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Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 24.12.2021 – Merry Christmas!

Schneider Shorts 24.12.2021 – Join our founder and CEO for a Yuletide party with chocolate, coffee, rotten cassava, autistic stools, schizophrenic minibrains, senolytics and antioxidants, and a scary RoboFish! Merry Winter Soltice!

Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 2.07.2021- Rethink Evolution!

Schneider Shorts 2.07.2021: fraudulent COVID-19 quackery gets learned society approval, China colonizes Mars, CNRS explains the difference between plagiarism and “unacknowledged borrowings”, with Botox against depression from Germany, Nasal Telomere Extension from Harvard and Eugenics Superhero Vaccines from Stanford, and Smut Clyde slandering Ukrainians behind my back.