is “Infectious Disease Modelling”, so the editors & peer-reviewers (if there were peer-reviewers) can be forgiven for not knowing enough physics formalism to recognise the whole equation-puke as delirium or cargo-cult. They can be forgiven for not realising that Fioranelli reached new heights (or plumbed new depths) of not-even-wrongness.

The Real Anti-Aging solution

Finally a life extension therapy is found which I wholeheartedly endorse.

It’s to get castrated, and I invite David Sinclair, Leonard Guarente, George Church and their academic businessman ilk to try it out. It works in sheep!

Here the press release from New Zealand researchers, from University of Otago. This is their paper, which I truly hope will revolutionize the anti-aging industry.

Victoria J Sugrue , Joseph Alan Zoller , Pritika Narayan , Ake T Lu , Oscar J Ortega-Recalde , Matthew J Grant , C Simon Bawden , Skye R Rudiger , Amin Haghani , Donna M Bond , Reuben R Hore , Michael Garratt , Karen E Sears , Nan Wang , Xiangdong William Yang , Russell G Snell , Timothy A Hore , Steve Horvath Castration delays epigenetic aging and feminizes DNA methylation at androgen-regulated loci eLife (2021) doi: 10.7554/elife.64932

We learn from the press release:

“Arguably the most famous New Zealand sheep was “Shrek”, the Central Otago merino who evaded musterers for 6 years and consequently grew a 27 kg fleece – many times larger than the average sheep. Shrek’s discovery, and subsequent shearing, came with great media interest, national travel and even a visits to offshore icebergs and the New Zealand parliament.

It has long been speculated that the secret to Shrek’s mammoth fleece and subsequent notoriety was his cunning ability to avoid capture and the fact he could survive cold alpine winters by sheltering in caves. But less appreciated is the fact that Shrek was a castrated male (wether), and ultimately lived to a grand age of 16.”

Why can’t you be like Shrek, Dr Sinclair?

Eugenics of first sex

Oxford scientists, hundreds of them, whole consortia of scholars, found the genes which code when people first have sex and give birth. It sounds like silly clickbait GWAS-joke science, but there is more to it, and it’s not really funny.

Melinda C. Mills Felix C. Tropf, David M. Brazel, Natalie van Zuydam, Ahmad Vaez, eQTLGen Consortium, BIOS Consortium, Human Reproductive Behaviour Consortium, Tune H. Pers, Harold Snieder, John R. B. Perry, Ken K. Ong, Marcel den Hoed, Nicola Barban & Felix R. Day Identification of 371 genetic variants for age at first sex and birth linked to externalising behaviour Nature Human Behaviour (2021) doi: 10.1038/s41562-021-01135-3 

The Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) study was led by Professor Melinda Mills, Director of the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science at the University of Oxford and Nuffield College. The press release issued by University of Oxford explains:

“In the largest genomic study ever conducted to date, they combined multiple data sources to examine age at first sex (N=387,338) and birth (N=542,901) in men and women. They then calculated a genetic score, with all genetic loci combined explaining around 5-6% of the variability in the average age at sexual debut or having a first child. […]

Professor Mills adds that they “already knew that childhood socioeconomic circumstances or level of education were important predictors of the timing of reproduction. But we were intrigued to find literally not only hundreds of new genetic variants, but also uncover a relationship with substance abuse, personality traits such as openness and self-control, ADHD and even predictive of some diseases and longevity .”

Professor Mills says that they “demonstrated that it is a combination of genetics, social predictors and the environment that drives early or late reproductive onset. It was incredible to see that the genetics underlying early sex and fertility were related to behavioral dis-inhibition, like ADHD, but also addiction and early smoking. Or those genetically prone to postpone sex or first birth had better later life health outcomes and longevity, related to a higher socioeconomic status in during childhood.”

Disregard the half-hearted caveats. This, dear readers, is finest English eugenics, topped up with a bit of fine English racism. Those poor working class folks in their council flats, often with immigrant background, many black or brown, who are said to have children early, smoke, take drugs, work slave wages, get sick? Degenerate trash, hopelessly inbred in their rotten genetics. But the middle class folks who only start procreating when the 6-digit income is secure and the real-estate property ladder is climbed? Them and their children are definitively genetically superior and much more evolved than that proletarian immigrant riff-raff.

Good to know that Professor Mills (who is Canada-born) received “the Ministerial appointment to the Executive Council of the Economic and Social Research Council, UK and was re-appointed in 2018 to the UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council)“, as per Wikipedia. The perfect task for a eugenicist.

Curing cancer with glyphosate

The racist eugenicists of Genetic Literacy Project now have a scoop.
Glyphosate not only doesn’t cause cancer, it CURES cancer!

Scientists who found glyphosate to be toxic are all stupid fraudulent shills of course, but a certain Zongbing You from Toulane University in New Orleans is a genius you must never doubt. Here GLP referencing You’s masterpieces, published in (pass the puke bucket) DovePress, MDPI and Oncotarget:

“The first such study was published in 2013. Researchers exposed human cancer cells in-vitro, or outside their normal biological context, to glyphosate and AMPA (the degradation product produced when glyphosate is metabolized). The experiment showed both substances inhibited cancer cell growth and promoted apoptosis (cell suicide), but left healthy cells unharmed, “…. suggesting that they have [potential] to be developed into a new anticancer therapy,” the authors concluded.

The researchers published a followup study in 2015 and got a similar result. They exposed human prostate cancer cell lines to AMPA and a chemical called methoxyacetic acid (MAA), concluding that both chemicals could “…. be used as potential therapeutic drugs in the treatment of prostate cancer.”
In a 2016 study, the research team that found potentially therapeutic effects of glyphosate tested their thesis in animals. They exposed 25 mice to two different doses of AMPA. Compared to a control group of 14 mice, the experiment revealed that “….treatment significantly inhibited growth and metastasis of …. prostate tumors and prolonged the survival time of the mice.” Summarizing their findings, the authors wrote:
[T]hese results demonstrate that …. AMPA may be developed into a therapeutic agent for the treatment of prostate cancer.

These are the papers:

Now who will tell these genetically illiterate gits that they themselves used to preach glyphosate can never have any effect on humans or other animals at all because they lack the enzyme? How does this fit now?

Phony Dangers

The prestigious University of California in Berkeley warns of the dangers of mobile phone radiation in a press release:

“For more than a decade, Joel Moskowitz, a researcher in the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley and director of Berkeley’s Center for Family and Community Health, has been on a quest to prove that radiation from cellphones is unsafe. But, he said, most people don’t want to hear it. […]

“Cellphones, cell towers and other wireless devices are regulated by most governments,” said Moskowitz. “Our government, however, stopped funding research on the health effects of radiofrequency radiation in the 1990s.”

Since then, he said, research has shown significant adverse biologic and health effects—including brain cancer—associated with the use of cellphones and other wireless devices. And now, he said, with the fifth generation of cellular technology, known as 5G, there is an even bigger reason for concern.

The press release contains Berkeley’s interview with their esteemed professor Moskowitz. The Guardian, the most science-loyal newspaper, of course had to warn its readers, with a headline:

The inconvenient truth about cancer and mobile phones

We dismiss claims about mobiles being bad for our health – but is that because studies showing a link to cancer have been cast into doubt by the industry?

A huge conspiracy, with everyone in it, but Dr Moskowitz won’t be silenced. The intrepid Guardian also informs us:

the Internet of Things will require augmenting today’s 4G technology with 5G technology, thus “massively increasing” the general population’s exposure to radiation, according to a petition signed by 236 scientists worldwide who have published more than 2,000 peer-reviewed studies…

Pity that the Google Drive link was removed for violating Google policies. This is how high the conspiracy goes!

News in Brief

  • More from The Guardian: “Eat this to save the world! The most sustainable foods – from seaweed to venison“, an article which was possibly originally meant as satire at the pretentious virtue-signalling of the wealthy middle class. Yes, Guardian readers are assured that their lifestyle of grass-fed beef and lamb, mussels and oysters, and organically hunted deer, is exactly what the planet needs to be saved. The readers are also advised to eat British and to use leftover bread to set up a microbrewery, none of that ironically.
  • Academic violence in China: Zhang Tao, secretary of the Communist Party Committee and chairman of Aerospace Investment Holdings Co., Ltd, “was unable to become an academician of the International Academy of Astronautics while seeking Wang Jinnian and Wu Meirong’s recommendation. During dinner and after-dinner when bringing the two academicians back to their residence, Zhang Tao beat them, causing Wang Jinnian’s rib fractures and multiple soft tissues throughout the body. Wu Meirong suffered spine fracture injury and underwent a hospital operation.” ( There is even a video of the attack (Tiger BB8 found it, and other articles). But the Aerospace Investment Holdings Co., Ltd issued their own version: “During the meal after the meeting, Wang Jinnian continued to insult the country and aerospace, and Zhang Tao quarreled with him out of righteous indignation.” (KKnews)
  • The parapsychologist Harald Walach saw his braindead paper at MDPI (claiming vaccinations were at least as dangerous as COVID-19) retracted under immense public pressure. His University of Poznan distanced itself and dissolved the affiliation as a response. Never mind, Wallach’s other study, in JAMA Pediatrics (which claimed that German schoolchildren are being suffocated by facemasks) so far escaped the negative attention. Quite the opposite, here ABC reported about it, with eminent peers entering the academic debate suggesting that more research is needed. 1:1 for Walach.

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4 comments on “Schneider Shorts 9.07.2021: Eunuchs and Eugenics

  1. Klaas van Dijk

    Simon Goddek, a section editor of the Springer journal “Aquaculture International” , has been permanently banned by Twitter for doxxing and for multiple times spreading fake news about the corona pandemy. See for some backgrounds. The backup account @goddeksineal is at the moment not existing. Snapshots of both accounts have been archived by the Internet Archive.

    Anyone any idea about the views of publisher Springer about the current side-activities of a topical editor of a Springer journal?

    Anyone any idea about the views of publisher Springer about a topical editor of a Springer journal who was until very recently selling (vitamine) supplements to combat a non-existing syndrom (Leaky Gut)?


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  3. Disappointing that you didn’t get a response from the “Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports“ editorial board. Not even a “we will look into it”? More then all the paper mill rubbish, the predatory journals and photoshop-blots what annoys me most is journals, grant agencies and universities, often proclaiming to be invested in scientific integrity, being so unresponsive to inquiries by you, Dr. Bik and fellow science sleuths.
    Hans van Leeuwen is dean of the medical faculty at Erasmus now, so he might be understandably too busy but then it’s time to resign from the editorial board.


    • To Prof Dr van Leeuwen and his editor colleagues , I am evil illiterate scum. But Fioranelli is a respected academic peer, his works have passed peer review.


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