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Manel Esteller, el “gato de Schrödinger” de Barcelona

Por Leonid Schneider, Hipertextual, 30 September 2016

La tráquea de Claudia

Por Leonid Schneider, Hipertextual, 27 October 2016

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The Zombie Literature

By Bob Grant, The Scientist, 1 May 2016

Leonid Schneider, an erstwhile molecular biologist who now bills himself as an independent science journalist and frequently writes about science publishing and researcher misconduct, also concurs that the 1985 paper has value, but he suggests that action be taken, more on principle than because of any chance of extreme scientific damage. “I still recommend that [Pääbo] issue a statement to go with this article,” he says, “so that whenever somebody clicks on this article from the original publisher, they should also see a statement explaining which part of it is not reliable anymore. So I think it is his duty, even if it’s 30 years old.”

Paolo Macchiarini: A surgeon’s downfall

By William Kremer, BBC World Service, 10 September 2016

The use of bone marrow cells has also come under scrutiny. “There is absolutely no evidence that these cells differentiate into mucosal epithelia (lining tissue) or blood vessels,” says Leonid Schneider, a science blogger who trained as a molecular cell biologist and used to work in stem cell research.

“This claim that bone marrow cells can create any kind of tissue is based on old papers, which are long discredited by science, and every single stem cell scientist will tell you they cannot do it.”

He adds: “Everybody switched off their brain. The stem cell scientists switched off their brains to the science, and the clinicians switched off their brains to the use of the plastic, which couldn’t even be sutured into patients, and everybody went along with it.”

Феноменальный Маккиарини

Сергей Добрынин, Радио Свобода RFE/RL, 23 January 2017
Журналист Леонид Шнайдер обнаружил, что в это же время Паоло Маккиарини обещал руководству института, что некий американский филантроп готов вложить в новый исследовательский центр в Стокгольме 10 миллионов долларов. Разумно ли в такой момент ловить одну из главных звезд института на научном мошенничестве?

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