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The End of Twitter

The grass root revolution continues, but I'm not on Twitter anymore.

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Many of you have noticed that my Twitter account with 13,400 followers has been suspended. Most likely permanently, but I will not be returning to Twitter anyway. I tried, it doesn’t work and actually I am not unhappy about that.

The reason I was suspended was a continuos campaign by French Nazis and other chloroquine fetishists spouting antisemitism, xenophobia, misogyny and threats of lethal violence. They kept reporting me for the ridiculing the crimes they and their idols themselves commit several times daily on Twitter and real life, without any sanctions from French authorities whatsoever. I was banned because they reported me as a One-Jew-Neonazi-Terror Cell.

Twitter (like Facebook, which I stopped using actively long ago) is a global enterprise which only answers to its billionaire investors and business customers. It polices its product range (i.e., the human Twitter community) by the algorithm based on how many reports it receives about spoilt produce. Exempt are of course celebrity fascists and quacks, you may recall that Donald Trump and Steve Bannon accounts were only suspended when these dangerous people lost their political power completely and thus their business appeal. Or do you really think Twitter would have suspended Trump’s account had his fascist Capitol storm succeeded and USA became a fascist dictatorship?

Because of the coordinated attacks by French Nazis who took issue with me being an jumped-up Jew, I was sanctioned by Twitter several times before my account was permanently suspended. What was the last drop? I satirised the vicious attacks on scientists who discuss the lab leak theory of the COVID-19 pandemic. Scientists who merely point out the lack of all evidence for zoonotic or “frozen red herring” origin. Scientists who merely reference peer reviewed literature about gain-of-function coronavirus research in Wuhan and elsewhere, official documents or the bizarre disappearance thereof, records of previous leaks and security breaches, the constant lies by the Chinese Communist Party, and the old media reports quoting the very same people who now aggressively try to silence everyone who even mentions lab leak.

Twitter was an unhealthy addiction for me anyway, I wasted too much time on it, time I could have used more productively. The only thing I miss about being on Twitter is the useful information I have been occasionally discovering and the means of communications with my readers.

This does not have to end. You can share this information with me, just contact me by email, via my phone (WhatsApp and Signal), Facebook or LinkedIn direct message, or via my site contact form:

The remaining Leonid Schneider on Twitter is a fake one (Is it you, Ajan? Or you, Fred Frontiers?), and there soon might be more of these now that the real one was banned. Interestingly, I once reported that fake account for impersonating me using my photo and my cartoons. Twitter made me send a scan of my personal ID to prove I am Leonid Schneider. After that, Twitter informed me there was nothing wrong with that impersonator account tweeting covid-19 conspiracies. So now I indeed became the fake Leonid Schneider, and this is social media for you. Now I look forward to be sued for what fake accounts with my stolen identity will tweet.

As you know, I have been sued several times, including over tweets. So again, maybe it’s not such a big loss to be off Twitter. Lawsuits are costly, if you can support me, you can do it here:


If you are interested to support my work, you can leave here a small tip of $5. Or several of small tips, just increase the amount as you like (2x=€10; 5x=€25). Your generous patronage of my journalism will be most appreciated!


There is also a monthly support option, e.g.

Finally, you can share my articles. This site will remain, and because I won’t be wasting time tweeting, I can spend more time writing.

A revolution with one central figure will fail. In certain other countries which quacks and fraudsters I wrote about, I would be probably dead already, or something would happen to my children (including in France, where the antisemitic chloroquine quack Pr Derriere is allowed to openly incite to murder, on Twitter of course). In Germany I merely got sued, and with your generous financial support I managed it so far.

So let’s continue our grass root revolution of science. Before you waited for me to tweet something, now do it yourself. Use social media (if it lets you), write emails, tell friends in chats.

Subscribe to my site. It costs you nothing, your identity is protected, and you will be always informed:

We can make it work. I am still there, and I will keep writing, with your help, now even more so.

Yours, Leonid

19 comments on “The End of Twitter

  1. Lippman, Marc E, M.D.

    i worked with an attorney some years ago on a case. her main job at the time was to fly to florida from DC every week and read the galley proofs of the National Enquirer to be as sure as she could that they were not going to result in lawsuits for which obviously you have been the target.

    personally, i am the biggest fan of what we call first amendment rights in this country, and as long as your facts are right [ or right to the best of your ability ] and there is no personal connection i think you are in the right and very courageous indeed.

    having said all that, i hope you will not take offense if i say that on [rare] occasions i tiny bit of proofreading and consideration before hitting the send key could – if anything – increase your positive influence on science. i am sure the litigation is burdensome and if avoided all the better.

    Marc Lippman MD, MACP, FRCP

    Professor of Oncology and Internal Medicine,

    Georgetown University.

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  2. Hey Leonid – this is outrageous. But we know Twitter by now. There’s a new option that’s being developed by activists called Panquake – as a substitute for Twitter and other corrupt social media. Check it out. Hopefully it will catch on.


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  4. Snowleopard39

    It’s a real shame and their loss, Leonid. I am looking forward to enjoy your excellent journalism regardless Twitter exclusion and will support you best where we can.


  5. Klaas van Dijk

    hi Leonid,

    I was following your tweets and I am very disappointed that your account got suspended. I am wondering for already quite a while why Twitter allows it that people like Pieter Borger and Claire Craig and Simon Goddek can continue with posting tweets with all kind of fake news about the corona pandemy.

    Pieter Borger is a young earth creationist who adores to have a solid debate with evolutionists (like you). Pieter Borger wrote about me in a comment alongside : “The problem with Van Dijk and his “skeptic” group is their intolerance towards other beliefs. He is convinced that his faith is the only truth. A fundamental Darwinian zealot, he is unable to accept (or maybe he does not understand) that modern biology completely refuted his darwinian faith’.”

    Simon Goddek stated on 10 April 2021 at : “The fact that the media is trying to label pseudoscience as THE SCIENCE™ while discrediting upright researchers without conflicts of interest will cause substantial long-term damages to both media and scientific credibility.”

    It seems therefore very likely that Pieter Borger and Simon Goddek and their allies will like it very much that you will make a good story at forbetterscience about their current activities at Twitter.

    Simon Goddek stated on 4 April 2021 at Twitter: “The main reason why doctors and pharmacists usually don’t recommend taking 5000 IU of vitamin D per day is because they don’t want to lose customers.”

    All the best,

    Klaas van Dijk / The Netherlands


  6. NMH, the failed scientist and incel

    I loved your twitter feed. Funny, and links to other issues I wasn’t aware of that is of interest to me. But then again, this will free of time for me to actually get some other stuff done (!).

    I am greatly disturbed that the complete rejection of the lab leak hypothesis is being used as virtue signaling by scientists. If it is an unreasonable hypothesis, it should be rejected, but I think most scientists interviewed outside of liberal PC academia would have to admit its possible with a good chance of being correct. It should be a scientific issue, not a political one that can be used to show you are not a racist. Asking good questions about this issue and being silenced by a public forum is pretty disturbing.


    • Thing is, most scientists, at least those with some knowledge, think a lab leak origin of SARS-CoV2 is between possible and likely. Even those who deny it know.
      As your fellow American said: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.
      I personally tend to believe that SARS-CoV2 was a bioengineered Nature paper about universal coronavirus vaccines which went slightly wrong. The good news: It delivered many more Nature papers and lots of extra funding into gain-of-function virus research. Hooray!


      • NMH, the failed scientist and incel

        Gain-of-function virus research is a bad idea, but if scientists get government money and nature/science/cell papers from it, they will be happy to do it. This may be especially true in cultures that have something to prove to the world, that revere getting ahead of others and high status. Its been said the world not end with a bang, but with a whimper. This is, IMO, is how it will end. Hopefully after I’m dead (but at least David Sinclair and Larry Page will be alive drinking NAD-laced resveratrol).


      • Well, the gain-of-function coronavirus research in Wuhan was done in collaboration with US scientists and sponsored by the USA. The job of Peter Daszak (the man the world tasked with investigating COVID-19 origins) was to funnel the money from NIH and Pentagon via his Ecohealth Alliance to Wuhan Institute of Virology.
        Science is global these days, and so are its products!


  7. Leonid,

    Make sure your “forbetterscience” database is hosted by reliable cloud provider.

    AWS also removed Parler database on the ground that it’s their rights. iTune removed Parler as well. It’s not about I support blue or red. It’s about Freedom of Speech and it’s encroaching slowly and deleteriously for those who are speaking the truth.


  8. W. MacDougall

    I reported you twice for comments I found deeply offensive about gay people.

    Whether in jest or not, these were entirely unacceptable.


  9. NMH, the failed scientist and incel

    Heh. I had to put up with a full post of a book report of a female author wanting to subjugate incels in some fashion and I had to put up with it. Some people just need to grow a pair. OOps, this maybe reported….


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  11. What a disaster, who will understand my very poor jokes about the Soviet Union, Izvestia, Pravda etc. now :(.

    Going to have to come on here every day and tweet the hell out of the latest!

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  12. The hunt now happens on LinkedIn.
    Two of my recent posts were removed, I received this message:

    Your post goes against LinkedIn policies
    Your post goes against our policy on misinformation. It has been removed and only you can access it. View your post. In case you’re not familiar with our policy on misinformation, we encourage you to review our Professional Community Policies.

    The offending posts went “The intellectual Leaps of Joe Shapiro” plus this link:
    “Prof Jean Bousquet’s Sauerkraut Therapy”

    It seems, mass-reporting random posts works on LinkedIn also. Nobody even looks at things before censoring them. Let’s see how long before LinkedIn kick me out.
    And now LinkedIn Authorities educate me that EVERYTHING I write is “misinformation” and will be deleted.


  13. Gab is not a bad place, at least you can speak freely . There are all kinds of voices there. That’s the beauty of true freedom.


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