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I am an independent science journalist, with around 13 years of biomedical research experience in molecular cell biology, stem cells and cancer research.

The usual science journalism restricts itself to repeating after the cues given by scientific elite and leading research institutions. What we mostly read in the science news, is the voice of power and money. The climate of fear is omnipresent in science: bad science is very rarely exposed in the open, fraud and ethics breach are routinely covered up, while accusations and criticisms are raised only behind closed doors and are often unfairly or even wrongfully assigned. There are many good and honest scientists out there, but they have no voice. My site is for them.

Therefore, one goal of my site is to give voice to such concerned scientists who would normally never dare to speak out their critique, for fear of their influential colleagues. Some of these voices are named, some names are confidential. You can be one of them, just contact me below.

My conference presentations are available for you to browse and re-use at Slideshare. Some of my seminars are available as videos on YouTube. My academic CV and original research publications are listed on ORCID. Finally, I am also a cartoonist, the cartoons on this website are all mine.

I welcome your opinions, suggestions and stories for my future journalistic investigations. Confidentiality guaranteed! Please leave a functional email address where I can reach you, if you want me to follow up on information you share.

Yours, Leonid Schneider

PS: those of my “special” readers, who aren’t interested in talking to me, but rather in engaging lawyers and German courts to stop my reporting, can save time searching for my residence address (Landungsanschrift): Taunusstr. 11, 63526 Erlensee, Germany

PPS: You can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, and you may recall I once was on Twitter, where I was permanently banned, as Twitter explained for “inciting other people to engage in the targeted harassment ofEric Chabriere.

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  1. Hello Mr Schneider,
    I must confess I love your blogs and wanted to bring something I just noticed to your attention, which bothers me a scientists. Frontiers tends to constantly display its IF rankings to counter any criticism. But their IF is inflated, for numerous reasons and a blog covering this would allow to clarify this for everyone. Why inflated? Well, they publish more reviews than pure research, they also cite themselves a lot (either the journal citing itself or another Frontiers sister journal doing it). They also publish loads of non citable items which generate citations but arent counted towards the denominator of the IF fraction. The list goes on. If we compare apples to apples Frontiers journals would not be anywhere close to the top, maybe not even average.

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  4. Andy Wong

    Biomedical science needs you!!!!!!
    Nowadays Biomedical science is just like shitty hole full of money, politics and power, but NOT science.
    [Edited, -LS]

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