Zombie Nation – Thoughts on Russia’s War on Ukraine

Our experts failed to predict the horrors which happen and what may still happen in Ukraine. Maybe they should stop following Russian Zombie TV.

All these decades, we all wondered how the Third Reich could have happened. How could such civilized and educated nation like Germans turn into a mass of bloodthirsty zombies, attacking peaceful neighbouring countries, murdering countless millions, declaring an entire ethnic group as its enemy to justify the Holocaust? Was it some kind of German genetics even, as some speculated?

Well, what you saw in the last decade in Russia, and what we see now in real time, is what happened in Germany under Nazi rule 80 years ago. And still, nobody in the media dares to speak of fascism, of the genocide which Russia is committing in Ukraine. Our professional journalists still prefer to talk of “a conflict between Russia and Ukraine”. As it was just a conflict between Germany and Poland in 1939, I presume.

I am certainly not an expert. But allow me to remind you that all our politicians, all our TV pundits, all our military experts, all our think tanks failed to predict what is happening now. They all had no clue, despite their degrees, titles, staffs and salaries. Many of those people even met Putin in person, heard him explain his world-view and even his plans, and they still refused to believe their own ears. When Fascist Russia attacked Ukraine in the early morning of 24 February 2022 (incidently same day-time Nazi Germany attacked Poland in 1939), all our experts agreed that Ukraine had merely hours left to exist. But Ukraine is still fighting, in fact, shockingly, they might even win that war, and I am sure many of our business and political elites hate Ukrainians for putting up a fight and wish them a swift defeat.

Unable to destroy the Ukrainian armed forces and civil defence, Fascist Russia turned to Plan B: the Total War, burned earth terror on civilian population. Even as our media prefers not to bother us with the real extent of the horrors of human suffering in Ukraine, on the grounds that it was not independently confirmed (by Russian media, I understand) – the Russian army now almost exclusively attacks unarmed civilians, including and especially children. The idea is to break the will of Ukrainian people so they surrender and let Russia turn Ukraine into a giant concentration camp. And the West wouldn’t mind, because then we could finally resume business and, most importantly, get our much needed fossil fuels.

Recently we got a bit worried when Russians started to bomb and to occupy Ukrainian nuclear power stations. But then we swiftly calmed ourselves that a) Russians are surely not that insane to blow up Zaporizhzhia and Chernobyl, and b) even if something happens, the radioactive contamination will affect parts of central Ukraine only, far enough from us in the Western Europe. This is exactly what Fascist Russia wants you to accept. First of all, we also used to be 100% sure Putin is not that insane to start an all-out war on Ukraine. Now we are 100% sure he won’t use nuclear weapons on Ukraine or blow up Ukrainian nuclear plants.

I don’t think Putin has any red lines. Like Hitler and Stalin, he is insane, unpredictable, and capable of every crime. Putin does think strategically though, in a schoolyard bully manner. He knows the West is afraid of him and will never actively defend Ukraine for fear of a nuclear war with Russia. Which for Putin means he can do anything he wants as long as his monstrous crimes remain inside Ukraine or at least outside of NATO. If his army loses this war, and the relentless bombing of civilians doesn’t force Ukrainians into capitulation, what are Putin’s options then? He said many times that if he can’t have Ukraine, nobody will. This is exactly why Russians are bombing and occupying Ukrainian nuclear plants. It is their Plan C. If such a catastrophe happens, our media will surely bring the Russian version that the stupid evil Ukrainians somehow caused it themselves, and we will be too eager to accept it. Once entire central Ukraine becomes an uninhabitable radioactive wasteland, the West will pop some iodine pills, sulk for a week, and then resume business with Russia. Europe depends on Russian gas and oil, Putin knows that.

Putin even hinted at his horrendous plans of radioactive contamination, by accusing Ukraine of building a “dirty bomb”. If you are sceptical how seriously he meant it: Putin also previously openly announced his plans of genocide. Maybe you recall how we all debated if Putin was right to call it a “genocide on Russian-speaking population” when Ukraine refuses to make Russian its official language? Nobody calls a genocide what Putin does now though. On Russian-speaking population, mind you. Or which language do you think the men, women and children of Kharkiv, Mariupol, Chernihiv and Sumy predominantly speak? Or rather spoke before their lives were ended by Russian bombs, rockets, and yes, bullets, because Russians do execute people on the streets, medical staff, rescue teams, volunteers bringing food and medicine, postal workers, entire families with children even. Our expert journalists and politicians still cannot believe that the great peace-loving Russian nation of poets is capable of such inhuman things we used to associate with Nazi Germany only. Surely those Ukrainians must be again exaggerating or even lying?

People protesting in Nova Kakhovka on 6 March 2022. The small town has been occupied by Russian army since the beginning of the war. Russian occupants open fire, one person was killed, others injured. Image source: Ukrinform

We all are being brainwashed by Russian propaganda war, for many years already. Our journalists all watch Russian TV as a source of information, and use it for their “journalistic balance”, which is grotesque and cruel, since one side is obviously blatantly lying. These journalists and other experts think they are immune to the propaganda, but they are not. Russia perfected the art of lying and brainwashing, Goebbels would be more than proud. You may not start believing Russian lies right away, but you will start doubting the facts and to mistrust those whose stories contradict what you just saw on Russian TV. You will doubt everything and become cynical to human tragedies because you will refuse to believe those are real. You will stop caring for anyone and anything but your own personal comfort.

This is exactly how Putin’s regime turned Russia into a Zombie Nation. They even use the Z-sign now everywhere since the invasion army carries it. Whatever that Z mark originally meant, it stands for Zombie now. Many Russians are utterly brainwashed and will follow Putin everywhere, like the Germans used to be brainwashed by Nazi propaganda, Führer befiehl – Wir folgen! These Russian zombies do want Ukrainians dead and they celebrate every bomb dropped on peaceful citizens. They might even hope to personally profit, e.g. move in and take over the land and the possessions once the Lebensraum is conquered and cleared of its original inhabitants. Germans had exactly these plans in World War 2. Guess for which country. No, not Russia. Ukraine.

And then there is a very big fraction of Russians, probably the vast majority, which just doesn’t care about anything but personal comfort. These are the ones who fought in IKEA when the chain announced to close. If the sanctions the West imposed on Russia remain, their comfort will suffer. Which side will these zombies flip to? Will they turn to support Putin’s total war, to compensate with Ukrainian blood for their lost comfort? Or will they join the currently tiny minority of opposition?

Even those who do dare to protest now, even they are victims of Russian propaganda brainwash. The totalitarian system of lies and oppression makes every dissident believe they all alone, surrounded by zombies who are ready to kill them. Maybe your neighbour really worships Putin. Maybe she just pretends to do so, afraid that you will report her if she reveals her real views. This is how the Soviet Union very successfully terrorised its dissidents for decades. They were afraid not just of the system but of each other, literally to death.

Protests in Kherson on 7 March 2022, soon after the town was occupied after a prolonged blockade and bombing. Source: Ukrinform

The thing I don’t understand though is why Russians in the last decade voluntarily placed themselves in front of a lying TV to let it turn them into zombies. In the Soviet Union, there was hardly any alternative information to state propaganda. My grandfather in Zhytomir (a war hero, by the way) listened to Voice of America with his transistor radio, alone in his room because it was highly illegal to do so.

Thanks to the internet, until last week all Russians had constant access to all kinds of alternative information, in Russian. Foreign news outlets, domestic journalism, make your choice. Hardly anyone chose, the nation remained staring at the hypnotic TV screen. Television has this potential apparently, not just in Russia, look at Fox News in USA, what it turns people into. No wonder Russian military is bombing Ukrainian TV stations and transmitting Russian TV in the southern bits of Ukraine it militarily dominates. Sure, the Ukrainians won’t turn into Russian zombies, but the idea is to make them believe that all is lost, time to betray your country, beg for mercy and maybe then Russia will let you and your family live.

My appeal to everyone: please stop following Russian news sources and please ask your friends and family to do the same. Ignore our media when it quotes Russian propaganda for “journalistic balance”. The fascist lies will brainwash you one way or another, nobody is immune. Don’t give up on Ukraine please.

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

Please find charities to donate to at the end of this article. Prof Timothy Snyder lists Ukraine charities in US, Europe and especially Poland here. Or donate to a humanitarian charity project of your choice. Ukrainians are fighting for all of us.

21 comments on “Zombie Nation – Thoughts on Russia’s War on Ukraine

  1. Speaking of pundits, experts and the like. Most often they do not know more than the common folk, they just use sophisticated words to conceal their ignorance.
    When the events prove them wrong, they are quick to argue that they were in fact right.
    Talking about the Holocaust, humans unfortunately suffer from generational amnesia,. like “it surely can’t happen again, we are civilized now”). When things go generally ok ( i e we don’t starve) we are generally civilized. However, our biology has not changed and it’s a useful lesson to consider the specific case of Germany. Today one of the most civilized nation on Earth, then you go back 2 generations and you see the opposite, then another 10 years back and you have the roaring 20s, and so on.


  2. Anonymous

    Stick to research integrity. Suddenly, you write about geopolitics and war? Copy & paste the article elsewhere.


    • Иди на хуй.


    • Ana Pedro

      The point is that geopolitics and war are intrinsically related to research integrity as we could see happening with Covid. Each country has its own covid travel restrictions and puts each of the other countries in red, amber, and green traveling groups.


  3. Messege from the town of Irpen, near Kyiv (source UNIAN). This is also happening in other besieged towns, including the half a million city Mariupol.
    ❗️Войска РФ разбомбили Ирпенскую городскую поликлинику и новый медицинский центр – экс-мэр Ирпеня Карплюк

    Он сообщает, что в Ирпене и в соседних городах и селах – гуманитарная катастрофа. Войска РФ не позволяют местным жителям выходить из дома. Иногда жилые дома обстреливаются оккупантами из разных видов оружия. Часть медикаментов и ранее ввезенной гуманитарки захватили оккупанты. Мэру Ирпеня оккупанты угрожали убийством и требовали сдать Ирпень. Отсутствует мобильная связь, свет, водоснабжение. По всему Приирпенью – трупы в подвалах и на улицах, оккупанты не позволяют забирать тела даже «Красному кресту», обстреливают авто гуманитарной помощи.
    Оккупанты формируют линию для дальнейшей атаки на столицу по границе Гостомель-Буча-Ирпень-Гореничи. Местное население морят голодом и холодом в подвалах, держа их в качестве заложников.”

    “❗️Russian troops annihilated the Irpin city clinic and a new medical center – ex-mayor of Irpin Karplyuk

    He reports that there is a humanitarian catastrophe in Irpen and in neighboring towns and villages. Russian troops do not allow local residents to leave their homes. Sometimes residential buildings are fired upon by invaders from different types of weapons. Some of the medicines and previously imported humanitarian aid were seized by the occupiers. The occupiers threatened to kill the mayor and demanded to surrender Irpin. There is no mobile communication, electricity, water supply. There are corpses in the basements and on the streets all over the Irpen district, the occupiers do not allow even the Red Cross to take away the bodies, they fire at humanitarian aid vehicles.
    The invaders are forming a line for further attack on the capital along the Gostomel-Bucha-Irpen-Gorenichi border. The local population is being starved and frozen in basements, held as hostages.”


    • Russians continue to hold hostage the workers of two nuclear power plants (Chernobyl and Zaporizhye) and force them to work without a break, while constantly threatening and humiliating them. These people are very tired and very afraid, if they make a mistake all Europe will pay the price. If Russia was indeed only interested in controlling the plants, they would have sent in their own operating teams to replace the Ukrainian hostages.
      Situation in Zaporizhye (Europe’s biggest nuclear plant with 6 reactors) is dire, the staff was forced under gunpoint to record bizarre videos in support of Russian aggression. similar:
      We can only hope the Russians controlling the plant don’t get drunk on stolen booze and start executing civilians out of boredom. I am not exaggerating, this is what they do elsewhere in Ukraine:

      The situation in Chernobyl is even worse than in Zaporozhye:
      Update 15 – IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine
      Ukraine told the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) today that it was becoming increasingly urgent and important for the safe management of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) to rotate some 210 technical personnel and guards who have been working there since Russian forces took control of the site almost two weeks ago, Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi said.

      In contrast to the current situation for staff at Ukraine’s operating nuclear power plants who are rotating regularly, the same shift has been on duty at the Chornobyl NPP since the day before the Russian military entered the site of the 1986 accident on 24 February, in effect living there for the past 13 days, the regulator said.

      The Ukrainian regulator added that the staff had access to food and water, and medicine to a limited extent. However, the situation for the staff was worsening. It asked the IAEA to lead the international support needed to prepare a plan for replacing the current personnel and for providing the facility with an effective rotation system.

      Director General Grossi has repeatedly stressed that staff operating nuclear facilities must be able to rest and work in regular shifts, stating this is crucial for overall nuclear safety. Their capacity to make decisions free of undue pressure is among the seven indispensable pillars of nuclear safety and security he outlined at a meeting of the IAEA’s Board of Governors on 2 March, convened to address the safety, security and safeguards implications of the situation in Ukraine.

      “I’m deeply concerned about the difficult and stressful situation facing staff at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant and the potential risks this entails for nuclear safety. I call on the forces in effective control of the site to urgently facilitate the safe rotation of personnel there,” he said today.

      The handling of nuclear material at the Chornobyl NPP has been put on hold for the time being, the regulator added. The site, located in an Exclusion Zone, includes decommissioned reactors as well as radioactive waste facilities. The regulatory authority said it could only communicate with the plant via e-mail.

      To help protect the country’s nuclear facilities, the Director General has expressed his readiness to travel to the Chornobyl NPP, or elsewhere, to secure the commitment to the safety and security of all Ukraine’s nuclear facilities from the parties of the conflict.

      The Director General also indicated that remote data transmission from safeguards monitoring systems installed at the Chornobyl NPP had been lost. The Agency is looking into the status of safeguards monitoring systems in other locations in Ukraine and will provide further information soon.

      Regarding the status of Ukraine’s operational nuclear power plants, the regulator said eight of the country’s 15 reactors were operating, including two at the Zaporizhzhya NPP controlled since last week by Russian forces, and that the plants’ personnel were working in shifts. Radiation levels at the sites were normal, it said.


      • Chernobyl is without electricity now because Russians destroyed the masts, 20 thousands spent nuclear rods are without cooling.
        “Високовольтна лінія 750 кВ ЧАЕС – Київська внаслідок пошкодження окупантами наразі відключена

        Таким чином, Чорнобильська станція та всі ядерні об‘єкти Зони відчуження залишилися без електропостачання.

        На сховищі відпрацьованого ядерного палива – 1 зберігається близько 20 тисяч відпрацьованих паливних збірок. Вони потребують постійного охолодження. Яке можливе лише за наявності електропостачання. Якщо ж його не буде, то насоси не виконуватимуть охолодження. Як наслідок – зросте температура в басейнах витримки, виникне паріння і вихід радіоактивних речовин у довкілля. Вітром радіоактивну хмару може перенести в інші регіони України, Білорусі, Росії, Європи.

        Крім того, не працюватиме вентиляція на об‘єкті. Весь персонал, який там перебуває, отримає небезпечну дозу випромінювання.

        Також не працює система пожежогасіння, і це величезний ризик у разі пожежі, що може статися внаслідок потрапляння снаряду.

        Наразі тривають бойові дії, що робить неможливим проведення ремонтних робіт та відновлення енергоживлення.

        Знеструмлене і місто Славутич.”


    • Meanwhile, in German public-funded TV, Tagesschau.
      Guess who is being accused of war crimes? Why yes, Ukraine! They film the prisoners!


    • BBC on the maternity clinic bombing in Mariupol:

      The deputy mayor of the besieged city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine has told the BBC, three people – including one child – were killed when Russia bombed a maternity hospital on Wednesday.
      At least seventeen others were reportedly injured, some of whom included pregnant women.
      “I’m absolutely sure they know about this facility and this is their third hospital that they are destroying in this city,” Sergei Orlov told the BBC.
      He said a 300-bed hospital dedicated to treating Covid patients had been destroyed by artillery shelling the previous day, along with a blood-collection centre in Mariupol.
      “I’m absolutely sure (these are their) targets,” Orlov added.
      The World Health Organization says it’s verified at least 18 different attacks on health facilities in Ukraine since the invasion began.”

      meanwhile, Mariupol victims are being buried in mass graves, the city is besieged and Russia doesn’t allow any food and medicine deliveries, killing everyone who tries to do it. Fascist Russia deliberately targets Ukrainian civilians and especially children. Their goal is to exterminate Ukrainians as a people. The world must finally recognise these crimes as a genocide.
      But instead, here is the German public broadcaster Tagesschau blaming the Ukrainians (sic!) for the maternity clinic bombing, their reference being the “prorussian separatists” aka fascist mass murderers in Donetsk.


  4. An onymous male

    Could somebody translate this text to Russia?


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  9. smut.clyde


    • Imagine if in 1942 everyone was debating, well surely it’s just Hitler alone and everyone else in Germany must hate him and opposes the war…
      I think all half-way qualified historians know what really goes in Russia with its Zombie nation, but not the journalists and politicians.


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