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Christian Perronne and other Chronic Lymericks

France is enthralled by the charm of Professor Christian Perronne. With COVID-19 almost vanquished by chloroquine magic, what about the Chronic Lyme Disease? Smut Clyde goes where even Didier Raoult refused to go.

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You all know Didier Raoult, the genius saint of Marseille who saved the world from COVID-19 with the miracle cure of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine. But now we will meet another French male intellectual, a constant feature on national TV, and a #HCQw0rks friend of Raoult’s from Paris, Christian Perronne, professor of infectious diseases at the University of Versailles-St Quentin.

Smut Clyde will tell you what else Perronne is up to, and what kind of interesting people he befriended on his quest to cure the elusive mystery malaise of Chronic Lyme Disease.

Professor Perronne is presently the biggest promoter of Raoult’s coronavirus therapy on French media. Earlier this year he even published his own little clinical study with hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 life-saver. It was a preprint which Raoult endorsed and which Perronne then retracted, with a request for the preprint not to be cited. All this is funny because, according to a blog post by Alexander Samuel, Perronne used hydroxychloroquine (sold in France as Plaquenil) and azithromycine (sold as Zythromax) for a very different purpose before: to treat autism. The blog references this Twitter thread:

Samuel writes:

But [Perronne] is best known for being a founding member of Chronimed, a group of doctors around [Nobel Prize winner and quackery enthusiast Luc] Montagnier, who have “treated” thousands of long-term autistic children with cocktails of antibiotics, antifungals and antiparasitics. He talks about it in his book  and at conferences (2h02m50s):

Suzanne Ruhlmann reported it on her twitter account with in particular these elements showing that Dr Perronne is indeed a member of Chronimed, that he has done tests on autistic children and that doctors from the Chronimed network have even prescribed hydroxychloroquine / azithromycin in this context to autistic children:

The Chronimed doctors also treat Lyme, which gets us closer to the post by Smut Clyde, because Chronic Lyme Disease is what Perronne is really famous for (or notorious, if you like). Unlike the actually existing Lyme Disease or Lyme borreliosis, which is a tick-borne infection, Chronic Lyme Disease is a stealthy pandemic, which appears even in absence of ticks, and which is undiagnosable by standard laboratory means because of a giant conspiracy, and is curable only by finest quackery.

In 2016, Perronne spearheaded a Chronic Lyme Disease appeal by 100 fellow doctors, demanding “public funding”, including to “improve diagnostic tests, which are currently unreliable” and a “Stop of the prosecution of doctors who do not follow official recommendations (2006 consensus) to treat their patients“. The campaign was covered by the French newspaper L’Obs, an interview with Perronne followed.

Later, there was a kind of 188 page long Manifesto in 2018, where numerous Chronic Lymericks gathered whom Smut Clyde will introduce to you at his leisure. Here a quote:

In France in February 2017, a wheelchair-bound patient long diagnosed with neurodegenerative illness was ‘cured’ by Prof. Christian Perronne after three months of antimicrobial treatment and began to ski again.”

Now, girls and boys, remember your Sunday school, how the lame rose to walk? Exactly. But Professor Perronne made the lame ski, so beat this, Jesus. But then again, Professor Raoult raised the dead with chloroquine, so there.

Raoult may be a deranged looney, but he was known to be a strong opponent of the Chronic Lyme Disease diagnosis (he might have changed his mind, who knows). Shortly after Perronne’s campaign in 2016, Raoult raged against “Lyme Disease Zombies” in an opinion piece. But now that hydroxychloroquine enthusiast Perronne keeps advocating for Raoult’s COVID-19 all over national TV, Raoult sends direct and indirect support to the colleague he used to despise. For example, the glowing Perronne admiration over Twitter from Raoult’s own human sockpuppet at IHU Marseille, Eric Chabriere, is quite telling.

The grand Chronic Lyme Disease doctor, who claims to have “treated a lot of people” and “saved hundreds of people in distress, disabled and even on the verge of suicide“, does not publish much on this topic. Presently, there are 16 entries on PubMed in this regard, almost exclusively opinion pieces, two of which in Medical Hypotheses, an Elsevier journal popular with looneys and quacks. When asked by journalists as to why there were hardly any research papers, Perronne replied:

“I was the victim of fierce censorship”

In the same article, Perronne explained that Lyme Disease was introduced to US by a Nazi bacteriologist who smuggled in the ticks on behalf of US military after WWII, and there is a huge cover-up going on, with Perronne obviously as the main victim. A source at the French Ministry of Heath was quoted describing Perronne as a “genius“, utterly unironically. No wonder the genius used to act as advisor to same ministry and president of the High Council of Public Health.

The most recent study by Perronne, from early 2020, claims to have developed a PCR detection technology for Chronic Lyme Disease. It appeared in Frontiers, where it is in a good company.

In 2012, Perronne wrote in The Lancet, as reply to Chronic Lyme Disease sceptics:

Paul Auwaerter and colleagues1 compare some Lyme disease activists who use non-evidence-based arguments with anti-HIV or antivaccination extremists. Their Personal View shows that unscientific thinking and malpractice occur in many specialties. Such a focus has unfortunately resulted in suppression of legitimate and necessary scientific debate about the management of syndromes of unclear aetiology, which sometimes occur after a previously proven episode of Lyme disease or tick bites.

Now Smut Clyde does the same (although he first profusely pays his disrespect to various other Lyme quacks, in particular Sin Hang Lee). How can Professor Perronne take such science-denialists like Smut Clyde seriously?

Chronic Lymericks

By Smut Clyde

We sing now of Doc Sin Hang Lee
Whose bonnet contained a large bee.
His test for chron. Lymers
Went wrong from bad primers…
He blamed it on C of DC.

Dr Sin Hang Lee is a litigious vexation, spraying out lawsuits with all the profligacy of Rudy Giuliani dispersing spittle. I knew of his court-case and subsequent appeal against the FDA, for that agency’s failure to certify his proprietary home-bake super-secret form of PCR as a standard test for Human Papilloma Virus; and against the Milford Hospital for denying him access to its facilities, and against previous employers for allowing him to sign a contract. The CDC litigation was new to me, though, so thanks @LymeScience.
The soap opera of Stupid ran roughly like this:

Sin Hang Lee: I hear you’re seeking a better test for Lyme Disease! My high-fidelity double-secret-probation DNA amplification method detects acute and persistent Lyme with 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity.

CDC: OK, prove it – here are 32 blood-serum samples. Pick out the 12 from people who’d had Lyme.

SHL: That was totally a trick question – none of the samples had traces of Lyme DNA. There was one case of a Lyme-like pathogen, hitherto unknown to science, so I wrote a paper.


SHL: The CDC has broken the contract that they implicitly offered by taking me seriously! Also they defamed me in public with those negative reports that became public when I published them! Now they owe me $57.1 million in damages!!

Before proceeding to that peculiar corner of alternate-universe epidemiology known as Chronic Lyme Disease, a little more Lee-related background. As entrepreneur of cancer-curing green tea, he dazzled us for centuries with a series of wondrous creations, such as the hermetic teapot for brewing antioxidant green tea [for dogs with lymphoma] away from oxygen. Also, a haemorrhoid-curing butt-plug. It was his membership of the Aluminati that first brought Lee to my attention, however.

Specifically, Dr Lee reckons that his black-box PCR can detect HPV DNA contaminants within Gardasil that remain invisible to everyone else’s PCR, because the DNA is in a special non-double-helical conformation. That conformation also allows the Dark-Matter DNA to bind to particles of aluminium-salt adjuvant, meaning that it is transfered to the recipient’s brain when macrophage white blood cells absorb the particles and migrate brainwards across the BBB (a bus service they have evolved to provide). Once in the brain, the aberrant DNA unwinds from adjuvant particles and causes heart failure. He should be more explicit here in Step 2.

At one point Lee and the antivax lobbyists fraudsters SANE-Vax offered their services of finding DNA contamination in samples of vaccines or body fluids. No more was heard of this offer so I guess that it was not a great income stream.

To the surprise of absolutely no-one, Lee responded to the current global COVID pandemic by pushing others aside in his haste to get his snout in the trough. There is a new paper in a tiny no-profile newsletter from hobbyists in Japan, advertised in a flurry of press-releases (for Lee sprays out paid press-releases with all the profligacy of Donald Trump dispersing aerosolised virus). We learn from it that when his unique, self-validated technique was applied to reference samples intended for calibrating COVID tests, it did not find SARS-COV-2 RNA in the correct ones. A rapid microbiology editorial opens to tell of “A well-known US public health laboratory pathologist“:

He has reported that the CDC tests generated 30% false-positive and 20% false-negative results at his laboratory. Sin Hang Lee re-tested 20 reference samples provided by the Connecticut State Department of Public Health Microbiology Laboratory Division to arrive at this conclusion, according to the published article.
These reference samples were tested by the State Microbiology Laboratory with the CDC test kit and used as the standard reference to guide local laboratories to develop tests for SARS-CoV-2 in clinical specimens from suspected COVID-19 patients

Therefore the samples are wrong, with the corollary that all the approved tests must be giving the same false positives, thereby overestimating the prevalence of COVID-19.

These press releases are clearly designed for the eyes of the Trump administration, with the goal of having Lee’s Milford Molecular Diagnosis (a.k.a. Milford Medical Laboratory) appointed as the national COVID test provider. So far, though, Lee’s statement of incompetence is still working its slow way through the human centipede of antivax websites. Not to forget a FB video from James Lyons-Weiler, who does not mention that JL-W was the hand-picked peer reviewer who advised the International Japanese Journal of Geriatrics and Rehabilitation to accept the paper (with the editor as the other reviewer).

The press releases end by urging interested parties / potential collaborators to contact Kevin Moore, who is concurrently Dr Lee’s business partner, lawyer, and promoter. Like a white lab-coat for photographs, every top scientist needs a personal pimp. One can only hope that the press-agenting from Moore is better than his litigation advice.

But wait, that’s not all! – for Moore is a man of many hats, and we also find him in the role of Astroturf landscaper. In 2014 he was President and Executive Director of CALRB (Coalition Against Lyme and Related Borrelioses), a wholly-legit entity set up to voice the concerns of thousands dozens Sin Hang Lee and to lobby the Connecticut legislature to spend more $$$ on testing for Lyme Disease among the citizenry (preferably using one particular laboratory). CALRB issued press releases implying the attendance & support of the notables it had invited to speak at a Symposium, before fading back into the quantum vacuum, leaving no trace of its existence. Just saying, the no-longer-extant CALRB website was registered in the name of Jessica Vigliotti — Lee’s laboratory employee and co-author of his junk papers.

The Coalition Against Lyme and Related Borrelioses, Inc. (CALRB), a non-profit organization which promotes science based Lyme disease testing and research, agrees with Dr. Lee’s approach, said Kevin Moore, president and executive director of CALRB.

Which brings us, fortuitously enough, into the purview of Lyme Disease, the long-buried lede! In some ways Lee could be mistaken for a hexarrhinous Rhinograde such as Eledonopsis suavis, for it must be difficult to fit a single snout into so many troughs at once.

This is not the Lyme Disease of mainstream medicine: characterised by some combination of a tick bite, an acute local inflammatory response, long-term sequelae, antibodies once the Borellia spirochaetes have migrated into tissues and vanished from the bloodstream, and a good response to antibodies. This is the Alt-Med version of Chronic Lyme Disease, a shapeshifting chameleonic condition, with diagnostic features that are limited — along with the details and duration of treatment — only by the diagnostician’s imagination and the depth of the patient’s pockets.

Mixed-up chameleon

For it is a truth universally acknowledged that a sector of the population in possession of chronic, often crippling malaise must be in want of validation, in the form of an organic disease diagnosis. And for reasons into which we need not enter, Lyme Disease was collectively chosen to fill that void.

I am not here to add to the existing literature devoted to the deaths and damage caused by Lyme-Literate Doctors, from infections in patients whom they’d stitched up with long-term catheters for interminable antibiotic treatments, to their neglect of less factitious disease. This is more of an excuse to recycle previous Riddled blogging on the fascinating personalities one encounters in the subculture, in the absence of the Louis Theroux documentary that it so badly needs. On the diagnostic side, in addition to Sin Hang Lee, I am contractually obliged to mention the ‘Ruggiero-Klinghardt Protocol’.

Klinghardt’s contribution to this collaboration was his Autonomic Response Testing, which is essentially diagnosis by dowsing: the practitioner treats the client’s body as a Ouija board. The Dark-Ages magical thinking has been filtered through the ‘Applied Kinesthesiology’ fabulations of a 1960s chiroquacktor, for Klinghardt prefers to steal grifts from others than to devise his own.

According to Dr Klinghardt:

“1. The First Law of Autonomic Response Testing – the law of resonance between two identical substances (this law has been most clearly identified by the research of Y.Omura, MD): if a substance is held in the energy field of a person and the indicator muscle weakens, the identical substance is in the body (resonance between two identical substances). If the substance is only in a particular organ, ganglion or other structure, the test substance has to be held exactly over this area. A variation of this test is the most common A.R.T. test: the examiner finds a structure that therapy-localizes (while holding it, the indicator muscle weakens). The indicator-muscle becomes strong, when the resonating substance is placed anywhere on the patient.”

Ruggiero’s contribution was his special practice of incompetent cranial ultrasonography. This features an inappropriate soft-tissue ultrasound scanner with too little pulse strength to penetrate the skull, followed by misidentification of the inevitable artefacts (facilitated by enhancement of those artefacts with photoshop, and an unawareness of how ultrasound works). Ruggiero claims to be trained in radiography, and boasts of mad intuitive ultrasonography skills. He also delights in using his self-proclaimed expertise to convince credulous clients that they are on the verge of death, but this will not be part of the final exam.

The “unaffiliated distributor” Nordic Laboratories have a broader business plan, apparently selling confirmation of any diagnosis that the customer has already decided on, but when when they are not competing with [or outsourcing to] Doctors Data for the heavy-metal hair-analysis market, they recognise the lucrative potential of the Chronic-LD Munchausen clientele. As acknowledged atAlliance for Natural Health” (a mutual-support / lobby group of pill-pimps and med-fraudsters), the business model at Nordic Labs could not exist without UK doctors and their reluctance to create the evidence desired by their hypochondriac patients. As the Alliance for Natural Health informs us:

Chris Moore, Managing Director of Nordic Laboratories, ascertained very quickly that of the 100 or so patients in the room, only around one-fifth had actually received a positive laboratory test. Yet these patients are living in the tatters of lives torn apart by the symptoms of Borrelia infection and all of them had to seek (and fund) their own treatment because nothing is available on the NHS. He made the point that times have changed. Patients are now very informed and know a lot about their own health and are looking to their doctors for support, not dismissal.

Despite the company title, the clientele is English and the company is a trading name for ‘Simply Nature’ (shared with various similar grifts), Chris Moore’s supplements and cosmetics pill-mill in East Sussex. We can only speculate which of the connotations of “Nordic” is desired here… the “rectitude & probity” one? “Minimalist design”? “Grim-dark police-procedural TV series where the horrors of the murders are rivalled only by the bleakness of the protagonist’s personal life?

Nordic Labs maintain the fiction of branches in several Scandiwegian capitals including Lisbon and Oporto. I cannot swear that these are all upstairs from amber souvenir shops and ‘Shanghai’ Chinese restaurants. The unprepossessing ground floor access need not deter us for they are not a laboratory per se, but rather a middle-man, a one-stop shop (“we liaise between practitioners and testing laboratories“). To relieve you of the burden of researching all the options and deciding which laboratory to trust, they forward your samples to anonymous specialists and then place your results on-line. Or perhaps there are no lab-tests at all – why bother?

Anyway, one group within the Lymerati are keen to subsume Chronic fatigue syndrome, or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME-CFS) under their Lymebrella, convinced that “ME-CFS” is simply a mis-diagnosis of Chronic-LD. They remind me of the French antivaxxers who insist that “ME-CFS” is simply a mis-diagnosis of post-vaccination aluminium-adjuvant toxicity, not to mention the hard-core Judy Mikovits fans who still insist that “ME-CFS” is simply a mis-diagnosis of XMRV infection; and if the three groups want to settle the issue by gladiatorial combat, I will buy arena tickets.

Another school of thought has it that access to an Lyme Disease diagnosis is a fundamental human right, and that LD-Denial is a crime against humanity. I am not making this up; nor am I inventing the school’s chief proponent Jenna Luché-Thayer, who styles herself on her FaceBorg and LinkedIn pages as Human Rights Expert and “Consulting Senior Advisor”, advising governments and the UN and NGOs.

This is probably true, much as Glendower could call the spirits from the vasty deep (as can any man). The question is whether governments sought or even noticed her advice. The fact that Luché-Thayer appropriated and crudely retouched the logo of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, to foster the impression that her crusade takes place under the aegis of that office, does not fill me with confidence. Nor does the credence she placed in Sin Hang Lee’s impostures, in a 2018 manifesto extruded through WASET (a famously skeezy parasitical publisher).

But look again at the second author of that manifesto, C. Perronne. The name is familiar from a reference list of authoritative sources, provided in the CALRB astroturf, focused on but not limited to Sin Hang Lee:

[1] Perronne C. Lyme and associated tick-borne diseases: global challenges in the context of a public health threat. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2014 Jun 3;4:74.
[2] Stricker RB, Johnson L. Lyme disease: call for a “Manhattan Project” to combat the epidemic. PLoS Pathog. 2014 Jan;10(1):e1003796.
[3] Lee SH, Vigliotti VS, Vigliotti JS, Jones W, Pappu S. Increased Sensitivity and Specificity of Borrelia burgdorferi 16S Ribosomal DNA Detection. Am J Clin Path. 2010; 133:569-576.
[4] Lee SH, Vigliotti VS, Vigliotti JS, Jones W, Williams J, Walshon J. Early Lyme disease with spirochetemia – diagnosed by DNA sequencing. BMC Res Notes. 2010 Nov 1; 3:273.
[5] Lee SH, Vigliotti JS, Vigliotti VS, Jones W, Shearer DM. Detection of Borreliae in Archived Sera from Patients with Clinically Suspect Lyme Disease. Int J of Mol Sci. 2014; 15:4284-4298.
[6] Lee SH, Vigliotti JS, Vigliotti VS, Jones W, Moorcroft TA, Lantsman K. DNA Sequencing Diagnosis of Off-Season Spirochetemia with Low Bacterial Density in Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia miyamotoi Infections. Int J of Mol Sci. 2014; 15:11364-11386.
[7] Jürgens GJ. Zur Ätiologie und Pathogenese des Abdominaltyphus. Ztschr. f. klin. Med., Berl. 1904; 52: 40-97.

In accordance with the Rule of Three, here’s that name again – this time on the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Lyme Disease Association of Australia.

Now strenuous efforts in Australia to find a reservoir of Borrelia in native or introduced wildlife came up with two-thirds of sweet fuck-all, while equally strenuous efforts to find a local tick species capable of transmitting the non-present spirochaete were equally unsuccessful. But this was no hindrance to a memetic contagion, and somehow the Lymes belief system metastatised to the XXXX continent (and even to NZ, though details are omitted as the rabbit-hole leads swiftly to Munchausen-by-Proxy, which is hard to make funny about). So the LDAA exists, its members convinced that Chronic Lyme Disease is endemic there but kept secret by governmental policy.

For a while I was following the exploits of Tasmanian Woman Lucy Corrigan, and her Lyme-Awareness movement FaceBorg page, “Vector-borne Illness Community Action Network”. Corrigan was an exponent of the “Wellness movement” with a Lyme-related “Wounded Healer” origin story, and together they provided 80% of my daily minimum requirement of Klinghardt Content. Sadly, both have fallen off the radar, leaving little trace other than a slacktivist petition. While it existed, the wish-list for VICAN’s activism was roughly as follows:

  • Vindication & Recognition of Chronic Lyme self-diagnoses.
  • Mainstream medicine is evil, and corrupt, and has failed to develop a cure, and the portions are so small.
  • There should be a vaccine for Lyme Disease, and vaccines are evil.
  • Long-term IV antibiotics have horrible side-effects — thanks, Mainstream Medicine! — and the Lyme-Literate quacks who prescribe them are martyrs to the cause.
  • Holistic / complementary / functional modalities of healing are the way forward, but our state of incurable disability must be recognised.

Anyway… back to Christian Perronne, a leading light in the Chronic Lyme Disease community. His importance to Australian lymerati (and further afield) is as their biggest source of credibility, for he is (inter alia) Professor of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris-Ile de France-Ouest, University of Versailles-St Quentin en Yvelines. His French Whackyweedia entry is thorough, now that the editing wars have died down. I am not au courant with the Byzantine politics of French medical scholarship, or the way that academic power-bases are acquired… suffice to say that Perronne ranks roughly with Didier Raoult

I mention Raoult (a familiar figure to Leonid’s readers) because Perronne also went Maverick and became another convert to the Cult of Hydroxychloroquine, listening more to his clinical intuition than to mere data idolatry or blind faith in random controlled trials. Professor Perronne spoke from the highest academic pulpit possible, in Science:

The French Ministry of Health has been “incredibly rigid” and has “diabolized” hydroxychloroquine, Perronne tells ScienceInsider. He says there is considerable—though “imperfect and often unpublished”—evidence that the drug has benefits, and he believes its side effects are rare and easy to avoid. Perronne says he has refused to enroll patients in a randomized trial of hydroxychloroquine because a placebo group would be “unethical” for a fatal disease. Instead, he recently decided to give the drug to all patients except the mildest cases.

He is displaying the early symptoms of Nobel Disease, as if he has already received a Nobel, at least in his mind. This is always a danger in hierarchical cultures, where high elevation means that you can surround yourself with people telling you with whatever you want to hear… it is the old problem of too many courtiers and not enough court jesters.

Feudal hierarchies are also minefields of subtle status distinctions that mean a lot to the people whom they distinguish, and for all I know, comparing Perronne and Raoult may be a social solecism like giving equal precedence to a Baronet and a Knight of the Bath. Anyway, here is the man himself, explaining that all between Raoult and himself is collegial amity:

Raoult may feel otherwise. He has heaped scholarly scorn on the Chronic Lyme delusion, and on those who promote it – identifying though not naming Perronne. To be honest, this inclines me to think better of Perronne. Raoult is of course a recognised expert, at least in the fields of Rickettsiae pathology and of photobombing Jean-Michel Claverie’s megavirus discoveries, so his opinion does count for something. Subsequent suggestions in the French press that Perronne’s advocacy of HCQ is more effective than Raoult’s “because he’s a nicer guy” will have gone down like the Titanic in a punch-bowl.

Perronne has so far featured in three PubPeer threads. One for a preprint on HCQ, which the authors withdraw from intention to publish while they took on board the criticism of their statistical analyses. Two for retracted papers on wormwood tea (Artemisia) as cures for malaria and schistosomiasis. I refer you to RetractionWatch for the details, as it is a complex beast of a story that defies my attempts at a summary [and if RW bores you witless, read For Better Science on how artemisia extracts are supposed to cure COVID-19, -LS]. Also, not necessarily relevant, as the general view has it that Perronne’s contributions were sufficiently minor that rather than tar him with the brush of co-authorship, we should ask what he’d done to earn it.

One should note that Perronne is staunchly pro-vaccines for public health, and ridicules the whole “Aluminium-based-vaccine-adjuvants-turned-me-into-a-newt!” belief system. He is not really the kind of maverick that Alt-Med antivaxxers are seeking, and I doubt that he’d welcome Sin Hang Lee’s embrace.

I do not know which French words rhyme and scan with “Perronne” so the task of writing a suitably Lymerick is left as an exercise for the reader.

The whole team together! “© Copyright 2018. Global Network on Institutional Discrimination and Ad Hoc Committee for Health Equity in ICD11 Borreliosis Codes.”

From this 2018 report:

Dr. Perronne is Labeled a Terrorist

Dr. Perronne gave a plenary presentation at the National Academy of Medicine on September 21, 2016 in France. The balcony was full of journalists, Lyme patients and Lyme doctors and the Academicians sat in the main floor area. Perronne’s presentation demonstrated the poor reliability of the LB diagnostic tests, the persistence of Borrelia, the existence of co-infections and the lack of good studies to evaluate treatments. He also provided many published references to support his presentation.A former professor of infectious diseases in Paris and former President of the Academy, Prof. Marc Gentilini (retired), shared his views regarding Perronne’s presentation during the following question session. Perronne remembers that Gentilini began his comments with, “I order you to retract immediately”. Gentilini went on to say that Perronne had given “an irrational talk” and that he was a “terrorist”. Loud boos came from the balcony. Perronne stayed calm and gently but firmly responded to the chargesby Gentilini. Loud applause followed Perronne’s response. Gentilini’s face then paled in color.”

Addendum by Smut Clyde:

What with the limitations of space, and wanting to focus attention on Perronne, I left R.E.D. Laboratories out of the Chronic Lyme Testing section of the post. That source of tests is of interest, though, as it links the overlapping magisteria of LD, XMRV and ME/CFS. But first some context.

Back in the days, if you followed the right bulletin boards you’d encounter the names of four doctors who strode the ME/CFS world like giants: Paul Cheney, Derek Enlander, Marco Ruggiero and Kenny de Meirleir. As well as a sympathetic ear they offered organic diagnoses and organic cures, so they were superstars to the ME/CFS community, and lack of faith in their pronouncements could lead to a Shunning. For a while it became their collective opinion that ME/CFS was caused by excessive Nagalase activity, leading to a deficiency of GcMAF.

Drs Enlander and Ruggiero developed competing forms of Magical Mystery Yoghurt, suitable for consumption by mouth or per vas nefandu, with carefully-curated microbiomes that would turn milk proteins into the missing GcMAF (Ruggiero went on to broaden his scope and cure AIDS, autism and cancer as well, and to sell purified GcMAF concentrate). Cheney was a yoghurt / GcMAF evangelist. Meanwhile, and more to the point, De Meirleir founded R.E.D. Laboratories in Belgium to test Nagalase activities (as well as many other blood tests). I hasten to add that he subsequently sold his share so there was no impropriety in referring his customers to be treated there.

Then Judy Mikovits came along with her “ME/CFS = XMRV” breakthrough, to the excitement of the community, so R.E.D. added XMRV testing to their repertoire. Specifically, they licensed Mikovits’ test, as commercialised at the Whittemores’ VIPdx / Redlabs facility. There were some personnel shared between Redlabs (US) and R.E.D. Labs (Belgium) but no financial links, and the similarity of names may be coincidental.

Mikovits turned out to be faking her results, so she responded by denouncing VIPdx, and the mood deteriorated quickly. XMRV tests disappeared from the R.E.D. menu. Anyway, moving on to the present, we find R.E.D. Labs with new personnel, and a Lyme-test grifting as their core activity (and COVID-19 exploitation, of course):

They became quite single-focus. The most recent “News” updates from R.E.D. Labs are “Review on our Phelix Borrelia Phage Test by Dr David Jernigan”; “Video : Maladie de Lyme, des patients en errance”; “R.E.D. Laboratories at the Crypto-Infections, Sept. 26-27, 2020 Virtual Conference”; “R.E.D. Laboratories at the ILADS, Sept. 10-13, 2020 Virtual Conference”; and “Lyme Disease Awareness Month”.

Then there was this from last year:

Monday, April 15, 2019

The patients, in collaboration with Stichting Happy Motion, have made the documentary SOS Lyme, ‘an invisible epidemic’ with the aim of distributing it internationally. The film by director Pim Giel discusses the severity of Lyme disease such as paralysis, pain, spasms, but also about the consequences such as, out-of-home placement, alleged child abuse, euthanasia, benefit issues and misdiagnosis. Not only patients with chronic Lyme are in the video, but also international specialists like Dr. Richard Horowitz (USA), Dr. Armin Schwarzbach (DE), Prof. Dr. de Meirleir (BE), Dr. Burrascano (USA), Dr. Klinghardt (US) as well as experts from the Netherlands.”

It seems that de Meirleir has shifted focus as well and climbed aboard the Chronic LD scamwagon. Appearing in a mockumentary with a broad-spectrum fraudster like Klinghardt is never a good look for anyone.

Meanwhile, since his ME/CFS days, Marco Ruggiero departed academia (with the encouragement of the University of Florence) and became a full-time medscammer. He left Europe, where many of his associates are currently awaiting or serving prison sentences, and resides in the US. His latest invention is a probiotic formulation placebo, “Immortalis Klotho”, sold with an insanely high price in the hope that consuming it will become a status symbol among stupid wealthy people, with its total worthlessness adding to its value for Conspicuous Consumption.

So we read this:

Dr. Marco Ruggiero, MD, PhD worked very closely with Dr. Tanja Mijatovic, PhD, chief of scientific operations at R.E.D. Laboratories in Belgium, to create a bespoke blood panel for Immortalis customers to actually monitor your circulating Klotho levels, your levels of chronic inflammation and your potential life span.
Before you start Immortalis, R.E.D. will send you a blood panel kit (upon request).
Six months later you can track your reverse-aging and health transformation….and see it for yourself…
… in the form of 6 scientifically proven parameters.
Since there is no other product on the market that stimulates Klotho production, R.E.D. Labs developed the pioneering test for circulating Klotho exclusively for Immortalis customers.
In addition to Klotho, R.E.D. offers you the privilege of testing your Nagalase levels; R.E.D being the most esteemed lab in the world that tests for this indicator.

On top of the Chronic LD activity, this is out-and-out involvement in fraud.

Truth can be bought here.

Further Reading:

Update 22.09.2021

Who is surprised that Perronne is also an unashamed antivaxxer?

In August 2021, Perronne, who once had a high position at WHO and even led France’s National Consultation Group on Vaccination, gave an interview to UK Column, where he was joined by a Anne-Marie Yim, an even more unhinged and paranoid quack than he is, imagine that. Below excerpts with Perronne’s comments on COVID-19 vaccines and quack cures. This is the craziest snippet, much popular on social media:

Vaccinated people are at risk of the new variants. In transmission, it’s been proven now in several countries that vaccinated people should be put in quarantine and isolated from society. Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous to others.

Lock up the vaccinated and use Dr Perronne’s chloroquine cure instead:

So I don’t understand why the politicians and the various authorities in different countries are asking for mass inoculations while the disease is so mild. And we know that over 90% of cases are in very old people. And we can treat them: we have treatments. There are hundreds of publications showing that early treatments work: there’s hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, ivermectin, zinc, Vitamin D, and so on—it works! There are publications!

So all these products, so-called “vaccines”, are useless, because we can perfectly well control an epidemic. And the best example is in India: there, you have a billion and a half people, with many different states. In the states where they treated people with ivermectin, zinc, Doxycycline and Vitamin D, the epidemic [remained] at a very low rate: it was quite [soon] finished.

We all know what carnage really happened in India due to uncontrolled COVID-19 pandemic this spring and so does Perronne, nobody can be that stupid and ignorant. Also, the vaccination rate in India was back then and still is, unlike Perronne lies, extremely low.

Anyway: VACCINES ARE MASS MURDER! This is what Perronne is basically crying out:

In all the countries with massive inoculation of these products (I don’t like the term “vaccination”), we see that you have a recurrence of the epidemic, with new cases of death.

Perronne just makes up stuff here. Death rates dropped massively as vaccinations progressed, any idiot can look it up. The overwhelming majority of hospitalised COVID-19 cases now constitutes of unvaccinated people. But Perronne seems to think the Lizard People running our governments lie and feed us fake stats. But where are those masses of dead people being hidden in the France and the EU, pray? Soylent Green? Churned into dog food?

Referencing apparently the much criticised paper by Rudolph Jaenisch:

So we now know (it’s officially published), and now we find, in the human genome, sequences of DNA corresponding to the RNA of the virus. That’s proof that what I said in an open letter in December [2020], saying that it was dangerous to inject these products, has now been confirmed. And all the governments continue! To me, it’s a great mistake.

Perronne is fully covidiot, of the kind who rejects all of science on principle. On lockdown measures:

Regarding lockdown, we now have the proof, by comparison between many countries in the world, that lockdown was completely useless, because the countries with the strictest policies of restricting civil liberties and so on, like France—France is a champion of the suppression of liberties today—have the worst results in the world.

But of course Professor Perronne is a PCR-Test-Truther:

We cannot really rely on the statistics in many countries, because with PCR tests, which amplify the RNA of the virus when you have small fragments from this swab that you put in the nose, PCR tests are much more amplified, and so we have many, many false positive results.

On face masks:

I’m in favour of strict isolation of symptomatic patients, but the lockdowns which were embedded in many, many countries in the world are completely stupid. You don’t stop an epidemic with a lockdown, with masks in the street! That was shown in Denmark, with randomised studies with people wearing and not wearing masks. The mask is not efficient.

Here is a professor of medicine who cites a garbage study and wants to deny face masks even to the hospital personnel.

On chloroquine having failed clinical trials:

“I was amazed by the design of the RECOVERY Trial, because on the first day, I think they used more than four or five times the European Medicines Agency’s maximum authorised dose of hydroxychloroquine. We know that hydroxychloroquine may be an adjunct of suicide if you take a very high dosage. And we see that in the RECOVERY Trial, the mortality rate was high, much higher than in other trials.

THEY WERE MURDERING PEOPLE TO SPITE RAOULT AND TRUMP! This is what Peronne is open saying, all part of his own version of QAanon and Pizzagate.

And of course he blames the remdesivir conspiracy, with Gilead shills controlling the politics and media, because this is what greedy and power-hungry quacks like Perronne and Raoult always say. Psychologists call this behaviour “projection”.

On randomised controlled clinical trials in general and ivermectin in particular:

So yes, [ivermectin] works very well, but it’s not been proven: there was no placebo, and it was not randomised. But I agree that when you have over 80%, sometimes 90% success, you don’t need a placebo. […] It’s a completely stupid idea [that placebo tests are essential], coming from scientists who are not scientists any more. They are charlatans, I don’t know what. […] But for ivermectin, there were randomised studies, and now it’s been proven. And in India now, it’s spectacular. In the Indian states where they widely used ivermectin, the success was huge, and in the states of India where they didn’t use ivermectin but they were inoculating with this so-called “vaccine”, it was a catastrophe.

On what to do:

First of all, I would stop the so-called “vaccination” campaign. I would promote, among general practitioners, early treatment with ivermectin, zinc, Vitamin C and Doxycycline or azithromycin.

Basically, Perronne lies about basic and easily verifiable facts, claims that vaccines are evil, and the COVID-19 pandemic simultaneously doesn’t exist, or is at least not at all dangerous, but must be urgently and prophylactically treated with chloroquine, ivermectin, antibiotics and supplements.

So much for France to be proud of.


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25 comments on “Christian Perronne and other Chronic Lymericks

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  4. Sahasrara White

    Mr Schneider, do check your sources before trying to discredit scientific experts. You play a shameful role in spreading lies. Who pays you for not being thorough in your research and instead being instrumental to the official propaganda?!?…


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  10. If you want to explain what’s going on in France, you better dvelve deeper and stop making irrelevant correlation and conclusion – and yes check your sources. This is SO wrong at so many levels ! Learn French, it might help you understand…


  11. I’m sure you’re a Soros schill. You condemn these doctors who are trying to help those suffering from the malpractice of medical science experiments like COVID19. I’ve suffered for over 5 years before I finally received a diagnosis of Lymes disease I’d never heard of. Although, I lived in one of 5 states where 50% of cases occurred at the time.
    Mind you I’m not crazy or hypochondriac. I’m a registered Dental Hygienist with over 30 years experience in preventing disease. I’ve put myself through college and raised two children. In the middle of my life, I was struck with this insidious diseases.
    The only ones I see as mad megalomaniacs are the likes of Fauci, Soros, Gates,, and the like. They are using the world population as their Petri dishes.
    People like you are a wart on all humanity- know nothing of what you speak, but smear and demean those who suffer endlessly from the poison Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex are in society.

    You’re a disgusting slithering viper along with the decrepit diseased Nazi that goes by Soros.

    I hope how soon you and your demonic minions are soon brought to answer for your evil.


  12. Anyone surprised that Perronne is an antivaxxer?


    • Are you surprised by the numbers in the UK and Israel, where more vaxxed than unvaxxed? This article is just a hit job. Leonid seek help.


  13. Annie Bass

    Lyme Disease is a recognized disease in Canada. You write like it is some kind of conspiracy theory.


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