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We arrived at Vitamin D as COVID-19 cure

It was only logical that COVID-19 will be cured with vitamin supplements. Peer-reviewed science is now catching up with the bustling Vitamin D market.

It had to happen. Vitamin supplements are promoted for every malaise, and COVID-19 is the hottest business opportunity one can get. After the initial confusion with stem cells, nanotechnology, hormones, irradiation, and of course chloroquine and its derivative hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), the world came to its senses and recognised that only a prescription-free drug can cure COVID-19, otherwise where is the fun in that.

Since most COVID-19 victims are senior citizens, anti-aging companies arrived on the spot offering their proprietary supplements as COVID-19 prevention or even therapeutic medicine. While these fancy NAD+ and resveratrol supplements sound cool and futuristic (anti-aging!) it excludes other hard-working scammer and grifters who also wish to sell something but have patented nothing. The mineral supplement Zinc is literally dirt cheap and thus has a potential, since it was prophesied by quack-messiah Vovka “Zev” Zelenko of New York as important ingredient in the HCQ cure, but then again, you still need prescription drugs HCQ and the antibiotic azithromycin for Zinc to do its magic on COVID-19. A vitamin would be perfect, pensioners always need those, vitamins are always good, the word alone is reassuring. But which vitamin?

While scratching their bottoms about whether to go for Vitamin A, Vitamin B or Vitamin C (which cures all diseases anyway, cf Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling), with some Dutch merchants peddling Vitamin K, and surely Vitamin E is an option, too, the experts seem to have eventually arrived at Vitamin D. Why?

Well, as the coronavirus is raging uncontrolled in the United States because the President Donald Trump does not like bad news, most deaths happened among the Black and LatinX communities. Which is for sure not something making the Imperial Wizard Trump sad, but it made some biomedical scientists think. What if it is not the poverty, failed public health and blatant institutional racism which kills Black Americans in the pandemic, but something as simple and cheap as a lack of Vitamin D? In humans, the vitamin is naturally produced by exposure to sunlight, of which white skins takes up more than dark skin, so you see where this is going.

If you need scientific guidance, genetics professor Ewan Birney, director of EMBL-EBI in Edinburgh, can explain. Even a Time article highly critical of the Vitamin D theory of COVID-19 medicine wrote this:

“Indeed, many of the known risk factors for COVID-19—being Black or Hispanic; being elderly; having an underlying health condition; having a high body mass index—are also risk factors for vitamin-D deficiency.”

You see, since LatinX people are not perfectly pale white, they count as Vitamin-D deficient also, even if they live in the polar regions of California. In fact, US insurances might register being non-white as pre-existing medical condition (yes, I am aware they are eager to do exactly this as Trump dismantles Obama’s Affordable Care Act). Even The Lancet chimed in with some race medicine, via a comment article by British experts Adrian Martineau and Nita Forouhi endorsing Vitamin D supplements:

“The striking overlap between risk factors for severe COVID-19 and vitamin D deficiency, including obesity, older age, and Black or Asian ethnic origin, has led some researchers to hypothesise that vitamin D supplementation could hold promise as a preventive or therapeutic agent for COVID-19.”

Yes, we forgot Asians! Which explains such horrendous rates of COVID-19 in India, it must be the dark skin, and the lack of sun because unlike COVID-19 resistant British folks, those Indian farmers are always indoors…, ah crap, never mind. Since when are non-peer reviewed reality facts allowed to interfere with peer-reviewed science?

Vitamin D theory of COVID-19 is beautiful. It allows you to roll out any crypto-racist bunk and pretend it’s solid science, while peddling prescription-free supplements out the back. And in America, they love racial medicine, US hospital algorithms distribute (or rather deny) healthcare according to your skin colour, which bottom line is that Black people are more primitive than whites and therefore need less medical care.

Studies correlating COVID-19 to Vitamin D levels arrived quickly as the pandemic grew, and now gain traction as the HCQ hype declines. This paper from 3 September is probably the most headline-grabbing one, because it is from USA and appeared in JAMA. No wait, it’s the downstream Open Access cash-making outlet, JAMA Network Open, where it costs $3000 to publish.

David O. Meltzer, Thomas J. Best, Hui Zhang, Tamara Vokes, Vineet Arora, Julian Solway Association of Vitamin D Status and Other Clinical Characteristics With COVID-19 Test Results JAMA Network Open (2020) doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.19722 

The authors accessed health records of COVID-19 patients and concluded that those who eventually caught the virus had low Vitamin D levels before:

In this cohort study of 489 patients who had a vitamin D level measured in the year before COVID-19 testing, the relative risk of testing positive for COVID-19 was 1.77 times greater for patients with likely deficient vitamin D status compared with patients with likely sufficient vitamin D status, a difference that was statistically significant.

Yes, the skin colour of patients was noted. None of the participants was actually Vitamin D deficient, so the authors set some threshold to assign them as “likely deficient”. They did notice that many had various pre-existing conditions like obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular problems, all COVID-19 risk factors. Low Vitamin D levels used to be see in the pre-COVID-19 times just an general biomarker of bad health, but now they became the main cause for getting infected with COVID-19 in the first place. Maybe confused by the fact that the majority of their analysed patients were not white, the authors conclude:

Since African American and Hispanic populations in the US have both high rates of vitamin D deficiency and bear a disproportionate burden of morbidity and mortality from COVID-19,35,36 they may be particularly important populations to engage in studies of whether vitamin D can reduce the incidence and burden of COVID-19.

What a lovely idea. Instead of providing public health and insurance available to everyone, why not telling Black and Hispanic Americans to pop some cheap Vitamin D pills.

As paediatrics professor Todd Alexander of University of Alberta was quoted in Folio, this Vitamin D deficiency and weakened immunity theory is not new, and has been used to explain diseases before:

“In the 1980s and ’90s, studies emerged that found a role for vitamin D in immune function. This, according to Alexander, led to a deluge of clinical studies finding reduced vitamin D levels in people affected by a host of diseases including asthma, cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.”

Those cancer and asthma studies are now long forgotten, except by some unscrupulous vitamin peddlers. Correlation is not causation, but unfortunately not every scientist will agree with Alexander. Aside of rickets (which is a real Vitamin D deficiency syndrome) medical science has so far failed to convincingly connect any other disease to Vitamin D deficiency. Thanks to modern diet, there are anyway only few people with critically low Vitamin D levels in need of supplementation, while these unnecessary supplements do increase calcium uptake up to the formation of kidney stones. Doctors already noticed cases of Vitamin D poisoning in COVID-19 risk group patients who tried to “boost immunity”.

But then again, there is COVID-19 pandemic going on and their is no time for the scientific method.

The market for Vitamin D was already there, which is another beauty of the approach. Because everyone was convinced that showing yourself outside unprotected will immediately give you skin cancer, a notion supported by the extremely successful sunscreen industry (even thoughmelanoma rates in the U.S. have tripled since the 1970s, even as the use of sunscreen has increased“), there evolved a need to counteract the sun avoidance and the resulting potential Vitamin D deficiency with supplements. And now there is COVID-19 on, and what coincidence, Vitamin D helps also against that! The science has spoken.

Especially since the Vitamin D approach is such great business and also great fun. How about European COVID-19 death rates explained with dark-skinned Italians and lazy Spaniards doing their siesta in the shadows while the Nordic races toil in the fields, with their proud white faces turned towards the sun? Here is a paper from the (apparently COVID-19-resistant) UK on just that, its p-values for Vitamin D levels vs COVID-19 cases and mortality just happen to be exactly p=0.05, the magic value.

Petre Cristian Ilie, Simina Stefanescu & Lee Smith The role of vitamin D in the prevention of coronavirus disease 2019 infection and mortality Aging Clinical and Experimental Research (2020) doi: 10.1007/s40520-020-01570-8

The Southern European countries have lower levels of vitamin D because of decreased exposure (prefer the shade in strong sun) [10] and also as skin pigmentation decreases vitamin D synthesis [11]. Northern part of Europe’s mean levels are better as a consequence of the consumption of cod liver oil and vitamin D supplements as well as fortification of milk and milk products (Finland) [6].”

Indeed, it must be all that Surströmming which Swedes eat, if anything it ensures social distancing. You might wonder who takes such a braindead and bigoted study seriously. Professor Helmut Schatz does, one of Germany’s top endocrinologists. Former governmental advisor Professor Hans-Konrad Biesalski of University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart analysed 30 studies, including the coronavirus effects on the “black race“, and urged Germans in June 2020 to take Vitamin D supplements for COVID-19. Elsewhere in Germany, the ultra-right xenophobes and rabid COVIDIOTS of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) demanded, also in June 2020 that the German Bundestag issues Vitamin D recommendation for COVID-19 prevention. Their proposal was rejected.

Vitamin D from fish is what keeps Sweden COVID-19 free!

But also Italians and Spaniards themselves are jumping the bandwagon. Endocrinologist Luigi Gennari of University of Sienna presented his research to a closed circle at a conference, and nobody else, which should suffice. He concluded:

Our data give strong observational support to previous suggestions that reduced vitamin D levels may favor the appearance of severe respiratory dysfunction and increase the mortality risk in patients affected with COVID-19“.

And in Spain, just look at this clinical trial from Cordoba, which used the Vitamin D analogue calcifediol. It cannot be more convincing:

Marta Entrenas Castillo, Luis Manuel Entrenas Costa, José Manuel Vaquero Barrios, Juan Francisco Alcalá Díaz, José López Miranda, Roger Bouillon, José Manuel Quesada Gomez “Effect of Calcifediol Treatment and best Available Therapy versus best Available Therapy on Intensive Care Unit Admission and Mortality Among Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19: A Pilot Randomized Clinical study” The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology (2020) doi: 10.1016/j.jsbmb.2020.105751 

Only 2% of the 50 Vitamin D treated patients went to ICU as opposed to 50% of 26 patients who did not get Vitamin D!

Now, I really must commend the authors for their cleverness. The clinical trial started by dosing COVID-19 patients with HCQ, but then that chloroquine cargo cult ship has sailed, or rather ran aground (its unhinged captain Didier Raoult crying sabotage as Marseille went from HCQ religion hotspot to COVID-19 hotspot). Hence the clever Cordoba investigators quickly switched to a new magic drug, Vitamin D. The journal they chose is not really specialising on clinical trials (aside of reviews), but it does specialise on Vitamin D research. Which was good enough to find the right reviewers. Who agreed with the authors that the many COVID-19 deaths Spain has experienced are due to Spaniards not getting enough sun in the winter.

Now, we arrive at some really serious money making. With these authors it cannot be any more obvious that they are all unashamed Vitamin D industry shills. Especially the last character on that paper.

Harvey W. Kaufman, Justin K. Niles, Martin H. Kroll, Caixia Bi, Michael F. Holick SARS-CoV-2 positivity rates associated with circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels PloS one (2020) doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0239252

The first four authors are employees of Quest Diagnostics, which tests your blood Vitamin D levels and then sells you Vitamin D supplements. The last author is the notorious Michael Holick, described by New Yorker as “The Child-Abuse Contrarian”, who issues bizarre medical diagnoses over the phone and whose custom-curated promotional Wikipedia profile was eventually vandalised by the reality. A Controversies section was added:

Holick has been involved in several medical controversies. While at Boston University, he was asked to leave the Division of Dermatology because of his promoting the medical benefits of sun exposure. He accepted research funding for this work from a non-profit tanning bed company, considered by many to be an important potential bias. Barbara Gilchrest, then head of the department at Boston University, called Holick’s book “shlock science” and Holick “a poster boy for the tanning industry”.[50]

Holick received nearly $163,000 from 2013 to 2017 from pharmaceutical companies, according to Medicare’s Open Payments database, which tracks payments from drug and device manufacturers. The companies paying him included Sanofi-Aventis, which markets vitamin D supplements; Shire, which makes drugs for hormonal disorders that are given with vitamin D; Amgen, which makes an osteoporosis treatment; and Roche Diagnostics and Quidel Corp., which both make vitamin D tests.[51]

Holick has also been criticized by other physicians because of his testimony, defending accused child abusers by asserting that Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a cause of non-traumatic fractures in infancy (rather than abuse).[52] Experts in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, as well as pediatricians specializing in traumatic bone injury, refute Holick’s position, which is completely unsubstantiated by the medical literature. In over 300 criminal cases Holick has never concluded that the child who suffered broken bones had been abused. In one case of a child who had suffered broken bones in which Holick defended the accused parent, the child later went on to suffer severe brain injury, for which the parent has been indicted.[53]

Since May 2017, Holick has been barred from evaluating or treating children by Boston Medical Center, which subsequently reported him to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine for “health care facility discipline.” [54]

In January 2018, Robert Marvin Ray, one of the parents whom Holick worked with over child abuse suspicions, was arrested and charged with child abuse.[50][55]

His promotion of Vitamin D has been called extreme, even speculating that the extinction of dinosaurs caused by a lack of it in reduced sunlight.[56]

Would you as a journal editor accept anything from such a “scientist”? Well, PLOS One did. Maybe they were impressed by the sheer numbers of patients:

This study used a retrospective, observational analysis of deidentified tests performed at a national clinical laboratory to determine if circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) levels are associated with severe acute respiratory disease coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) positivity rates. Over 190,000 patients from all 50 states with SARS-CoV-2 results performed mid-March through mid-June, 2020 and matching 25(OH)D results from the preceding 12 months were included.

Over One Hundred Ninety Thousands of patients, who can say no to such a gigantic clinical trial dataset, especially if it promises The Cure for COVID-19? If it reminds you of the Surgisphere scandal for which both The Lancet and NEJM fell arse over tit, well, this is how scholarly publishing works. The story counts, not the author’s or their dataset’s credibility.

Holick’s Boston University of course proudly issued a press release. But PLOS One might have second thoughts:

Having tweeted their concern on 24 September, the next day PLOS One published yet another paper by Holick about curing COVID-19 with Vitamin D. It first appeared as preprint on the Elsevier’s SSRN server, which is a much fancier preprint server than others because it is named “Preprints with THE LANCET“. Now in PLOS One, what honour for the journal.

Zhila Maghbooli, Mohammad Ali Sahraian, Mehdi Ebrahimi, Marzieh Pazoki, Samira Kafan, Hedieh Moradi Tabriz, Azar Hadadi, Mahnaz Montazeri, Mehrad Nasiri, Arash Shirvani, Michael F. Holick Vitamin D sufficiency, a serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D at least 30 ng/mL reduced risk for adverse clinical outcomes in patients with COVID-19 infection PLoS ONE (2020) doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0239799

This time, the authors saved “only” 235 patients in Iran, while PLOS One informs you: “The authors have declared that no competing interests exist“. Not even Holick, half of whose business is Vitamin D grifting (the other half being helping child abusers in court).

But now, the best Vitamin D for COVID-19 paper ever. Straight from the French Parliament, Assemblée National, and its MP, Joachim Son-Forget. This professional politician once studied medicine and did a PhD in psychology, which automatically made him expert for many things sciency, these days always ready with an educated and even peer-reviewed guess about COVID-19. Son-Forget has been promoting HCQ on Twitter and he of course is a great admirer of the greatest French scientist of all times, Didier Raoult (for whom he even raised money, it seems).

A great scientific mind himself, Son-Forget (and colleagues) postulated in Medical Hypotheses, a comedy magazine run by Elsevier, “that betathalassemic heterozygote population prevalence is correlated to immunity against COVID-19, by a regression“. Would you like to see the data they based this assumption on?

The polymath knowledge of Dr Son-Forget, MP is evident in his genius way of plotting that regression.

Incidentally, the authors list there was exactly same as on this stroke of genius, this time about the Vitamin D:

Édouard Lansiaux, Philippe P. Pébaÿ, Jean-Laurent Picard, Joachim Son-Forget Covid-19 And Vit-D: Disease Mortality Negatively Correlates With Sunlight Exposure Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology (2020) doi: 10.1016/j.sste.2020.100362

The authors (or rather only Edouard Lansiaux who has to vouch for everything) analysed COVID-19 related health data from France, except colonies and Corsica because the authors decided they have much sun but not enough hospitals there. They concluded:

in continental metropolitan France, average annual sunlight hours are significantly (for a p-value of 1.532 × 10−32) correlated to the COVID-19 mortality rate, with a Pearson coefficient of -0.636. This correlation hints at a protective effect of sunlight exposure against COVID-19 mortality.

And indeed, there is no COVID-19 at all in Marseille, famous for its radiant sun (who is of course Didier Raoult). Don’t believe the news.

A Letter to Editor regarding that article by Son-Forget was published in the same journal, its authors are Florian Naudet, Clara Locher, Alain Braillon and André Gillibert. They listed “Major statistical flaws”in Son-Forget’s research and concluded:

the manuscript has no informative value at all concerning any association between “Covid-19 And Vit-D”. Therefore, we think that the article methods and conclusions are too flawed to have any value.

But, as scholarly authorities advice, we must remain open regarding Vitamin D as COVID-19 medicine. Especially since the former CDC director Tom Frieden advised Americans already in March 2020 to take Vitamin D supplements for COVID-19 prevention.

The Vitamin D hype is working. Even Anthony Fauci himself recently advocated the supplement:

If you are deficient in vitamin D, that does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection. So I would not mind recommending, and I do it myself taking vitamin D supplements“.

The 78 year old Fauci also recommended taking Vitamin C:

that vitamin C is “a good antioxidant.” “So if people want to take a gram or two at the most [of] vitamin C, that would be fine

Sure, people in Fauci’s age are in danger of vitamin deficiency and some might need supplements to support their weakened immune system. But old age is about much more than maybe lacking some Vitamin D, so the causality with COVID-19 severity is very strenuous there at best. Maybe it all is Fauci’s diplomatic way for distracting Americans from taking HCQ. Or drinking bleach.

And anyway, the only real prevention cure for COVID-19 is cabbage.


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  1. Why did we evolve white skin then? Surely it’s an evolutionary benefit – we generate Vitamin D and then die less often of infections.


    • I couldn’t get through this artcle. The writer’s supposed goal of elucidating the science is contorted to his principal goal of proclaiming racism and spewing poison at everyone reporting their understanding of the medical findings.

      I don’t mind a generalized hit piece, but let him give the facts straight and save the snideness for a criticism after reporting the claims and then his political blame fest would be more acceptable.

      BTW I thought that Obamacare is still the law and that that was the generalized solution to all the deprivation claims he posits!

      I wonder if Dr. Zelenko has a good case against the author and/ir site for defamation.

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      • Yeah what in the hell does racism and donald trump have to do with science ??!!!!!.donald trump cant control this !! Ive looked on the internet and you tube a long time ago and found that vitamin d can help cure this! Cant EVERY OTHER SKIN COLOR BUT WHITE LOOK THIS STUFF UP TOO ??? NOBODYS STOPPING THEM AND NEITHER IS DONALD TRUMP !!!
        This is OLD NEWS ANYWAY.

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    • Doc Wattkins

      Do not bother to dignify this cynical, sarcastic, vacantly polemical, virtue signing “science journalist’s” point of view.

      You’ll be wasting your time, his and the world’s. Not sure how this ended up in my news feed, but not anymore.

      I like funny cartoons as much as the next boob. By contrast, this all reads like a sick joke that leaves out the funny as much as the science parts.

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  2. Hi Leonid,
    I almost spit on my keyboard, 3 freaking data points!!!!!!!
    That parlamentarian must have have had too much of that french wine.

    Cheers, Oliver

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  3. Andy Tomlinson

    Excellent article. Humorous, well written and factual.

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    • Humorous if you find 1M deaths funny. Not factual. Leonid likes to ignore facts he can’t explain. Like why there are almost no Covid cases in Africa. Or why half the world’s population uses HCQ or CQ. China India Russia Turkey Switzerland Morocco. Costa Rica. Or why DR. Zelenko has a case fatality rate of less than 0.1% in a state where it was as high as 9%

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  4. Maybe you overdid it, because 20K IU daily of D is a lot, like as in likely WAY too much based on anything I’ve ever read on the subject. I’ve read ONLY that 10K IU daily is an absolute upper limit before experiencing some nasty side effects like kidney failure. Otherwise, in general (though not specifically), I’ve read that 4K is a safe upper limit. The other thing is, did you ever get a vitamin D blood serum test to see what your D level was at before pounding down 20K IU a day? Or did you just start taking vitamin D after COVID was already a pandemic? I’ve personally been ingesting 3K to 4K IU daily for well over 20 years, so there’s no question that I was never running a deficit at the onset of the virus. But I did have a serum blood test done just a few months ago and my level was at 40 nanograms to the milliliter, which is actually optimal without being too much. Levels of 60 and over are often toxic, so be mindful about what you’re doing to yourself…☝️


    • Tom Connelly

      I guess that you aren’t familiar with how K2 works with Vit D? How K2 (not K1) prevents the calcium issues completely? There’s also an MD with an ebook out about he and his entire practice is taking 30K IU daily for years with no issues, and that is without considering K2. But, K2 and magnesium are your answers to “Vitamin D toxicity”… Look into it and you’ll find the answers. Problem is, most people can’t get enough K2 without supplements unless they like Japanese natto, which thankfully I love the stuff. Highest food source. (K2, not K1) …and specifically the MK-7 type of K2, which has a much higher half-life in the body. Vitamin D is not and cannot be toxic. That’s a farce. The problem is other deficiencies can happen as a result of high D intake, like magnesium, and without enough K2 then you get the calcium issues. K2 prevents that.

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      • Parijat Sinha

        Excellent and absolutely correct comments- i just have to totally endorse your comments. The problem today is that preconceived and motivated articles are being witten by persons without adequate knowledge and understanding – sad. Vitamin-D really boosts one’s immunity immensely – i have tried it out on myself, my mother – 87, on a host of friends and relatives, all of whom have benefited in various ways – and my informal trials are an ongoing process. I realised this and a lot more during my research after my prostate cancer treatment through radiation and chemotherapy.

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  5. I would hazard a deficit in testing on people Not deficient in vita D. I had been taking 20,000 of D qd, and Still contracted Covid19; in fact, I now have Covid19 Syndrome, the moniker applied to long term effects covid. I’m currently at 6.5 Months!! Am I an anomaly? I was fit and healthy as well, but Vita D didn’t spare me from this virus. Maybe, back to the drawing board. Start again. Speculation does not make for good Science.


  6. Hello, my theory is that the “capsaicin” in hot chili peppers will kill COVID-19 on contact. I have proven this to my own satisfaction, since I eat a lot of hot peppers every day and I don’t have the virus (yet). I also go to wild parties with no distancing & no masks, and I don’t have the virus (yet). In places where I do have to wear a mask (for cosmetic purposes), I use a toothpick to puncture the rows of little squares on either side of my KN95 masks so that it’s easier to breathe (the virus) in and breathe (the virus) back out. And I still don’t have the virus (yet). So my medical advice is to eat enough hot chili peppers until they burn the hole in your ass and you’ll also be saying — “See there, I don’t have the virus (yet)!”


  7. COVID is actually the cure- the disease is liberalism..
    Take vitamin D or not I could not care less, but for the poor person who might have stumbled into this site and might be convinced it all just a scam, Dr Fouchi is taking 6000iu a day, that’s 10x the recommend dose for his age.

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  8. NMH, the failed scientist and incel

    Just give me the damn virus already, I want to join the herd. Then I can make some bucks from my convo plasma (enriched with Vit D and K after a cheese bolus). Maybe I can consume some LOX inhibitors too, Springer cant sell them anymore for melanoma, but they might work on COVID.


  9. Brandon Shantz

    It might be worth mentioning that vitamin D is a hormone that regulates the immune system and gene expression. Maybe random articles popping up in my browser mocking effective immune function boosting next to 5 article headlines designed to pump cortisol into my system is just looking out for my best interest.

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    • Richard Alexander

      Facts like Vitamin D’s central role in the human immune system don’t mesh with the general mocking and condescending theme the author wants to convey.

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      • Gary McCollom

        Couldn’t agree more. Plus have a look at countries with a great consumption of fish.

        The parallels are undeniable.


  10. This is one of those occasions when both the angel and the devil seem to be right 😊
    But as we all know, this isn’t exactly possible, though…
    One has to be wrong, if not both 😊
    While you are sadly right about the US administration just letting the people die and the “public health” in US being a cynical joke, those speaking about the vitamin D in Covid are also right.
    I mean, absolutely, really right.
    First, the investigators discovered that most victims had a deficiency of this immunomodulator.
    There was a long scientific voyage after that, and, to my surprise, despite more and more proofs, for many months nobody advocated the vitamin D, neither the politicians, nor the press… not as they are advocating other stupid, unprooved remedies.
    Only recently they started to speak about it, still timidly.
    I don’t mean publishing studies… yes, the doctors and even the public media are doing this. I mean political or medical representatives just going out in public and saying loudly and clearly, in easy to be understood words: “People, do take vitamin D supplements!” (You know, like the orange idiot did about that cleaning substance that killed a lot of illiterate people… only being right, in this case, not dangerously inept.)
    Long story short, recently it was conducted a study in Spain, in which 50 individuals with COVID received calcifediol (the easiest to be absorbed form of vitamin D), and other 26 individuals of similar ages and comorbidities did not received it. From those 50 in the test group only 1 person ended up in hospital with complications, but walked away afterwards on his own, while from those 26 unlucky members of the “control group” 13 persons, a huge 50%, developed bad complications and 2 died.
    I won’t insult you providing sources for what I just wrote above.
    You are the journalist, not I…
    I am sure you will be able to cross-reference this.
    I am just a foreigner living in Spain (no, not an English native, so please forgive my bad English), who’s life happens to have been saved when I caught the bloody virus, but fortunately my family doctor was giving me at that time a rather big monthly dose of calcifediol. Against all odds (I am a high risk patient) I survived, without being even hospitalized. I was bedridden for more than 10 days and suffered a lot but my lugs were perfectly ok. No, my doctor had no idea about the vitamin D in Covid cases, not then… it was only April. He was giving me calcifediol for my usual, huge deficiency of vitamin D and an autoimmune illness. It seems he saved my life 👍
    So, please, do a research about it and don’t scare the people against a perfectly valid scientific breakthrough. They are enough confused and manipulated and scared as it is. IMHO.

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    • Simon Brown

      Kama, he actually references that study although it’s mostly a snarky comment about how they were being given HCQ+AZT before “that ship had sailed”. Which is fine, it just dates the start of the study to being at the beginning of the epidemic.

      He references the study. He has done SOME research. There are legitimate questions to be answered, with that study, about how the masking was done – how the study itself was carried out. It’s not clear, from the paper, whether specialists treating the patients had access to patient status regarding whether they took calcefidiol supplement or not. It is also a very small study, just 76 patients.

      He points out that this was published in a journal which specialises in vitamin D which is incorrect, it was published in a journal which specialises in the use of steroids in medicine.

      Your response also is incorrect: all of these patients were admitted to the trial on admission to hospital. All 76 were being hospitalised which meant they already had respiratory failure. It is not that only 1 from the medicated group was admitted to hospital: it is that only 1 from the medicated group was admitted into intensive care (ICU). In the context of Covid-19 that typically means on a ventilator in a medically-induced coma.

      The numbers are pretty stark and if true should encourage the use of calcefidiol when patients first develop symptoms. The author is dismissive of this study and it’s not clear as to why.

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  11. Richard Welch

    Immune health being impacted by Vitamin D level is well established. To what degree, irrespective, or as a function of race in particular, this is true I don’t know. But obviously, immune health is important in Covid-19 response. We do know that the darker your skin (which is evolution based upon historical need of your race based on geography of origin) – the more UVB is necessary for the same level on conversion – that’s simply science – neither good nor bad, but reality. Accordingly, initially separating this discussion from race is important. Additionally, regardless of race, all races of people on average, test as deficient if they live above latitude 38, from Fall through early Spring – with the only reasonable only option supplements, as it’s well established food alone will not avoid deficiency. Especially at this time given the pandemic – but in general – anything we can do to easily optimize immune health makes sense, i.e. as long as we are assured there’s only upside. In that regard, like adequate sleep, hydration and good nutrition, vitamin D3 supplementing makes sense. Bottom line: there’s been no study that has shown anything but upside to having a 25 hydrxo vitamin D level above 40 ng/ml and below 50 ng/ml – for general health. Note: That level is one-third of the level of toxicity of 150ng/ml – so toxicity doesn’t reasonably seem a risk if people follow basic nutritional guidelines, unlike as you suggest I your article. All people should know their blood D levels and consult with their MD periodically – and consider if MD supports, daily supplementing to 2000 to 4000 IU, which is the Upper Limit. Whether or not this will attenuate – avoid or at least lesson – a Covid-19 infection will take time to sort, but appears reasonable for general health.


  12. This is quite informative , without doubt vitamin D is the answer .


  13. Long article attempting to say that brown people are dying from covid because we lack Healthcare? What utter bs. Or that theres some racial conspiracy? 60% of deaths were nursing home patients wait let me guess you will debunk me as well. Covid is a biological weapon period.


  14. I found that eating, daily, 3 cups of Captain Crunch that were immersed in garlic laced heavy cream allowed me to survive 4 weeks in a Bronx nursing home, where 93 % of all the residents perished from Covid. I then discovered that viral shedding was coming from my ass onto the toilet seat and unfortunately, the cleaning lady died !! I am now so depressed that I force myself to watch Don Lemon as a self imposed cruel penance for my sin………Oh !!………..the HUMANITY !!!!


  15. Richard Alexander

    Your article is snide, condescending and much too long.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Roger Pelizzari

    You seem to forget that the Spanish Flu of 1918 was only stopped when they took he patients beds outside in the sunshine.
    It worked like a charm.

    You also make a big deal out of money to be made from Vitamin D. The cost is a bargain when compared to the billions being spent on various vaccines, none of which have proven yet to be safe. In fact, Moderna’s mRNA GMO vaccine being pushed by Fauci and Gates is downright scary. It will be able to permanently alter the gnome. Only a fool would risk damaging their DNA.

    Take a good look at the CDC and you discover that it sells $4.1 billion worth of vaccines a year. It spends $4.6 billion promoting vaccines, and it only spends $20 million testing vaccines.
    Four federal studies have characterized the CDC as a sesspool of corruption because of it’s pervasive entanglements with the vaccine industry.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I didn’t understood why you must insert Trump in a article about vitamins. Vitamins and political articles don’t go together. I stopped to read this article after this sentence about Trump because I don’t believe you

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I’m generally not a fan of Schneider’s abrasive style (you catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar, no?), but he’s absolutely spot on here. Having to deal with covid/vitamin truthers at work is exhausting and infuriating. I’m happy for them to waste their money on useless supplements, but stop wasting my time (and yours) trying to convert me to your magic pills and potions. And wear your masks, FFS.


    • Nicholas LaRoche

      Without being to disrespectful, and I rarely comment on things like this but this article is absolute trash and full of misinformation. I hope this person realizes that the people highest at risk for vitamin d deficiency are darker complected skin types. This is because the darker your skin is the more full body sun exposure you need to maintain adequate levels. Vit d3 is clinically proven to be effective at turn your immune system up to fight off all viruses and even cancer. Just make sure it’s hight quality d3 bound with vitamin k2 and some kind of fat such as medium chain triglycerides. This ensures the d3 has a proper delivery system to get in the cells and work effectively. I hope everyone on here doesn’t believe such blatant misinformation that helps contribute to a sick and dying population

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Nathan Hoar

    “For Better Science” haha. More like “For Better Bullshit”

    1) only the fringe weirdos, like exist in every camp, are claiming Vitamin D is a “cure”. The general much more consistent advice is “vitamin d lowers the risk of infection and severity of respiratory virus’s” which includes COVID, but we have research going back to the 80’s showing this is true for the common cold and flu as well.
    2) its been KNOWN for a long time that vitamin d is an important immunomodulator. It doesn’t “boost” your immune system any more than good sleep does, it helps modulate it properly. The body having a right-sized response is as important to getting over an illness as the severity of the virus itself.
    3) The reason Vitamin D hasn’t had more large scale clinical trials is because there isn’t money to be made from it. it’s off patent, anybody can make it, just get it from a reputable supplement company (yes those do exist).
    4) The risk is 0 when taken at or below the maximum tolerable intake for everybody. That max tolerable intake increases with age and obesity. There is no evidence that taking a reasonable amount of vitamin D is harmful, and plenty that it is helpful.

    This isn’t those zinc supplement studies where literally the only ones that showed efficacy were the ones paid for by the supplement company. Studies going back 30 years show that being sufficient in Vitamin D and/or adding supplementation reduce the risk for and severity of respiratory illness. None show any real risk until you supplement up to a level that is waaaaay outside the recommended limits. Many studies are also not discounting the role that poverty and healthcare access have at all like you imply they do, they mention those aspects as well as vitamin D status. They control for those factors as best they can. (yeah, epidemiology is inherently limited. That doesn’t make it bad as long as you consider the proper context, which you fail to do.

    Larger scale clinical trials certainly need to be ran, but when you combine the smaller scale studies with the decades of epidemiological evidence there is absolutely nothing wrong with recommending vitamin d supplementation with a reasonable expectation that it is helpful. You very clearly have an axe to grind here. I’m not even sure why this ended up in my feed or why I am bothering to comment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • NMH, the failed scientist and incel

      You are bothering to comment because you are onto something. Let me add; Schenider and his oppilating sidekick, Smutley Clyde, are employees of IG Farben and the Rand corporation. Both did postdocs in the Level 4 Ebola lab in Fort Detrick, and both speak fluent Chinese. These guys are on completely “on the take” (!)

      For who,I’m not so sure of.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Gary McCollom

        Ty for the background as my Spidey sense was yelling at me.


      • As a fellow scientist I have to say this article is jumping the gun ridiculously. There is plenty of associative evidence (circumstantial) implicating that vitamin D may be effective in determining COVID severity, and we are awaiting the results of a number of Southern European interventional trials, but we are a very long way from calling it a cure. More like a sensible prophylactic measure. I agree with everything Nathan Hoar wrote, and the kind of information you are propagating isnt helpful, and as he sais, shows you have an axe to grind. Absolute BS.


      • Dr Ceough, you got me. I once applied to work for Dr Holick, but he rejected my application for not being suntanned enough. Since then, I spend my days grinding axes on Vitamin D experts.


    • Fred Hughes

      Thanks Mr Hoar, Best info so far. Vit D is naturally produced by sunlight on oil & grease of skin. No Soap!
      Dr Johanna Budwig (Budwig Protocol 1950s to 2004) recommends elderly in sun. I’m 65 (2020) & 13 yrs no cancer in throat by using Budwig Protocol/ flaxseed oil diet thanks to heeding pastor Doug Gibbs recommendation as it saved his friends leg amputation Sept07 from a returned “cancer cure”. Vit D is as basic for immunity as air is for car tyres.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. This article is why covid is still spreading rapaidly because od the stereotypes of always fixating on black people like whites are never the dominate in any illness. Blacks are deprived from sufficient healthcare that whites get not because of being disproportionate by choice. Doctors pick and choose who they want to heal and yes we know that studies has to be done through our skin types because we are the true people of God with our DNA and mitochondria. This article doesn’t tell facts it only tell lies to white people to make blacks look like we are carriers and bad people but we are Woke believe me.


  21. I don’t know which one to glorify here: ‘ sheer Ignorance’ or ‘illiteracy of pathophysiology in the prohormonal effects of vitamin D’. Vitamin D is not a vitamin anymore; that’s a misnomer these days. It is a prohormone. It affects almost 600 genetic codes on our DNA which in turn run our cellular and humoral immune response optimally. It affects breast health, bone health, prostate health, cholesterol metabolism, mental health and immune health if not more. The effects via different receptors and conglomeration of other pathophysiologic processes sure to affect perhaps cytokine mediates storm. On off phenomenon at millions of receptor level: why is ignorance in science allowed to comment on articles. Vitamin D as a prohormone is what the Sun is to our galaxy…take it or leave it. lets not spread rumors or illiterate connotations based on guess work after a few articles.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Low vitamin D is connected to the deregulation of our immune systems. It is not racist to state the obvious, scientific fact that people with darker skin in higher latitudes tend to produce less vitamin D than people with lighter skin. In fact, it’s absolutely insane to make the claims here that it’s all just “racism” to make some basic inferences from these facts. Maybe those inferences are wrong, but to accuse people of racism for making them is insane.

    Maybe the low vitamin D is only correlated to poor outcomes because of some other problem that causes this (obesity, etc). You could have made the argument that lighter-skinned people tend to have poor access to health care (especially in the US) which ultimately was the primary cause for their out-sized representation in the fatality statistics.

    What you are doing here is incredibly damaging to science and to the lives of people everywhere. You help to create an atmosphere of fear to even suggest certain possible treatments to experiment with based on fallacious accusations of “racism”. In your haste to paint these people as racists did it not occur to you that, if in fact they have a valid point, you made it that much harder for us to even find out? You are engaging in heresy-fighting tactics of the medieval Church here.

    I get that you want to combat systemic racism and end this rapacious socio-economic system we live in where God knows how many people are without health insurance during a deadly pandemic (and I think that’s why you see fatality rates so high for black and brown Americans). I am on your side here. But that’s not a science issue. Science has to deal with objective, measurable facts. We have to be willing to test predictions made by different models and those models need to be based on reality — and the reality is that vitamin D levels are at least correlated to poor covid outcomes and the the black population of the United States is almost twice as likely as whites to be deficient. Let’s test the hypothesis and stop impugning people of racism for even daring to acknowledge scientific facts regarding differences between the physiology of races.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. matthewpottinger

    What is this garbage article, is this for real, or is it the Onion?

    I’m pretty much speechless. Vitamin D studies = racism? What kind of crack were you smoking when you wrote this rambling mess?

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Vitamin D Deficiency and Air Pollution Exacerbate COVID-19 Through Suppression of Antiviral Peptide LL37
    This addresses just a couple of the known ways in which vitamin D makes a difference in respiratory viral infections. However, please pay attention to the issue of air pollution. Fine particles in air pollution can interfere with vitamin D protection against C-19. The article is open access, free download.


  25. Bit of a Trumpian conflation of facts: while the rates in India may be high due to environmental conditions, it would be necessary to compare severity and mortality rates, not infection rates. I have seen no evidence vitamin D prevents COVID but some good evidence it regulates immune response and inflammatory (cytokine) response. In fact I came to this conclusion while watching Dr. Bruce Hollis lecture on vitamin D as a treatment for inflammation in the prostate, in which they also did extensive genomics and found that several genes were upregulated by the vitamin and differences between serum and cellular levels correlated. Since it is clearly an overreaction that is the most harmful aspect (at least until we get better genomics about lonh term effects of COVID) then regulating immune response and inflammation would seem like a no brainer. Of course with no patents on vitamin D (so far) there ain’t no money in dat…


  26. Sorry Leonid, but this article is a piece of crap as you’ve absolutely no understanding of the subject and hence what you are discussing here.

    First of all Vitamin D although called a vitamin is a hormone. And as hormones’ do it has a wide range of impact on organs of various systems. Vitamin D actions are mediated by Vitamin D receptor (VDR) that is mostly expressed on cells of endothelium. VDR regulates expression of 900+ genes and is major regulator of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone system (RAAS) which comprises kidneys, adrenals, gastrointestinal tract, liver, heart and brain and is a major player in blood pressure regulation. Vitamin D also has direct impact on both innate and acquired immune system functions as well as metabolic processes.

    In humans most of the Vitamin D is synthesized in photochemical process that starts in the epidermis. UVB radiation from sunlight is absorbed by chemical that is converted into previtamin D that is later metabolized into active form of Vitamin D. Uptake from food is negligible due to limited amounts in the food as well as limited absorption from GI tract. The darker the skin the less UVB radiation is absorbed since melanin doesn’t absorb UVB radiation. Therefore people that live towards north have evolved to have lighter skin. Unless you live in Africa and supplement with Vitamin D chances are more than huge that you are Vitamin D deficient from October to March. Most of the people living in moderate climate zones (like southern Spain or Central Europe) have too dark skin and have too little sun exposure to synthesize enough Vitamin D during winter months. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with RAAS malfunction via increased Angiotensin II levels in plasma.

    Another thing regarding COVID-19 is the ACE2 gene and therefore receptor expression. It’s well known fact that ACE2 gene expression is more expressed in people of non-European ancestry. ACE2 is a heavy player in COVID-19 severity as infection with SARS-CoV-2 means more ACE2-receptors lost upon infection. Losing ACE2 receptors results in Angiotensin II increase (just the same way as low Vitamin D results in more Angiotensin II) which in turn drives formation of microthrombus, endothelial dysfunction, DVT and pulmonary embolism which we see in severe cases of COVID-19.

    Vitamin D is more than capable of bringing this pandemic under control but I guess you would like to have your $5 instead.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Marxian Lies Persist

    I can’t decide which is worse from the this “author”, the partisan sanctimoniousness or his insufferably arrogant attitude, though I suppose these are linked.

    It’s fairly simple and obvious. Hi Vitamin D levels (I maintain a 45-50 range) via supplements/sun exposure and moderately healthy lifestyle choices make all the difference in the world for not only Covid, but most health related questions. Duh.

    This is NOT “systemic racism” you LYING schmuck, but yeah, keep contributing to the “culture fire” started by hard leftists to destroy this society from within. Your editorializing would make PRAVDA proud.

    One paragraph is all that’s needed:

    Maintain minimum Vitamin D level of 30+ (though 40+ is encouraged via a inexpensive supplements and an average daily exposure to natural sunlight of 30-45 minutes per day). Moreover healthy dieting, moderate exercise and adequate nightly sleep contribute greatly to one’s overall immune system and general health. Darker skinned people are generally lower in vitamin D levels due to higher melanin levels vis-a-vis lighter skinned people.

    You’re welcome, Putz.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. This author went to a whole lot of trouble to make himself look like an idiot. I may not be an expert, but I’ve been reading about health topics for years, and many fine doctors and scientists have a lot to say about vitamin (hormone) D that is far more useful than any of this. Thankfully, many people above me have already explained what the author needs to hear.

    I won’t waste any more time commenting! Sad.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. If you even tried to stop being so sanctimonious and bothered to Check covid data from India you will realise that the fatality rate is very less than more urbanised countries. And even within India villages (where farmers live) have less deaths than cities.

    Nobody wears masks or take precautions against covid in Indian villages. I live near one. Then why are the death rates not increasing? Why is nobody from my neighbouring village dying of covid?

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Sheesh do you have an actual position on the topic? I couldn’t find one among the thousand words of sarcasm.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Stephanie G

    Why do you have to name call the president of the US as wizard. It’s so tacky. . Everybody is so ugly

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Thomas A.

    Absence of evidence, (or disagreement with evidence, ignorance of evidence, or ), isn’t the same thing as evidence of absence. With all due respect to Mr. Schneider’s credentials for evaluating science, there are scientists and pubic health researchers with much more impressive credentials, that strongly advocate for the use of Vitamin D and have presented compelling evidence.

    Has anyone seen this evidence from Dr. Rhonda Patrick?

    Dr. Patrick, Ph.D has published a prolific amount of research on the functioning of Vitamin D at the bio-molecular level, and she is easily recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the micronutrient.

    In the context of Covid, she desribes how Vitamin D normalizes the renin angiotensin system, by upregulating the ACE 2 receptor and downregulating renin, which protects against ARDS (Acute Respiratory Deficiency Syndrome) and acute lung injury. She also presents evidence, that Vitamin D in the blood, by upregulating soluble ACE 2 – which then binds to and sequesters viral particles – is another mechamism of protection against severe infection. She also provides recommendations about supplementation and maintaining proper Vitamin D levels, and she reveals her own supplementation protocol.

    To anyone reading this, please do yourself a favor: Stop reading pointless, rhetorical articles and start getting the valuable information you need to protect your health from real public health authorities like Dr. Patrick.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. The author is obviously a shill for some vaccine maker and uses his lack of knowledge about the workings of the immune system, immunology, nutrition etc to great effect. When he cannot dispute the science, he attacks the authors. Why doesn’t he list his conflicts of interests or maybe he cannot. This is the most unscientific and illogical argument for ignoring science, published studies, and common sense I have ever read. Vitamin D is probably the most important nutrient the body needs and uses. So important it is that every single nucleated cell int he body has a Vitamin D receptor in it and some have multiple receptors. In fact all the so called co-morbidities of COVID-19 “disease” are vitamin D deficiency problems. And Vitamin D is not even a vitamin, which he is not even aware of. It is a steroid hormone and BTW it is almost impossible to have any toxicity from it, since it is so tightly regulated in the body. The only way would be to take huge doses of calcitriol, not vitamin D3 or even 25(OH)D. What a jackarse.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Lee Rudolph

    “The author is obviously a shill for some vaccine maker”.

    Leonid, you’ve been busted. Better just close down this operation, change your name, and try to start over honestly.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. A science journalist? I wonder why he hasn’t cured the world yet. He seems to be pointing to his website for his cures. Conflict of interest or politically motivated hit piece?


  36. Old School

    Aside from the race-baiting and general lack of knowledge spouted. I quit the article and went straight to the comments where I actually learned something. If this guy is trying to get comments he’s a genius.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Pingback: Dirty diseased Neanderthals – For Better Science

  38. Comment on HCQ, author of the study probably already read all ~130 studies so he knows does it work, you think? here start combing meta>> to summarize he can save time (because he is lazy as we all are, and instead reading papers and doing research he likes to assassinate characters (Spanish study he refers to)here is condensate image All largest-n studies summed in single graphic… Why would CDC/NIH for their recommendations refer only study that is outlier!?, and what is LD50 of HCQ, since that is only study with higher dose, and was there intent? Of course he never asked these questions, but for his convenience some info can find here ah an one more “anecdote” 3.7x, when used in hands of more skillful operators benefits go up to 10x (Zelenko, Didier) results are boolean and very hard fo falsify (DEATH that is why remdesivir study was so fishy, they moved goal posts mid study, eng goal in the ned is reduce
    ICU stay, gee how bout saving lives…no? if they could only change death numbers in the study!) and baseline is surrounding (NY had way higher CFR as baseline)… but no…Leonid, what a sad cherry-picking hack…

    Liked by 1 person

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