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Research integrity

What Elsa Flores and Tyler Jacks taught each other

“PCR reactions run on agarose gels commonly look similar due to artifacts introduced by the agarose gel and comb.” Dr Elsa R Flores, Associate Director, Moffitt Cancer Center

Schneider Shorts

Schneider Shorts 15.04.2022 – Jessus Has Risen!

Schneider Shorts 15.04.2022 – a resurrected career of a French biologist, a Spanish martyr saint takes revenge on two more apostate sinners, a limitless indulgence for sins past, present and future for a cancer cheater in Texas, Elsevier’s half-hearted exorcism of a Greek antivaxxer, papers to get rid of, and a self-righteous Italian diva in Zürich waving another sockpuppet.