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Schneider Shorts 28.10.2022 – Indisputable scientific quality

Schneider Shorts 28.10.2022 – the indisputable scientific quality of a Dutch harasser, a jailed rapist professor in Belgium, misconduct allegations in Sweden, a petit French cock croaking, plus some retractions, stem cell quacks, and an Arte documentary uncovering a horrendous COVID-19 conspiracy!

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Jessus critics defiant, reactionary cock-up and Chicken of Dishonour Legion

As Le Monde brought into public light the Catherine Jessus affair with its whitewashed data manipulation and the growing academic protest, a counter-revolution put its foot in. A signature list in the worst Stalinist tradition was published, organised by the very elite of French academia (mostly members of Academie de Sciences), and signed by hundreds, mostly professors and CNRS group leaders, including a former CNRS president. Their demands, endorsed in a secret press release by current CNRS president and Sorbonne University president: punishment for 10 anonymous authors of the Jessus counter-report and for a Le Monde journalist.