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Tiwari’s IAAM honours Magdeburg

Ashutosh Tiwari's scamference activities continue. Now the University of Magdeburg in Germany is very excited about a medal from the International Association of Advanced Materials.

As scientists worldwide keep receiving scamference congress invitations from the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM), enough of these reply by redirecting research money to the IAAM’s sole proprietor, the toxic fraudster Ashutosh Tiwari, in exchange for fake and worthless awards, medals and fellowships.

This time it was the University of Magdeburg in eastern Germany which celebrated their orthopaedics professor Christoph Lohmann winning an IAAM medal. The press release was repeated by the Info-Service of German Science (idw), a hospital management website and even local news. They all are still up there online because the University of Magdeburg told me to be investigating, mistrustful of my reporting.

For them and other universities in Europe, USA, Asia and elsewhere issuing press releases about phony IAAM awards to their scientists, here a brief recap:

Ashutosh Tiwari is a fraudulent nanotechnologist from Allahabad, India, who established his IAAM predatory conference business around 10 years ago when he arrived in the Linköping University in Sweden as Marie-Curie Fellow of Anthony “Tony” Turner‘s biosensors & bioelectronics lab, newly moved from UK. Turner soon become a very active part of Tiwari’s scam and was constantly advertising for the IAAM scamferences and Tiwari’s predatory publishing business, VBRI Press. In fact, his papers published in his own VBRI Press helped Tiwari to pad out a CV to qualify for the title of ‘docent’ and faculty member (all with help of Turner and Turner’s friends).

Tiwari’s other key business partner in scamferencing was Mikael Syväjärvi, a junior faculty member at Linköping, both gentlemen went around calling themselves “professor” without having such an academic degree or position. Turner’s advertisement helped recruit other, real professors from USA, Europe and Asia as co-organisers, with various degrees of active scam involvement, who in turn convinced many naive participants that the conferences on board of Swedish and occasionally Southeast-Asian ferry ships were legit. The scamference invitations were signed by fictional blonde women.

IAAM entrepreneurs Tiwari, Hisatoshi Kobayashi and Syväjärvi in front of the non-photoshopped version of “VBRI” in Allahabad, India. From Syväjärvi’s public Facebook profile.

There are many predatory scamference organisers out there (which Bremen University rector Bernd Scholz-Reiter used to be a big fan of), but Tiwari’s business model is special. He offers not just an invited talk and a paper, his ghost-signed email invitations announce that the recipient has won a highly prestigious IAAM award, or an IAAM medal, or even IAAM Fellowship, equalled to a membership in an prestigious academy. Quite some scientists are rather full of themselves, and some of these are not very clever. They think that their award’s value cannot be diminished by the fact that they must first send money over. Especially since it is not their own money, but public’s. And who doesn’t want to get a nice prize to recognise your scientific genius?

Quite a number of academic CVs proudly report IAAM award or fellowships, and occasionally, the universities issue a proud press release. Apparently nobody in the university administration checks if the conference is predatory before paying the hefty fees for a fake medal. Because Tiwari has always been able to list some serious names as his past award recipients – once he lures you, your name and face become his advertising property.

The pyramid scam worked beautifully, a gigantic scamference business which earned huge money for Tiwari and his partners. Tiwari, who was hanging around Turner’s lab long after his official employment in Linköping ended, was about to become faculty member, thanks to Turner’s string-pulling. The academic recruitment process to make a fake professor into a real professor already began in Linköping.

Predatory conference organisers, celebrating in March 2017 near Singapore. From right: Turner, Tiwari, Kobayashi, Syväjärvi. From latter’s public Facebook profile.

Until my article appeared shortly before Christmas 2017. The Linköping University began an investigation, and what really broke Tiwari’s and Turner’s necks academically, was their coauthoring of fraudulent research by Tiwari’s Allahabad buddy, Prashant Sharma. Fake science made in Photoshop, which Tiwari published as editor in Turner’s own Elsevier journal, Biosensors and Bioelectronics. Initially, Elsevier was on Turner’s side, but the Linköping investigation ended with an order for his dismissal as Editor-in-Chief, and a bunch of retractions, after Turner buggered off into a hurried early retirement. Both Turner and Tiwari were slapped with research misconduct findings. Syväjärvi got out unscathed, but to a price: his name is nowhere to be found on IAAM activities, at least now.

While Linköping University found itself unable or unwilling to do much about the fictional IAAM and Tiwari’s ongoing predatory conferences, they made sure he never calls himself Linköping professor ever again, or even professor at all. In fact, “Dr Tiwari” ceased to ever mention any past affiliation in Linköping. He even moved his “offices” (a rented cubicle, really) from the campus business complex, left Linköping and bought a house in the tiny village of Ulrika, 40 km away from Linköping.

This private house of the Tiwari family is where IAAM is officially registered now. Not that anyone bothers to check. The empire is expanding again, next to IAAM, VBRI Press, a VBRI fake diploma mill in Allahabad run alternatively by Tiwari and his father, and even mHospitals (a heart surgery business in India, Tiwari actually tried to bribe me with €1000 to get that article removed), there is now the “Indoscandic Organization” Piss Award scam to funnel more money into Tiwari’s pockets. New real estate is being bought in Ulrika, including an old village palace to serve as IAAM congress venue (once COVID-19 pandemic is under control). After Tiwari’s Indoscandic Organization awarded in October 2020 the village mayor with a Gandhi Peace Prize, the village is basically all his. Even the local journalists reported admiringly, as they should.

Correction: as a reader informed me, Ulrika has only 186 inhabitants and no mayor.

Ulrika’s “mayor” (in reality chair of local business association) and Gandhi Peace Prize winner Bertil Andersson with Tiwari. From Indoscandic Facebook page

The IAAM scams continue. The biggest fish caught so far was probably the octogenarian German nanotechnologist Herbert Gleiter, member of the German academy of sciences, Leopoldina. The national academy even issued a press release, which they teeth-gnashingly eventually removed. Driven by his vanity, Gleiter went to pick up his worthless IAAM award on a Southeast-Asian ferry ship anyway (probably because his Karlsruhe University paid), and Tiwari now constantly uses his name and picture for scamference advertisement. It seems both sides are happy with that arrangement.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Tiwari was using the lax Swedish non-restrictions to continue organising scamferences on board of Stockholm ferries (one wonders how many superspreader events those became), but I also saw IAAM invitations to online events. Basically, you pay Tiwari a hefty sum from your research funds, speak for half an hour or so into a webcam to the sole audience of Tiwari, and get your fake award or your fake medal mailed to you.

But now, to another proud German award recipient. This is the press release by the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg, celebrating their orthopaedics professor Christoph Lohmann. It was republished by Info-service of German Science (idw) and Management & Krankenhaus portal for hospitals. Translated (lazily by Google, with some corrections by me):

Press release published here

Magdeburg orthopedics wins prestigious international research award “IAAM Scientist Award & Medal”

Prof. Dr. Christoph H. Lohmann from Magdeburg University Medical Center was honoured for his work in the field of biomaterial research

The International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) annually awards the IAAM Scientist Award & Medal to worthy scientists for special achievements in the field of materials science. As part of this year’s digital “Advanced Materials Lecture Series 2020” on October 2, the renowned award went to Prof. Dr. Christoph H. Lohmann, Chair of Orthopaedics and Director of the Orthopaedic University Clinic Magdeburg. Professor Lohmann is recognized for his pioneering work in biomaterial research.

To be awarded with such a high honour for a researcher is not only a great recognition for me, but also for my entire team and the location of the Magdeburg University Medical Center,” says the orthopaedist, pleased about the recognition of his scientific achievement by the international selection committee. “The scientific work of Professor Lohmann in this area is outstanding and, with the transfer to clinical practice, a benefit for the entire University Medical Center in Magdeburg“, explain Dean Prof. Dr. Daniela Dieterich and Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Heinze, Medical Director of the Magdeburg University Hospital.

Prof. Lohmann has been researching biomaterials for more than 25 years. He is considered a pioneer in this field and deals with the dangers of corrosion of endoprosthetic materials and the influence of ions from metallic materials. Professor Lohmann also focuses his professional attention on accompanying modern developments from research and their transfer into clinical practice. This mainly concerns the following areas: Primary and replacement endoprosthetics with, for example, novel prosthesis designs, biocompatible implant surfaces, special allergy implants and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

The 53-year-old is one of the leading hip and knee specialists in Germany. He has extensive experience in endoprosthetics and reconstructive joint surgery, but also in the areas of tumour orthopaedics, rheumatoid orthopaedics and paediatric orthopaedics. His particular focus is on new prosthesis designs, the avoidance or diagnosis and therapy of prosthesis loosening and the effects of wear products. Since 2010 he has headed the Orthopedic University Clinic in Magdeburg. Before his appointment to the medical faculty of Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, the Göttingen native worked at the University Medical Center Eppendorf-Hamburg (UKE).

Magdeburg University Medicine was one of the first orthopaedic clinics in Saxony-Anhalt to have a certified endoprosthetics centre for maximum care. Every year more than 1,000 endoprostheses of all large and small joints are inserted or replaced there. The clinic is one of the few university institutions that has a top centre for shoulder and ankle arthroplasty.

IAAM Scientist Award & Medal
The IAAM Scientist Award & Medal is presented by the International Association for Advanced Materials (IAAM) to researchers who are relevantly involved in the world of innovative materials and who make decisive contributions in their respective research areas. The selection of worthy scientists for this renowned award takes place worldwide.

Naturally, I informed idw and the university’s press office, the rector Jens Strackeljan, as well as both former and current prorectors for research.

idw informed me that they merely republish university print releases and indicated that they would only remove the announcement if University of Magdeburg asks them to. From the university’s press relations office I got this, after some reminders:

The matter is currently being examined in-house. We therefore ask for your understanding that for this reason we cannot make any statements at the current time.

I presume the Magdeburg university is desperately searching for proof that IAAM is not a one-man scamference business located in the private house of a research fraudster who used to parade as fake Linköping professor and sign his ferry ship invitations as an imaginary young woman (like “Luna Roy”).

Maybe the fact that there other greedy and needy scientists whose fake IAAM awards their gullible universities celebrate? Here are some, from this year 2020 alone:

Full university press release from June 2020 here.

John J. Myers, professor of structural engineering at Missouri S&T University, was quoted in the press release:

I am humbled and very grateful that a highly respected organization such as the IAAM recognizes my scholarly efforts and contributions...”

His department head Joel Burken added:

 “We are thrilled that the IAAM recognizes John’s accomplishments, and we are proud that he is a Miner.

Well, what an honour, John and Joel. You nincompoops. Look, Tim Caufield (who debunked vaginal biomaterials research by Gwyneth Paltrow) didn’t fall for that:

But Gary Tepper, Professor of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, USA, fell for it. Look how proud Gary is:

VCU press release from July 2020 here

Tepper was quoted in the press release:

I am honored to be elected an IAAM Fellow and have enjoyed developing many new collaborations through my affiliation with this organization

Of course you are, Gary. At VCU, a university where fraud is part of research culture, your IAAM Fellowship will be deeply appreciated.

And here is the University of Texas in Austin, celebrating Nanhsu Lu, associate professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, who:

University of Texas Austin May 2020 press release here.

has been named a Fellow member of the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) for her contribution to strengthening the advancement of materials.

Lu was one of those who spoke into a webcam to the sole audience of the Tiwari family, while her research grants paid for the pleasure:

The title of IAAM Fellow is awarded to a researcher or scientist from across the globe who has made an original and significant research contribution in advanced materials science and technology. As part of her acceptance of the Fellow title, Lu will deliver a lecture titled “Mechanics of Nanobubbles and Nanotents Formed by 2D Materials” at one of the online assemblies of Advanced Materials Congress in June.

Lu is about to give a talk at a Max Planck Institute in Germany next week, where she will be introduced with:

She has been named 35 innovators under 35 by MIT Technology Review and IAAM (International Association of Advanced Materials) Fellow.

University of Texas Arlington October 2020 press release here

Also from Texas, UT Arlington physics professor Wei Chen was quoted in the October 2020 press release:

I am deeply passionate about my work in uncovering methods to more effectively treat and eradicate cancer in ways that cause less complications for patients,” Chen said. “To be recognized with this distinguished honor is an affirmation of the value of this work I am privileged to conduct with esteemed colleagues. I look forward to the doors and opportunities for new, meaningful collaborations this could open.

One can only wish Wei the most meaningful and wide open collaborations with each predatory fraudster he metaphorically goes to bed with.

Finally, here are two gentlemen from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee:

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee celebrates IAAM fellowship of Hugo Lopez, May 2020. Press release here.
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee celebrates IAAM award to Pradeep Rohatgi, July 2020. Press release here.

And congrats to Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Anthony Rollett of Carnegie Mellon University:

MSE’s Tony Rollett delivered the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) Award Lecture in the Advanced Materials Lecture Series 2020 on August 14.”

So University of Magdeburg is in a good company.

Oh, and by the way, they recruited Paolo Macchiarini‘s former trainee, Thorsten Walles, as professor of thoracic surgery, despite my reporting which exposed Walles’ failed experimental tracheal transplants on three misinformed patients, done without any ethics approvals, without any animal tests and without any safety studies. Plus massive data manipulation in Walles papers, not just photoshopped gels, but also false claims of his tracheal transplant patients being alive and cured while they were clearly none of that. None of that also mattered to the Magdeburg medical school where Walles is professor now, why should Lohmann’s fake IAAM award be a problem.

Update 16.11.2020

Today University of Magdeburg quietly deleted their press release (backup from 13.11.2020 here). idw did same (backup here). Both refused further communication with me since the earlier messages, cited above. The version at Management & Krankenhaus is still online (backup here).


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  2. Patricia Murray

    I just searched my inbox out of interest to see if I had received any invitations, and seems I did (pasted below). No medals of fellowships on offer to me though, just £300 reduction on registration fee. Why can’t I have a medal?

    Dear Dr. Murray,

    I would like to remind you to submit your abstract as an ‘Invited Speaker’ in the European Advanced Materials Congress organized by International Association of Advanced Materials. The congress will be held during 11 – 14 August 2019 on the conference center, M/S Mariella while cruising to and from Stockholm (Sweden) and Helsinki (Finland) across the Baltic Sea.

    Deadline of Abstract Submission – 15th March 2019
    Deadline of Early-Bird Registration- 25th March 2019

    You can submit abstract of your presentation through the congress online abstract submission system (

    The IAAM hereby confirms you to provide a financial support of 300 Euro waive off in your registration fee as an invited speaker.

    European Advanced Materials Congress encompasses interdisciplinary subject areas of materials science and technology including nanomaterials & nanotechnology, biomaterials & biodevices, electronic, magnetic & optical materials, structural & engineering materials, thin films, materials surface & interfaces, computational materials & modelling, functional materials, energy materials, polymer science & technology, composite & ceramic materials, environmental & green materials, sustainable construction & building materials, global graphene forum and biosensors & bioelectronics.

    The congress will bring an amazing experience of cruise hospitality and visit two capital cities of Scandinavia, with allusion of the beautiful views of Stockholm archipelago sailing through nearly 30,000 islands in the summer. Be a part of “The World of Advanced Materials” @EAMC 2019 which will run with the 12 thematic sessions and parallel symposia.

    You can find history of IAAM congresses, Advanced Materials Congress assemblies in 2018. The glimpse of truly international networking has strengthened the objective, Knowledge Experience at Sea. Please read more about AMC and follow IAAM Blogs

    We highly appreciate if you could circulate the announcement of the congress in your group/ institute/ university/ notice board(s). Please find flyer of congress to circulate the announcement of the congress. We also request you to kindly forward the conference updates among your students, colleagues and collaborators to encourage maximum number of participations. Please do let us know about your any suggestion/ queries.

    We highly appreciate your time and support and looking forward to welcome you in the congress.

    With kindest regards,
    Neeti Chaudhary
    Communication Secretary
    International Association of Advanced Materials
    European Advanced Materials Congress
    11 – 14 August 2019, Sweden

    Office Address: Teknikringen 4A, 583 30 Linköping, Sweden
    Tel: (+46) 1313 – 2424


  3. Smut Clyde

    even mHospitals (a heart surgery business in India, Tiwari actually tried to bribe me with €1000 to get that article removed)

    “Surgery”? You are generous. “mHospitals” seems to be an app for smartphones allowing Tiwari’s suckers to obtain on-line heart consultations with unqualified buffoons.


  4. Another big name “fellow” here Ali Khademhosseini –


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