EU threatens to terminate TETRA Consortium funding for phase 2 trachea transplant trial

Martin Birchall is throat surgeon at the UCL in London and former partner of Paolo Macchiarini in their “pioneering” trachea transplants (see my earlier reporting), where tracheas from dead donors were decellurised and seeded with patient’s own bone marrow cells, all in order to achieve their alleged regeneration. Their first common trachea transplant recipient, operated in 2008 in Barcelona, is presently in a very grave medical condition, yet Birchall still insists that she is “alive and well today”, in this YouTube video from April 2016, where he calls for patients to participate in his clinical trials.

Unfortunately for Birchall and UCL, but possible fortunately for their patients, the funding for his trials seems to be slipping away. The Macchiarini-led  BIOTRACHEA project, funded by EU with €7 Million, was terminated before it reached the clinical stage where patients would become involved (see my detailed report here). University of California Davis threw Birchall out of a $4.4 Million collaboration project on stem cell-driven airway transplants due to “logistical difficulties of intercontinental collaboration”.  Another major Europe-wide project, namely the TETRA Consortium, funded by the EU with €7 Million (see my detailed report here), led by Birchall together with the company Videregen, is now in grave danger as well, as the statement by the EU spokesperson below suggests. Continue reading “EU threatens to terminate TETRA Consortium funding for phase 2 trachea transplant trial”