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Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 8.04.2022 – Flying Claptrap

Schneider Shorts of 8.04.2022 – antler baths and crazy inventions for diseased Führer Putin, Russia’s’ academic self-boycott, with a Fauci advisor on a race to the bottom, an ex-MIT sexual harasser, how Nature Comms helped a German cheater sue the DFG, and why toxoplasma infection is good for you.

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DFG and Marburg drop misconduct investigation of Roland Lill papers

German Research Foundation (DFG) terminated the investigation against their Senator and Marburg University professor Roland Lill, after having found no research misconduct. No comments are issued on the integrity of the data in his papers on yeast biochemistry, or on some unusual image manipulations which were already admitted by Lill and his former PhD students