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Schneider Shorts 17.03.2023 – Be prepared to face the consequences

Schneider Shorts 17.03.2023 – St Carlos of Cnidaria in PNAS, appropriate action on fraud in Grenoble, protests in Groningen, how Alzheimer’s, old age, obesity, COVID-19 and depression got solved, with Taras the Papermiller, publishing business setbacks, and finally, retractions galore!

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Omer Nour and Magnus Willander guilty of research misconduct

“The Board assesses that there are no scientifically acceptable explanations for why the notified researchers have fabricated research results in the manner that has occurred in the notified articles. Raw data also does not support the reported results. [..]
In summary, the Board finds therefore that the notified researchers have been guilty of misconduct in research.”