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Expert witness Macchiarini to help Berlin court sentence criminal journalist

The stem cell pioneering surgeon Paolo Macchiarini is back in court now. No, he is not the accused this time. He is an unbiased, independent expert witness invited by his student and acolyte Philipp Jungebluth to help him sue me in Berlin. There are two court injunctions against me, one was already partially lifted, while another was upheld in full, and the main issue are Macchiarini’s trachea transplants in Italy described in an unpublished manuscript. I cannot say much more without facing a €250,000 fine or a 6 months prison term.

Macchiarini recently saw the Swedish state prosecutor drop charges against him because another misconduct-tainted Swedish trachea transplanter, Michael Olausson, served as secret expert for prosecution. At least, no journalists faced court sentencing in Sweden for exposing trachea transplant scandals. It is different in Germany, where constitutional press freedom counts little if someone doesn’t like your reporting, which is why medical scandals in Germany are so rare. The ruinous court trials Macchiarini-associates Jungebluth and Heike & Thorsten Walles imposed on me seem to have scared German media into near-complete silence on the trachea transplant affair. What about the central role of Germany, especially Macchiarini’s and Jungebluth’s university Hannover Medical School (MHH) and their recent cover up of the trachea transplants? Definitely no public interest there, even if Macchiarini’s only remaining (adjunct) professor title was bestowed by MHH. My appeal hearing for both Jungebluth injunctions is at the Berlin Kammergericht court on May 24th. It is public, feel free to come. Maybe even Prof Macchiarini pops in?

Back in the saddle, aiming for another victory in court: Paolo Macchiarini. Photo credit: Blog Talk Radio

Now that Macchiarini is free of his Swedish court troubles (at least for now), and free from being kept quiet by his former Swedish lawyer Björn Hurtig, Paolo is not holding himself back. He is even on Twitter, using troll accounts, here is one of them, . The star surgeon was apparently spurred by the recent documentary by his former partner Benita Alexander, which exposed Paolo as a pathological liar he is. The film “He Lied About Everything” (I feature briefly in it) premiered on television on February 14th 2018, and coincidentally this is the date set on Macchiarini’s affidavit to the court in Berlin.

Two more affidavits with same date of February 14th were supplied as expert witness testimonies to Berlin Kammergericht, by two other authors of that unpublished manuscript I am being sued over: Macchiarini’s doctorate student at MHH Johannes Haag, now clinician at the Thorax Clinic at University of Heidelberg (where Jungebluth used to work, and then sued me over that), and Alessandro Gonfiotti, surgeon at the Careggi University Hospital in Florence, Italy and co-responsible for 5 lethal trachea transplants performed there. Good for Gonfiotti that for Careggi those 5 dead patients are apparently nothing but long-forgotten, slightly embarrassing experiments, no investigation into the lethal abuse of these patients was ever performed there and there likely never will, despite my appeal. For political reasons, as I heard.

Jungebluth previously reiterated to the court that he is suing me to avoid his current medical career in Germany be damaged by association with that misconduct-tainted Macchiarini and his deadly trachea transplants. Now, the German doctor denies everything: he says though his lawyer to have never touched a patient at Karolinska (see evidence to opposite here and here), he even claims he visited Careggi only once, to watch a transplant. Jungebluth, who over many years helped Macchiarini develop the deadly trachea transplant technology, apparently always liked to watch his product being installed into a human being. And then see if a Lancet paper comes out. Even when Macchiarini performed his second, very secret trachea transplant in Barcelona, which was illegal in every respect (that patient is dead now), Jungebluth declared also to have been there, watching. Fun fact: Jungebluth himself warned in advance of these two operations that cadaveric tracheas prepared in this way were dangerous and could suffocate patients. But obviously his career was even then more important, so he helped Macchiarini prepare the grafts and then just watched the Maestro implant them.

The judge at the Landgericht court in Berlin who issued both injunctions (the last one was a complete and utter farce) obliged Jungebluth without even reading that offending article of mine (the court admitted not to speak enough English), and even offered his guest to issue more injunctions, for example to forbid me from associating the young doctor with his own trachea transplant publications. Now however, with that same Macchiarini arriving on stage to help Jungebluth as an expert witness, the whole pretence is dropped. It was likely Macchiarini himself who was always behind the two court cases against me in Berlin, with Jungebluth as his sock-puppet.

So now, without further ado, Paolo Macchiarini himself, educating the Kammergericht in Berlin how to read a medical paper and who the true criminal in the entire trachea transplant affair is: Leonid Schneider. Let’s hope the Kammergericht court will be more competent and less biased that the Landgericht. The original affidavit is in German, I provide a translation.

Prof. Paolo Macchiarini

Mestral 26

08348 Cabrils, Spain


Knowing the offence of making a false affidavit, even if this is done negligently, I declare under the following for submission to court under oath:

All human trachea transplants in Florence (Italy) were performed at the Careggi University Hospital Florence under my leadership as director of CERT (European Center for Thoracic Research at the University Hospital Careggi, Florence, Italy), after ethics approvals and a permit from the supreme Italian Health Ministry.

Dr. Philipp Jungebluth has at no time point carried out any time medical activities on these patients (in any form). Dr. Jungebluth was merely present in the operating room as a guest, to watch. The allegations of Mr. Schneider are simply wrong, Dr. Jungebluth never contributed to the transplants which took place in Florence.

Mr. Jungebluth was a guest in Florence for obvious reasons (topic of thesis) and his pure clinical interest in the method and surgical technique. Guests of any discipline and professionality are at all times and worldwide permanent guests in the operating rooms of hospitals.

In addition to the transplants, which were carried out by my team in Florence, there have been to my knowledge no further operations of this kind in Italy.

In relation to the issue raised by Mr. Schneider on the formulation of the unpublished manuscript: “PJ Assisted in clinical transplantation.” This generally refers to his transplantation engagement, but in particular to his role in the transplantation in Barcelona, at which Dr. Jungebluth was instrumental only in the generation of the graft.

The sentence gives no information as to in which transplants and to what extent he was involved as such (it says that he was not involved in all and that he was not involved in operating capacity, e.g. a documentation of clinical data would also be summarized under such a sentence). This form of the summary of activities is the global standard in scientific publications.

Cabrils, February 14, 2018






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18 comments on “Expert witness Macchiarini to help Berlin court sentence criminal journalist

  1. WTF. It seems that you career as science journalist will end here


  2. I think the German courts will have to think twice. They are out of line with many European countries. For example, everything must be in German.


    • Actually, no. Jungebluth achieved 2 injunctions without providing any certified translations (or, where he did, wrong ones). The judge (who admitted to speak no English) simply trusted that the good doctor has translated the important bit on my site more correctly then when I translated them myself to defend myself. The court decided over an English text without any translation, without reading it, but followed Jungebluth’s cues that that text is seen by him as libellous. All my evidence was dismissed.


  3. I hope you get out of this mess unscathed.
    It would be extremely unjust if independent scientist-journalist like you gets punished for doing this thankless job of discovering frauds in science.

    Is there anyone doing similar work like you but in chemistry, physics, etc?



  4. This is really a class issue. Doctors and judges are part of a specific upper class that has protected itself for centuries. Sadly, I believe Mr. Schneider needs an M.D., not a PhD, to escape from this unscathed.

    I don’t think the judges understand the significance of scientific misconduct. They don’t connect misconduct with millions of potential lost tax payer dollars. These people are thieves, at a minimum.


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  6. [Best wishes for my court hearing from Weizmann Institute of Science, according to IP address. -LS]
    Unfortunately, I am quite sure u are going to jail


  7. What time, what courtroom at the KG Berlin? (Address is Elßholzstr. 30 – 33, 10781 Berlin)


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