Macchiarini investigations outcome: the Karolinska Institutet

Macchiarini investigations outcome: the Karolinska Institutet

The second main investigation into lethal patient abuse by the thorax surgeon and regenerative medicine “pioneer” Paolo Macchiarini is now concluded in Stockholm. After the Karolinska University Hospital (Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, KS) published their investigative report on August 31st (see my coverage here), the Karolinska Insitutet (KI) now followed suit on September 5th.

This KI investigation was led by the former president of the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden Sten Heckscher, who was assisted by the journalist Ingrid Carlberg and the Finnish biochemistry professor Carl Gahmberg. Interestingly, the very person who appointed Heckscher in February 2016 as external investigator, the Chairman of the KI University Board (Konsistoriet) Lars Leijonborg, surprisingly resigned just last Friday.

Given the professional specialisation of Heckscher as lawyer and policeman, his investigation focused on the administrative aspects, and not on science or medicine (which possibly was supposed to be covered by the KS investigation).

These are the results, according to the English-language summary and the translated Swedish full report.

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