Macchiarini acolyte Philipp Jungebluth left surgeon job in Heidelberg

Macchiarini acolyte Philipp Jungebluth left surgeon job in Heidelberg

The following article provoked a response by Philipp Jungebluth’s lawyer, presented here. The title was changed following a court injunction against me, passed in my absence on 24.01.2017, declaring that he left his job entirely voluntarily.

In the wake of the scandal around the fallen star surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, his German acolyte Philipp Jungebluth now left his job as resident/junior doctor (Assistenzarzt) in Heidelberg in the Thoraxklinik at Heidelberg University Hospital.

This is what Kirsten Gerlach, assistant to the clinic director, told me today:

“Dr. Jungebluth is no longer employed at the Thoraxklinik, Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg. He left the Klinikum at his own request“.

Update 13.09.2016: Gerlach now specified to me in another email:

“Dr. Jungebluth left the Thoraxklinik on 31. August 2016 at his own request”.

Jungebluth was Macchiarini’s award-winning medicine graduate at the Hannover Medical University (MHH), which had huge plans on regenerative medicine back then, with living tracheas, lungs and hearts growing inside plastic boxes. The loyal young graduate then followed his idol Macchiarini to Spain, Russia and Sweden, where he hands-on participated in their disastrous trachea transplantations. In a 2012 article in Deutschlandfunk, Jungebluth insinuated against better knowledge that “regenerated” plastic tracheas were first tested on mice and rats, before human subjects were tricked into sacrificing their lives. Yet there was no advance animal testing, as Macchiarini eventually admitted it.

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