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Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 13.08.2021 – New Anti-Aging Sh*t

Schneider Shorts 13.08.2021: new Operation Cytokine Storm – the sequel, the REAL origin of COVID-19, News in Brief from China, new Nature Shit journal with new study on stool transplants against old age, Russians can bullshit, too, and a demented old man in Marseille with Vicks VapoRub up his nose.

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The communal misconduct by Zhenhe Suo in Olso

“the Committee believes that when carelessness or scientific dishonesty can be found in so many articles with so many different authors in question, there must be a lack of training and / or lack of control over data handling. The committee therefore believes that it is qualified probability that there has been an institutional system error when it comes to training. The committee believes that good routines for training are a line responsibility and can not only be attributed to group or project manager.”