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France’s Ugly Brown Derriere

"legions d'honneurs, prix, promotion.... Le champ du cygne de ce système politico médical qui n'a plus le choix que de se soutenir mutuellement. Patience, en d'autre temps, on a donné des médailles aux derniers combatants. On connait la fin" - Capitaine Eric Chabriere.

Version française ici.

Didier Raoult‘s Institut Méditerranée Infection (IHU) in Marseille, France, is the epicentre of scientific infodemic disinformation warfare. The chloroquine / hydroxychloroquine cure for COVID-19 was postulated by Raoult in early 2020, promoted by his IHU, and became a disastrous national pandemic policy in many countries, including USA, India, Russia and most horrendously, Brazil. In parallel to peddling fake cures against the coronavirus, Raoult and his IHU colleagues like Eric Chabriere use French TV, newspapers and social media to ridicule the containment measures like lockdown, face masks and SARS2-CoV vaccines. They seem to be fighting an infowar for the virus, and you will see the military comparison is rather apt!

Chabriere’s Twitter account looks like a parody of a classic angry COVIDIOT. It is scientifically illiterate trolling combined with misogynous, racist and antisemitic insults and threats of violence towards everyone who does not worship Raoult, most of the targets are accused of shilling for Gilead, the maker of remdesivir (and probably the only Big Pharma company which does not finance IHU). And yet, this @echabriere is not a parody account. The reasons why Chabriere is allowed to behave like this are anything but funny: He represents the ugly brown backside of the French academia, of the national far-right politics and in particular of the French military which finances Captain Chabriere and his research.

Chabriere has pushed all possible quack cures for COVID-19. Of course he started with Raoult’s magic combo of chloroquine (now hydroxychloroquine) and azithromycin. It was followed by ivermectin, Vitamin D, most recently colchicine and now… homeopathy. See for yourself:

In January 2021, as the Brazilian city of Manaus was overrun by the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the regional hospitals ran out of oxygen. Doctors begged the government to send supplies, but the Health Minister and active Army General, Eduardo Pazuello, sent chloroquine instead. Patients who would have easily survived, suffocated to death, medical staff was unable to help them.

As people in Brazil were dying, Raoult threw a chloroquine party at IHU, where his loyal servants received medals, a thousand of them. Here the announcement and the video, even Raoult’s PR gnome Yanis Roussel got a medal.

It was a bizarre event, medals issued to loyal comrades for serving a death cult of a paranoid tyrant. It seems, Chabriere recognised this, and, being morbidly obsessed with the Third Reich, reacted in his own way:

Well, I was told that tweet was aimed at Karine Lacombe, a clinical researcher critical of chloroquine. She was given a Medal of Honour Legion in January, and Chabriere was livid, because his idol Raoult got same national award years ago.

Lacombe is a regular target of Chabriere’s attacks. But he goes after every clinician who disagrees with Raoult’s chloroquine panacea. For months, Chabriere has been harassing a French doctor, Nathan Peiffer-Smadja, who dared to publish a chloroquine-critical paper (Fiolet et al 2020). To be fair, Chabriere viciously harassed all authors of that study, but Peiffer-Smadja has always been the main target of Chabriere’s slurs and aggression. One reason might be that Peiffer-Smadja is Jewish, and his last name makes it perfectly clear.

Constantly trying to raise a witch mob to persecute Peiffer-Smadja, including with homophobic insinuations and dog-whistles, Chabriere finally outed himself as an antisemite. In late January 2021, he openly equalled this Jewish doctor with Nazi mass murderers of Auschwitz, in two tweets:

When I called Chabriere out on Twitter for ridiculing the Holocaust, he reported me for being an antisemite who racially harasses him! I was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours and warned not to do that again. Projecting his own toxic attitudes onto others is very typical of Chabriere: below he used the occasion to share a disgustingly racist old cartoon, while accusing someone else of racism (Pierre Tattevin, president of the French Infectious Diseases Society, who criticised chloroquine as COVID-19 medicine):

Sharing such a cartoon on Twitter, while IHU is parading Black students to thank Raoult in front of cameras, is the equivalent of smearing walls of a synagogue with swastikas while mumbling that someone else is a Nazi. Speaking of. The above incident was not even the first time Chabriere put his antisemitism on display. This antisemitic on another Jewish Frenchman took place just days before:

The target of that tweet was the French TV journalist Patrick Cohen. Chabriere addresses Cohen by his overtly Jewish last name to equal his journalism to that of Radio Paris, a Nazi propaganda station from the time of German occupation during WWII.

These tweets suggest the following about Chabriere (and his email reply “lol” confirms it:

  • that he ridicules the Holocaust
  • that he has a problem with Jews
  • that he blames the Jews for antisemitism

That antisemitic Cohen tweet quoted a certain account “cunegonde1944”, which constantly spreads racist material on Twitter, including the articles by the far-right conspiracist website Riposte Laique, which started as antisemitic, but now focuses on rabid Islamophobia because one of its holders is a far-right Israeli. The site’s fans like cungegonde1944 use this connection to deny antisemitism charges, for example when attacking Peiffer-Smadja. Chabriere loves it, he and cungegonde1944 seem to be quite friendly in real life:

Chabriere not only appreciates the racism of Riposte Laique, he also shared links to other Islamophobic websites (like the blog by Patrice Gibertie), and celebrated the French far-right politician Florian Philippot, former high-ranking member of Front National, who founded his own far-right party “Les Patriotes“.

Chabriere seems to be also into the notorious far-right and antisemitic QAnon conspiracy theories, and why shouldn’t he. The Marseille professor showed sufficiently often his full support for France Soir, a bizarre far-right newspaper pushing both chloroquine and QAnon agenda. As if that was not enough, Chabriere celebrated the vile QAnon pandemic conspiracy video Hold Up (which was also promoted by France Soir). “Hold up” means here violent robbery, and the film’s content was described like this:

the supposed futility of face masks, claims that hydroxychloroquine is a proven remedy for Covid-19, the theory of links to 5G mobile networks and the notion of a totalitarian global government – known as the New World Order – bent on enslaving the people.

“Release the Kraken” is a QAnon call to arms, and Chabriere enjoys using it on Twitter to threaten all those who disapprove of Raoult’s chloroquine COVID-19 cures. In the following QAnon inspired tweets, Chabriere seems to toy with the idea of actual executions for all enemies of Raoult. He even provides a kind of hit list to his followers, for people to literally target:

Chabriere himself has been protesting against face masks, lockdowns and restrictions of all kind, which is why he made the French government and especially the Health Minister Olivier Veran his enemy. The Mr Bean comparison was funny, but Chabriere also equalled Veran to the bloodthirsty dictator Pol Pot, whose regime murdered at least a quarter of the Cambodian population. Everyone who disagrees with the chloroquine magic is equalled by Chabriere to Pol Pot’s murderous regime of Khmer Rouge:

And of course Chabriere also harasses women, he enjoys calling his thousands of far-right followers to witchhunts against female critics of chloroquine (sometimes even wrong people get targeted, their names and postal addresses posted on Twitter, accompanied with Chabriere’s misogynous slurs). You saw his Lacombe attacks, here is Chabriere flaunting his toxic masculinity against a female politician:

One of his favourite targets: the data integrity sleuth Elisabeth Bik, whose crime was to find research fraud in Raoult’s publications. Chabriere kept accusing Bik (and me) of being Gilead shills, but got bored because predictably that led nowhere. So at some point, Chabriere retweeted a Raoult-worshipping covidiot account where Bik was called a “murderer” and “prostitute”. Challenged with that, Chabriere replied by email with: “lol”.

Speaking of murderers. Damien Barraud, a French intensive care doctor who has been calling out Raoult’s chloroquine scam since the early days, was heavily targeted by the IHU gang and their troll army. Not enough for Chabriere: he equalled Barraud to the mass murderer of Metz, Francis Heaulme (who also killed children):

The Aix-Marseille University was informed by whistleblowers already in November 2020, its president Eric Berton announced to deal with the matter. As you can see, the public result is that Chabriere not only continued and went full antisemite, he even openly threatened to sue all these whistleblowers for libel (he mentions the IHU lawyer Brice Grazzini, which lets one assume the legal retaliations on behalf of Chabriere and Raoult are paid from IHU research funds). It seems, instead of acting on Chabriere’s behaviour, the university has been forwarding all complains, with names, to him and Grazzini for retaliation.

Even in France though, there is exactly zero chance any of the whistleblowers will ever get sentenced for slander. Reporting concerns in good faith to the correct authorities in confidential manner is perfectly legal, what is illegal, is to rat out their identities to the perpetrator and to retaliate against them. But of course many whistleblowers don’t know that and can’t financially afford to find out in court. This is the game Chabriere play with his threats on Twitter.

The Aix-Marseille University remains utterly silent and chose not to deny Chabriere’s public claims, all my emails were ignored, except of Chabriere’s replies, probably on behalf of the university with “lol”. This could indeed mean the academic leadership approves of his campaigns of misogyny, antisemitism and threats of violence. Or maybe, they are not really Chabriere’s bosses and can’t do anything about him?

Let us see what makes Chabriere (and Raoult) so untouchable. There are political connections: the former president of Aix-Marseille University, Yvon Berland, is a personal friend of Raoult and now local politician who once campaigned to become mayor of the city. Then, there seem to be connections to the far-right and other xenophobic politicians, useful fascist networks which also protected the University of Ferrara rector Giorgio Zauli in Italy.

Second, Chabriere seems to be bringing in money, from surprising sources. His tiny startup at IHU, Gene & Green TK, may be scientifically not impressive (consisting of 4 people, of whom 2 are founders and 3 are employed), but it was recently sold for €10 million (according to Chabriere) to the wastewater cleanup family business Proxis Developpment.

Prior to that, in October 2018, Chabriere teamed up with a business school (which is of course never a diploma mill!) named Kedge in order to sell Kedge’s students some Master of Health Innovation degrees. Hard to take this IHU startup seriously after that. What Proxis was investing in with Chabriere’s company, is a mystery, because it can’t be any lucrative know-how or technology: Gene & Green TK generated merely €170,000 turnover in 2015, and its capital in 2021 is €11,134, €12,371, pardon, €23,035!

Partnership announced in December 2018

Guess who the main (or probably the only) customer of Chabriere’s startup at IHU is:

However, Gene & Green TK is already generating revenue, thanks to its research, development and enzyme sales contracts negotiated mainly with the army“.

Captain of a lab, armed with a pipet. Image source: 20 min

In this regard, it might be important to remind that Chabriere is officer at the French Armed Forces. All his previous military career he was involved in the chemical weapons research by the French Army, until the Army installed him as a civilian professor for biochemistry at IHU.

According to this article, Lieutenant Chabriere used to work in the Armed Forces Health Service Research Center (CRSSA), where they specialise on nuclear, biological and toxicological warfare. His speciality were combat gases. While other Western European nations abandoned chemical warfare, France was the only one to design chemical weapons until 1989, it is a state secret if any were ever built. Afterwards, only the defence aspect of chemical warfare remained. Lieutenant Chabriere was delegated to do PhD in Grenoble and in Nancy, in the lab of Patrick Masson, to work on enzymes which would inactivate combat gasses. Of Lieutenant Chabriere’s 1999 PhD thesis from Grenoble only the abstract is available online, the supervisor listed there is Masson’s collaborator, Juan Fontecilla-Camps. Masson himself was a scientist with the French military, until in 2014 he found a new job in… Russia. He is presently affiliated at the Neuropharmacology Laboratory of the Kazan Federal University, where he probably continues working on chemical warfare. If you wonder now: was Masson maybe a Russian agent who defected, well yes, it certainly looks like this.

According to Chabriere’s military CV, he was appointed professor with IHU Marseille while in the rank of Lieutenant in 2007 and was promoted to the rank of Army Captain in 2008. So the mystery why someone as unhinged and intellectually challenged as Chabriere could have become professor is lifted: The Army installed him. The civilian Aix-Marseille University is not his real boss.

That minuscule IHU spinoff sold for €10 million last month? As shown above, Chabriere’s Gene & Green TK operates for the Army: its magic enzyme from the Vesuvius volcano, VesuTox, is intended for the clean up of combat gases. There is also the product named VesuBACT, an antibiotic to make wound dressings for soldiers. Whether any of that scientifically makes sense or will ever work in practice, is not relevant: when generals invest into something, it is enough that they believe in it. And that ideologically approved people are in charge, and Chabriere’s far-right views sure find many friends in the military.

Chabriere’s research is funded by French Armed Forces (source).

This is why the Direction générale de l’armement subsidises that research, funds Chabriere’s PhD students and likely Chabriere himself, via the detour of Gene & Green TK. How else can a company with a tiny capital and an unimpressive turnover pay him an extra salary?

For all we know, Arnaud Moor, the owner of Proxis, may have been merely passing on the €10 million from the French military onto IHU, by buying into Chabriere’s microbrew Gene & Green TK. After all, if the suspicion is right and IHU is indeed largely military-funded, they don’t exactly advertise for it.

Now, what if I told you it was also the French Army who promoted the research into chloroquine as COVID-19 at Raoult’s IHU? As elsewhere, the clues came from Alexander Samuel.

Look at the first author of these two relevant papers, Gendrot et al Antimalarial drugs inhibit the replication of SARS-CoV-2: An in vitro evaluation (2020) and Gendrot et al Chloroquine as a prophylactic agent against COVID-19? (2020). This first author Mathieu Gendrot is a soldier, serving with the Army Heath Service in Marseille and affiliated with IHU. Another coauthor is Emilie Javelle, like Chabriere Captain of the French Army and also affiliated with IHU. Noteworthy, soon after Raoult’s informed the world of the magic COVID-19 cure in early 2020, it was uncovered French Army has been hauling buckets of chloroquine from China to fight COVID-19.

Raoult himself is known to have a military fetish, his father was an army doctor and a high-ranking officer. The IHU is run as a tight ship with a military hierarchy. I would love to know how many IHU researchers are army officers, but this is obviously not public knowledge. Still, Raoult’s long-term collaborator and friend Bernard Davoust is a veterinarian in the Army officer rank of a General, affiliated with IHU, and apparently also connected to the Catholic Talibans of Opus Dei. You can’t make this up:

Now, let me just speculate a bit. Remember, a couple of years ago, IHU lost all financial support from CNRS and INSERM because of Raoult’s bullying, nepotism, research misconduct and cover-up of a sexual harassment case. Sure, there is still Big Pharma cash coming in, including from the chloroquine maker Sanofi. But that would never suffice alone, and yet IHU is financially doing well.

Can it be that IHU, with its affiliated Army officers, is supported by the French military? Well, they even admit it in the sponsor listing, look at the 3rd partner at the right-hand side:

Are there additional cash flows via strawman business investments? Like those €10 million which Chabriere’s tiny start-up was allegedly sold for? Maybe.

How reassuring is it to be threatened with a gun by an army officer?

But why would the French Army do that, why would it payroll such psychopathic clowns and their abysmal research? Maybe because Raoult, Chabriere and others at IHU convinced the army generals that their Marseille institute is France’s only bastion of defence against Islamist attacks with chemical and biological weapons? Here Captain Chabriere, whom the Army tasked with preventing a terrorist attack, speaking:

The goal is also to show terrorists that we have the answer and that ultimately, it is not even worth trying

Maybe the IHU trolls also convinced the French Army that chloroquine was the miracle cure against the coronavirus pandemic? Recall that also the Brazilian military are big fans of chloroquine and are literally killing for it.

If the French generals are convinced that #HCQworks and Raoult is a genius who has the cure for the pandemic, the scientific reality ceases to matter. This would explain why no French authority can do anything about Raoult and the constant flow of disinformation his IHU spreads. This is also why Captain Chabriere is so cocksure of himself: as someone who works on chemical weapons, he is not only unsackable, he is untouchable. If it is true that the French Army is operating the IHU, that would also explain why Raoult is untouchable as well.

If French military is indeed supporting the IHU and its chloroquine death cult, the current COVID-19 infodemic would be the biggest military achievement by the French armed forces of recent times. Their disinformation warfare with chloroquine and other quack cures, with Captain Chabriere fighting on the forefront, brought many nations to their knees and killed many people worldwide. Vive la France? Oh wait, they are also killing own French people. Pah, collateral.

This is why Raoult, the Napoleon of the coronavirus campaign, was issuing medals.

Chabriere can spread covidiocies, peddle quack cures, attack women and Jews any way he likes exactly because he, just like Didier Raoult, has the French far-right politicians, bigoted academic elites and in particular the French Army behind his back. Basically, the man who calls everyone a Big Pharma shill is personally part of the military-industrial complex and making nice money off death.

These double-agents are waging a disinformation war, they fight on the side of the virus. In the worst case, there will be cushy jobs waiting for them in Russia, just like for Chabriere’s PhD mentor.

Update 14.02.2021

Chabriere continues, with full support from his civilian and military superiors. He tweeted screenshots of an email complaint a woman sent about his online behaviour to Aix-Marseille University, combined with what looked like his announcement to murder this woman. And because Chabriere knows I am Jewish, he now tweets his antisemitic Holocaust jokes about me.

The antisemite Chabriere now goes full Nazi. He now calls me “vermin”, the standard description of Jews in the National-Socialist propaganda of the Third Reich.

Update 24.03.2021.

A reader contacted me about being bullied on by Chabriere, who constantly calls Raoult critics “rachtique” (rickety) who don’t get enough sunlight and Vitamin D. The victim has a disability called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, he agreed that I can share this record of Chabriere’s bullying (I hid the full name and picture):

Update 23.06.2021

Chabriere now tweeted that IHU lawyer Brice Grazzini opened a lawsuit in France against me and Alexander Samuel for “harassment”.

Because of these two articles:


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19 comments on “France’s Ugly Brown Derriere

  1. Apropos of nothing, here is another French covidiot who peddles quack cures like Vitamin D and just happens to be an MP of Assemblee Nationale.
    Joachim Son-Forget, pictured with the French far-right patriarch, virulent racist and antisemite, founder of Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen


  2. In case someone doubts the account @echabriere is geniune:


  3. A bit about Gene & Green TK co-founder, Mikael Elias.
    Elias, who is French, is Chabriere’s former PhD student:

    “Chabrière, who at the time was a professor at the University of Lorraine, offered Elias a spot in his lab — an unusual opportunity for a first-year student. “Normally a professor would think that you are useless as a freshman,” Elias said. “He really inspired me.””



    • I wrote several emails to Elias as well as Elias’ former mentor, Dan Tawfik at Weizmann Institute. I also informed them both that Chabriere calls Jews “vermin”, harasses and threatens women, and bullies disabled people.
      Neither Elias nor Tawfik ever replied.
      But Chabriere shared on Twitter an email which is likely from Tawfik:

      Tawfik and Elias published a paper in Nature, with Chabriere:
      Mikael Elias, Alon Wellner, Korina Goldin-Azulay, Eric Chabriere, Julia A. Vorholt, Tobias J. Erb & Dan S. Tawfik
      The molecular basis of phosphate discrimination in arsenate-rich environments
      Nature 2012
      Chabriere’s only contribution: “E.C. purified proteins and collected diffraction data.
      This sounds like gift authorship.


      • Chabriere has been harassing Elisabeth Bik, accused her of shilling for Gilead and other Big Pharma, and he also repeatedly alleged financial crimes due to her past employment with uBiome.
        But now that Bik pointed out the conflicts of interest Chabriere and his partner failed to declare in their paper, Elias has enough. He wants the world to see him and Chabriere as the real victims:
        Dear Dr. Bik,
        Your harassment on pubpeer on our research articles, as evidenced by your last statement
        “Based on recent social media activities, author EC appears to be very interested in pointing out other authors’ conflict of interest. Could he or other authors please comment on this perceived conflict?”
        does not honor you.


        This is the fourth weak comment that you make today on pubpeer on our research articles, and this could be seen as targeted harassment.

        His business partner Chabriere keeps inciting to murder his critics, on Twitter. But sure, it’s Chabriere and Elias who are victims of “targeted harassment”.


  4. A reader with inside knowledge sent me some information about iHU, Chabriere and French Army:

    “Historically, the French Army Health Service (SSA, for Service de santé des armées) had a school of tropical medicine in Marseille, open in 1905 (https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/École_du_Pharo). Later, research laboratories were implemented in this school: a malaria lab, a virology lab (in which I did my PhD) and a lab working on meningococcus; IMTSSA also hosted a team of epidemiologists. The SSA had four research centers: IMTSSA in Marseille, CRSSA in Grenoble (where Chabriere was servant and worked for a while), IMASSA in Toulon and IMNSSA in Bretigny/Orge. In the 2000s, for many reasons, the SSA decided to close three of these centers and to gather them in Bretigny/Orge to create a new entity called IRBA.

    As you can imagine, people working in Marseille were not very happy to have to move near Paris, especially that the new IRBA was not functional yet when the IMTSSA was closed. So, people tried to implement their activities in other locations: some in Lyon, others in Paris and some in Marseille. The epidemiologists moved to a barrack in Marseille and created the CESPA (https://www.defense.gouv.fr/sante/notre-expertise/epidemiologie/epidemiologie). The malaria and the virology labs moved to the military hospital in Marseille (HIA Laveran) and then to the IHU. Therefore, there is no secret funding of the IHU by the French Army and Chabriere has no link between the agreement signed by the IHU and the SSA. Actually, the SSA did not want these two labs to remain in Marseille but their respective heads fighted to stay in Marseille for personal reasons. The SSA malaria lab is here (http://vitrome.fr/57-2/dr-bruno-pradines/) and the virology lab is here https://www.mediterranee-infection.com/diagnostic/les-centres-nationaux-de-reference-cnr/cnr-arbovirus/. Some people have a military status, others are civilians. […]
    I think you give to much importance to Chabriere who is probably a second couteau, ie an obedient puppet as Raoult loves. As far as I know, Chabriere did his 1-year “service militaire” at CRSSA (there was a special status for scientist called “scientifique du contingent”) and then was hired as officer with a short-term contract (a common status then called OCTASSA). I don’t know why he left the CRSSA (maybe because of the CRSSA closure, maybe because his contract has not been renewed) and how he joined Marseille. I was told he worked for a while at AFMB (headed by Bruno Canard)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Another message from a reader with inside knowledge:

    “At the very beginning, the SSA [Service de santé des armées] was not involved in the IHU project but the IMTSSA closure pushed these two labs into the Raoult’s arms. There are also personal friendship links between Raoult and some military people who worked for many years in Marseille (such as Christophe Rogier, who was a young assistant at IMTSSA in the 1990s and worked at the Central Direction of the SSA when the IHU was created or Dominique Baudon who published an “article” to support HCQ https://www.francesoir.fr/opinions-tribunes/analyse-critique-du-protocole-therapeutique-du-pr-raoult).”

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  6. Only Didou can combine Edith Piaf and General De Gaulle in one character:
    Pr Didier Raoult: «Je ne regrette rien»
    Didier Raoult publie le 11 février ses «Carnets de guerre Covid-19», qui rassemblent les propos tenus depuis un an.


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  7. Chabriere and his followers now got me banned from Twitter again. My crime: sharing the above article.
    I am locked out for 12h again

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Klaas van Dijk

    dear Leonid,





    for the ugly thruth about Yardley Yeadon, also named Michael Yeadon, one of the 22 authors of the so-called “External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results”.

    See http://www.integralworld.net/visser194.html and https://www.pepijnvanerp.nl/2020/12/some-considerations-on-the-retraction-paper-for-the-corman-drosten-pcr-test/ and https://www.researchgate.net/publication/348732878 for backgrounds about this publication.


    for the ugly thruth about Thomas Binder, another author of this publication.

    Liked by 1 person

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  11. I don’t know if you are able to watch French TV, but there was an excellent programme about Raoult and the IHU on RMC Story last night. Here’s the link: https://rmcstory.bfmtv.com/la-face-cachee-de_19871/didier-raoult-les-dessous-dune-incroyable_24943/ I didn’t know about Chabrière’s Twitter activity until I saw it. It’s just horrifying!


    • Thanks. Could you maybe sum up what new information the documentary contained? Was Chabriere’s harassment even mentioned in the film?


      • I’m not sure there was anything new, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it all combined – at least here in France. And Chabrière’s threats were mentioned at the end, with screenshots of his Twitter account and comments from a couple of the people who were attacked in this way – Christian Lehmann and Damien Barraud.

        Liked by 1 person

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  13. Juan Fontecilla-Camps

    You make a reference to me in this article that has no connection to anything Eric Chabrière did under my supervision. Eric got his degree by solving the three-dimensional structure of pyruvate ferredoxine oxidoreductase, a subject completely unrelated to the French or any other Army. My collaboration with Patrick Masson was to solve the structure of the enzyme butyryl choline esterase: reference. Nicolet Y, Lockridge O, Masson P, Fontecilla-Camps JC, Nachon F. (2003) Crystal structure of human butyryl cholinesterase and of its complexes with substrate and products. J Biol Chem 278, 41141-41147. Chabrière was not an author of this paper because he had already left my lab. Y. Lockridge was a co-author from the US (Nebraska). The intention of Masson’s work (as far as I could tell) was to find detoxyfiers against mustard gases. I certainly do not approve of Eric’s attitudes and do not share any of his opinions but your own innuendos about Masson and citing my name on baseless grounds do not cast a very good image on you either.


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