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Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 25.02.2022 – How to Get Fit and Live Longer

Schneider Shorts of 25.02.2022 – with lots of advice on life extension and exercise, featuring an anti-Hobbit contrarian on meat diet, a sexual harasser’s academic family, a peculiar COVID-19 cure from Japan, new trouble for a dirty old man in Marseille, and other toxic men of science.

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The Kathrin Maedler Dynasty

German diabetologist Kathrin Maedler is a central figure of a questionable academic dynasty. Using Photoshop simulations, she discovered a cure for diabetes, which was then allegedly validated in clinical trials led by her Swiss PhD advisor Marc Donath. 15 years later, the Maedler-Donath diabetes cure was proven as utterly ineffective by same Donath, in another clinical trial. Maedler’s own PhD student, Amin Ardestani is group leader in Bremen, despite data irregularities and unacknowledged textual reuse in his thesis.